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The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Jules De Goncourt

A human being sheds its leaves like a tree. Sickness prunes it down; and it no longer offers the same silhouette to the eyes which loved it, to the people to whom it afforded shade and comfort. — Jules De Goncourt

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Ibn Hazm

I have a sickness doctors can't cure,
Inexorably pulling me to the well of my destruction,
Consented to be a sacrifice, killed for her love,
Eager, like the drunk gulping wine mixed with poison,
Shameless were those my nights,
Yet my soul loved them beyond all passion. — Ibn Hazm

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

When compared to eternal verities, most of the questions and concerns of daily living are really rather trivial. What should we have for dinner? What color should we paint the living room? Should we sign Johnny up for soccer? These questions and countless others like them lose their significance when times of crisis arise, when loved ones are hurt or injured, when sickness enters the house of good health, when life's candle dims and darkness threatens. Our thoughts become focused, and we are easily able to determine what is really important and what is merely trivial. — Thomas S. Monson

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Alon Calinao Dy

I have loved you with all my life, and you've agreed to be my loving wife. Now I'll forever cherish our vows in my heart,In sickness and in health, till death do us part. — Alon Calinao Dy

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Sherwin B. Nuland

And when he died, I was glad. I know it sounds terrible to say that, but I was happy he was relieved of that degrading sickness. I knew he never suffered, and I knew he had no idea what was happening to him, and I was grateful for that. It was a blessing - it was the only thing that kept me going, all of those months and years. But it was a horrible thing to watch happening to someone I loved so much. You know, when I went to the hospital after Phil died, they asked me if I wanted to see his body. I said no. My friend, who is a devout Catholic, had gone with me, and she couldn't understand my refusal. But I didn't want to remember that face dead. You have to understand - it wasn't for me that I felt that way. It was for him. — Sherwin B. Nuland

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Elaine White

It all seemed so impossible, so difficult after searching for her, not knowing for so long. How many times had his daughter suffered some human sickness, death or heartache over the course of her many lifetimes? How many times had she loved, cried and been without her father when she most needed him most? — Elaine White

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By J.R. Ward

He knew then that there are many ways for a heart to break. Sometimes it's from the crowding of life, the compression of responsibility and birth right and burden that just squeezed you until you couldn't breathe anymore. Even though your lungs were working just fine.
And sometimes it's from the casual cruelty of a fate that took you far from where you had thought you would end up.
And sometimes it's age in the face of youth. Or sickness in the face of health.
But sometimes it's just because you're looking into the eyes of your lover and your gratitude for having them in your life overflows ... because you showed them what was on the inside and they didn't run scared or turn away, they accepted you and loved you and held you in the midst of your passion or your fear ... or your combination of both. — J.R. Ward

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Roland Barthes

Mourning. At the death of the loved being, acute phase of narcissism: one emerges from sickness, from servitude. Then, gradually, freedom takes on a leaden hue, desolation settles in, narcissism gives way to a sad egoism, an absence of generosity. — Roland Barthes

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Vicki Keire

Some few of my brothers had walked among humans and dared to love human women. These Nephilim loved fiercely and deeply. It seemed to me they had been struck with a sickness, or taken prisoner, and I dared to pity them. How sad, I thought, to Fall because of love. Until it happened to me. — Vicki Keire

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Amy Lane

Okay. Some things were made of hope. But not this thing. This thing he was doing, that was made of surrender.
He did it anyway. At least when you surrendered, you had time to kiss the people you loved good-bye. — Amy Lane

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Jess Schira

Waves of ice cold shock swept over Theo.
Mrs. Dietrich, the woman who fed him chocolate cookies every time she pulled a sliver from his finger, the woman who'd tended him through every sickness and illness he'd had, the woman he loved as much as his own mother: a war spy and traitor.
"You think your mom is a spy?" He said the words slowly, not quite believing they came from his mouth. "For Germany? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. — Jess Schira

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Jojo Moyes

But surely if you loved someone it was your job to stick with him? To help him through the depression? In sickness and in health, and all that? — Jojo Moyes

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Auliq Ice

Deep down a broken heart, all the sadness one can bear is misery. — Auliq Ice

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

We are the spirit children of a Heavenly Father. He loved us and He taught us before we were born into this world. He told us that He wished to give us all that He had. To qualify for that gift we had to receive mortal bodies and be tested. Because of those mortal bodies, we would face pain, sickness, and death. — Henry B. Eyring

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

Jamie was more than just the woman I loved. In the year Jamie helped me become the man I am today. With her steady hand she showed how important it was to help others; with her patience and kindness she showed me what life really is all about. Her cheerfulness and optimism, even in times of sickness, was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed ...
Jamie also thought me the value of forgiveness and the transforming power it offers ...
Jamie was not only the angel who saved Tom Thornton, she was the angel who saved us all. — Nicholas Sparks

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Kate Hudson

If there is one thing I will never have, it is an eating disorder. I won't have girls
even if it is just one or two who care
thinking that. Because it is a serious sickness, not something to plaster on the cover of a magazine. And I am the opposite. I want girls to love themselves. I want them to feel good about who they areThe thing is, I'm lucky because I was loved. But I have seen so many young women who can't feel good about themselves because they just don't have that love. — Kate Hudson

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Longus

For this will cure him that is sick, and rouse him that is in dumps; one that has loved, it will remember of it; one that has not, it will instruct. For there was never any yet that wholly could escape love, and never shall there be any, never so long as beauty shall be, never so long as eyes can see. But help me that God to write the passions of others; and while I write, keep me in my own right wits. — Longus

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Ron Baratono

Just a simple prayer today, for those who are sick or going through darkness of any kind. Dear God, we ask that you place your healing hands on the shoulders of our friends and loved ones, who are suffering and relieve them of these hardships, in Jesus name. Amen. — Ron Baratono

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Katie Maxwell

Pray for the courage to cope, for understanding, and for acceptance of God's plan. Pray for strength for the family and loved ones. Pray that the medical team will have the knowledge and compassion to do the best job that they can. Pray for peace and calmness and healing for the emotions, the spirit, and the body. Give thanks. — Katie Maxwell

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

For the male sickness of self-contempt, the surest cure is to be loved by a clever woman — Friedrich Nietzsche

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By A.W. Tozer

The mercy of God is infinite too, and the man who has felt the grinding pain of inward guilt knows that this is more than academic. "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." Abounding sin is the terror of the world, but abounding grace is the hope of mankind. however sin may abound it still has its limits, for it is the product of finite minds and hearts; but God's much more" introduces us to infinitude. Against our deep creature-sickness stands God's infinite ability to cure. The Christian witness through the centuries has been that "God so loved the world ... "; it remains for us to see that love in the light of God's infinitude. His love is measureless. It is more: it is boundless. It has no bounds because it is not a thing but a facet of the essential nature of God. His love is something He is, and because He is infinite that love can enfold the whole created world in itself and have room for ten thousand times ten thousand worlds beside. — A.W. Tozer

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Charles Dickens

The suspense: the fearful, acute suspense: of standing idly by while the life of one we dearly love, is trembling in the balance; the racking thoughts that crowd upon the mind, and make the heart beat violently, and the breath come thick, by the force of the images they conjure up before it; the desperate anxiety to be doing something to relieve the pain, or lessen the danger, which we have no power to alleviate; the sinking of soul and spirit, which the sad remembrance of our helplessness produces; what tortures can equal these; what reflections of endeavours can, in the full tide and fever of the time, allay them! — Charles Dickens

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

As we witness the death of departed souls, other people will observe our departure from the world. — Lailah Gifty Akita

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

The greatest loss is the lost of life. — Lailah Gifty Akita

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Carl Schurz

When the life of the nation was attempted, when the cause of liberty and human rights called for their aid, they rushed forth to rally under the banner they loved, with grand singleness of purpose and heroic devotion
leaving all behind them, to meet toil and danger, hunger, sickness, wounds, and death, for nothing but the sublime satisfaction of doing their duty to their country and to mankind. — Carl Schurz

The Sickness Of A Loved One Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

Mr. Schultz, you're jealous of whispering Glades."
"And why wouldn't I be seeing all that dough going on relations they've hated all their lives, while the pets who've loved them and stood by them , never asked no questions, never complained, rich or poor, sickness or health, get buried anyhow like animals? — Evelyn Waugh