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Top B For Buster Quotes

B For Buster Quotes By Tana French

Foreshadow, plot buster or red herring ... only time will tell: P69
Cassie waited; in the evening light through the window her eyes looked huge, opaque and watchful. I knew she was giving me a chance to say, Fuck the hair clip, let's forget we ever found it. Even now the temptation, tired and profitless though it may be, is to wonder what would have happened if I had. — Tana French

B For Buster Quotes By Cristin Milioti

I think one of the funniest things about '30 Rock' is that Liz Lemon is sort of like Buster Keaton - she's always the fool, the joke is always on her. — Cristin Milioti

B For Buster Quotes By Kevin Wilson

When she called her brother, Buster said that she should climb out the window of the bathroom and run away, which was his solution to most problems. — Kevin Wilson

B For Buster Quotes By Martin Compston

I've two huge German shepherds who are my boys. They're called Biscuit and Buster, and I love them to bits. — Martin Compston

B For Buster Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Don't believe everything she says, okay? Don't leave without talking to me."
I turned around, and said, fiercely, "Never. Not even if I talk to you first. You aren't getting away now, buster."
He dove for my mouth. And when he was finished ensuring that neither of us was going to get much sleep for a while, he said, "Remember that. We're both likely to be clinging to that thought by the time this is over. — Patricia Briggs

B For Buster Quotes By Amy Schumer

I would be like the third-hottest bartender at a Dave & Buster's in Cincinnati. — Amy Schumer

B For Buster Quotes By Maxine

All I'm looking for is a guy who'll do what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, and then go away. Or wait nearby, like a Dust Buster, charged up and ready when needed. — Maxine

B For Buster Quotes By Paul Merton

I read every book about Buster Keaton and Chaplin to see how they worked - it's all about dedication, tunnel vision, pursuit of perfection, getting the gag right. — Paul Merton

B For Buster Quotes By Taylor Swift

Never never never compare yourself to the beautiful girls. There's always someone gorgeous who will make you feel like you're not. It's a total confidence buster! — Taylor Swift

B For Buster Quotes By Susan Orlean

I want to let my friend Buster know that I would like to have dinner with him tonight. Does Buster work at home? Then how likely is he to have his cell phone on? Is he one of those people who only turns on his cell when he's in his car? I hate that. — Susan Orlean

B For Buster Quotes By Buster Keaton

I do not really think Charlie knows much more about politics, history, or economics than I do. Like myself he was hit by a make-up towel almost before he was out of diapers. — Buster Keaton

B For Buster Quotes By Buster Keaton

Charlie Chaplin and I would have a friendly contest: Who could do the feature film with the least subtitles? — Buster Keaton

B For Buster Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I knew it! I knew you'd hate my body!" She slammed her hands on her hips, marched over to the bed, and glared down at him. "Well, for your information, mister, all those cute little sex kittens in your past might have had perfect bodies, but they don't know a lepton from a proton,and if you think that I'm going to stand here and let you judge me by the size of my hips and because my belly's not flat, then you're in for a rude awakening." She jabbed her finger at him. "This is the way a grown woman looks, buster! This body was designed by God to be functional, not to be stared at by some hormonally imbalanced jock who can only get aroused by women who still own Barbie dolls"
"Damn. Now I've got to gag you." With one swift motion, he pulled her down on the bed, rolled on top of her, and covered her lips with his own. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

B For Buster Quotes By Buster Keaton

Silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter. — Buster Keaton

B For Buster Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

God forbid I should bleed to death, eh? Then you'd have to cart around my rotting corpse. (Kyrian)
Could you be any more morbid? Jeez, who was your idol growing up? Boris Karloff? (Amanda)
Hannibal, actually. (Kyrian)
You're trying to scare me, aren't you? Well, it won't work. I grew up in a house with an angry poltergeist and two sisters who used to conjure demons just to fight them. Buster, I've seen it all and your gallows humor isn't working on me. (Amanda) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

B For Buster Quotes By James Wolcott

Historically, Hollywood comedy has arrived in skinny envelopes. From fence post Buster Keaton to herky-jerky Jerry Lewis to wiry nerve-bundle Woody Allen to hung-loose Richard Pryor to whippy contortionist Jim Carrey, its comics and clowns have tended to be sliced thin and bendable. — James Wolcott

B For Buster Quotes By Buster Keaton

Tragedy is a close-up; comedy, a long shot. — Buster Keaton

B For Buster Quotes By Daniel Stern

I'm no expert, no natural-born talent, definitely no guru. As you'll soon learn, only through a colossal experiment in trial and error did I reach the sexual summit. Although I own up to having worn a cape in a few intimate scenarios, I don't possess supernatural powers of any kind. Perhaps my IQ is slightly above average, but Mensa isn't busting down my door. If pressed to define myself, I'd say I'm Horatio Alger between the sheets: a self-made swinging single male. . . with a hefty dose of Buster Keaton mixed in. — Daniel Stern

B For Buster Quotes By Shelly Crane

You're not gonna touch or kiss me for a week are you?" I said, letting him know I knew what he was doing.
He turned to look at me poignantly.
"Absolutely not."
"We'll see about that," I countered.
"You need time to heal-"
"Oh no. I'm going this way and not listening." I pointed toward the commons room. "In my book, you just issued me a challenge, buster. And I accept. — Shelly Crane

B For Buster Quotes By Christine Warren

Watch it, buster. There's only room for one sarcastic malcontent in this relationship. — Christine Warren

B For Buster Quotes By Ani DiFranco

Now I wonder who is gonna be president: Tweedle Dumb, or Tweedle Dumber
And who is gonna have the big block buster box office this summer. — Ani DiFranco

B For Buster Quotes By Natalie Morales

I would have loved to have met Buster Keaton. — Natalie Morales

B For Buster Quotes By John Irving

Buster was queer as a cat fart. — John Irving

B For Buster Quotes By Scott Ritter

I'd like to think the best bunker buster is a diplomat. — Scott Ritter

B For Buster Quotes By Elle Casey

Dat means you like me. A lot."
"Yeah, it does." Captain obvious.
"So dat means I'm Mr. Bryn."
"Whatever you say."
"Oh. Whatever I say? You want me to be da boss? Because dat's not a problem at all. I like to be da boss of you."
"No," I said, putting on and zipping up my shorts, "you are not the boss of me. I'm the boss of me and you."
He frowned. "Dat's not fair. I want to be da boss of something."
"You can be the boss of Buster."
"No, not da dog. Dat's not da boss of anything, really."
"Fine. You can be the boss of ... I don't know. Kissing."
Bodo stopped putting on his shirt, his eyes taking on a special gleam, making me almost regret I had said it. — Elle Casey

B For Buster Quotes By Bert Sugar

The problem was Mike Tyson always had trouble with bigger men. Even fighters like Bud Green, "Bonecrusher", he had trouble with them whether he wanted to or not. He would have had great trouble with Lennox Lewis, particularly since he maximized his shortness by crouching, and he couldn't fight inside so the guy would pick him apart like Buster Douglas. — Bert Sugar

B For Buster Quotes By Paul O'Grady

When my dog Buster died, I couldn't get over it. I was in bits. — Paul O'Grady

B For Buster Quotes By Katherine Bayless

unequivocal anal-retentive clutter buster — Katherine Bayless

B For Buster Quotes By Elle Casey

Buster went bananas, running over to Paci and jumping up on his legs, begging for attention. Paci didn't disappoint him, either. He bent down and baby-talked with Buster, like he was an old hand at it.
I smiled in amusement. Paci was no wimp. He was almost as big as Bodo and ripped to the max. He had zero body fat, so Peter and I were able to admire his every muscle, which I noticed Peter was doing with unabashed curiosity. I caught his attention and raised my eyebrows at him in a conspiratorial message of mutual admiration. He smiled in return, giving me a pitiful wink that made him look like he had something stuck in both eyes. It made me laugh.
Paci looked up at me. "Something strike you as funny?"
"Yeah. You baby-talking to a nude poodle. — Elle Casey

B For Buster Quotes By Neil Patrick Harris

I love Buster Keaton. I was a big fan of the stunt shows at Universal Studios. I'm a huge Cirque du Soleil nut. — Neil Patrick Harris