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Peace N Quiet Quotes By James Rozoff

The places of quiet are going away, the churches, the woods, the libraries. And it is only in silence we can hear the voice inside of us which gives us true peace. — James Rozoff

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Alice Walker

You don't need organized religion to connect with the universe. Often a church is the only place you can go to find peace and quiet ... But it shouldn't be confused with connecting with one's spirit. — Alice Walker

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Diana Wagman

She didn't hear anything except a muted fuzzy silence. It was the first time in days and days she hadn't heard the ocean and the rain and the wind. She closed her eyes. Quiet. That would have been enough. For the scientist to have given her this minute of peace would have been enough. Then she heard a coo. Another longer coo, sliding from high to low. Oh, it was saying. Oh. Is it you? In answer came more ghostly, plaintive calls. The dolphins sang to each other. The songs pierced her chest like hot sticks, each call sharper than the last. She hoped Doug could hear them. She began to cry. — Diana Wagman

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Lucretius

Tears for the mourners who are left behind
Peace everlasting for the quiet dead. — Lucretius

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Bertolt Brecht

Sometimes I have visions of myself driving through hell, selling sulphur and brimstone, or through heaven peddling refreshments to the roaming souls. If me and the children I've got left could find a place where there's no shooting, I wouldn't mind a few years of peace and quiet. — Bertolt Brecht

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Peter Hoeg

Cantor illustrated the concept of infinity for his students by telling them that there was once a man who had a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, and the hotel was fully occupied. Then one more guest arrived. So the owner moved the guest in room number 1 into room number 2; the guest in room number 2 into number 3; the guest in 3 into room 4, and so on. In that way room number 1 became vacant for the new guest.
What delights me about this story is that everyone involved, the guests and the owner, accept it as perfectly natural to carry out an infinite number of operations so that one guest can have peace and quiet in a room of his own. That is a great tribute to solitude. — Peter Hoeg

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Jonathan Renshaw

He was staring at his bowl, trying to hide within himself, to find some quiet corner where his presence would not be offensive. He just wanted to be left in peace. — Jonathan Renshaw

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

Quiet talk is the language of love. It is the language of peace. It is the language of God. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Joseph Murphy

Happiness is the harvest of a quiet mind. Anchor your thoughts on peace, poise, security and divine guidance and your mind will be productive of happiness. — Joseph Murphy

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Jan Cox Speas

There was no portion of land in the world with so contradictory a nature as the Highlands. Now it was a land of sunlit moors stained red with heather, knowing only the peace of the quiet sky and the heart-shaking beauty of the blue hills; now it was a harsh and awesome place where silent mists obscured the peaks and a bitter relentless rain came down from bitter skies, where an angry sea washed against the shore, and sullen clouds reflected in sullen gray lochs.
Scotland in the sun and Scotland in the rain ... — Jan Cox Speas

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Michael Crawford

I moved out to New Zealand to live as I thought the warmth and peace and quiet would help me. I went away and changed my whole life routine. — Michael Crawford

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Kirk Diedrich

She is both my madness and my sanity.

She is the calm quiet eye of my storm.

She is the whisper in the maddening din.

She is a rare mix of dirty mind, exquisite beauty, curves that make your hands ache, deep heart and mischief that you want for your own.

She is peace in the shape of a woman. — Kirk Diedrich

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Mark Nepo

Within Young Leaves Wrapped within young leaves: the sound of water. - SOSEKI This delicate observation by this Japanese poet is filled with the quiet hope that embedded in our nature, even as we begin, is our gift already unfolded. Embedded in the seed is the blossom. Embedded in the womb is the child fully grown. Embedded in the impulse to care is the peace of love realized. Embedded in the edge of risk and fear is the authenticity that makes life worth living. — Mark Nepo

Peace N Quiet Quotes By John Milton

And join with thee calm Peace and Quiet, Spare Fast, that oft with gods doth diet. — John Milton

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Peace be with all the world! My blessing on my friends! My forgiveness to my enemies! For I am in the realm of quiet! — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Peace N Quiet Quotes By LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

I've got to be able to get my time off whether it's just enjoying my house or the peace and quiet of my family and being there and cooking for them. I love doing that. I also love doing leisure things. I ride horses. I love to shop. I love to drive! — LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Robert D. Hales

In some quiet way, the expression and feelings of gratitude have a wonderful cleansing or healing nature. Gratitude brings warmth to the giver and the receiver alike. Gratitude expressed to our Heavenly Father in prayer for what we have brings a calming peace - a peace which allows us to not canker our souls for what we don't have. — Robert D. Hales

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Vera Nazarian

Q: Why do I love thee, O Night?
A: Because you know I will never answer. — Vera Nazarian

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Bryan Ferry

But I do like to have peace and quiet for a good hour. — Bryan Ferry

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Brodi Ashton

I know that look. It comes in the quiet moments, like this one. I know you're thinking that this is all your fault and that I would be better off without you. But here's the thing you need to understand. You are my peace and my home. You are the everything. The pain isn't real. The hearts are. — Brodi Ashton

Peace N Quiet Quotes By John Clare

O lead me onward to the loneliest shade,
The darkest place that quiet ever made,
Where kingcups grow most beauteous to behold
And shut up green and open into gold. — John Clare

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Kirsten Hubbard

You're not big on people, are you?"
"I wouldn't say that. Just ... when faced with the choice between small talk with strangers and peace and quiet, I'll choose the latter every time. You know? — Kirsten Hubbard

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Joan Marques

If our words cannot enhance the peace
We should keep quiet and use our ears
The extent of our perception will increase
As we'll be less to blame for others' tears — Joan Marques

Peace N Quiet Quotes By A.J. Muste

There is a certain indolence in us, a wish not to be disturbed, which tempts us to think that when things are quiet, all is well. Subconsciously, we tend to give the preference to 'social peace,' though it be only apparent, because our lives and possessions seem then secure. Actually, human beings acquiesce too easily in evil conditions; they rebel far too little and too seldom. There is nothing noble about acquiescence in a cramped life or mere submission to superior force. — A.J. Muste

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Wherarewe?" Thorne muttered.
"Oh, you're awake already," said Cinder, returning with salve and gauze. "I was hoping you'd stay knocked out awhile longer. The peace and quiet was a pleasant change. — Marissa Meyer

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Samuel Beckett

Dark and silent and stale, I am no prey for them. I am far from the sounds of blood and breath, immured. I shall not speak of my sufferings. Cowering deep down among them I feel nothing. It is there I die, unbeknown to my stupid flesh. That which is seen, that which cries and writhes, my witless remains. Somewhere in this turmoil thought struggles on, it too wide of the mark. It too seeks me, as it always has, where I am not to be found. It too cannot be quiet. On others let it wreak its dying rage, and leave me in peace. — Samuel Beckett

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Pierce Brown

I would have found you earlier, before whatever happened that filled you with this rage. I would not have raised you to be a great man. There is no peace for great men. I would have had you be a decent one. I would have given you the quiet strength to grow old with the woman you love. — Pierce Brown

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Jan Jansen

Our eyes can discover the peace and quiet, but that's no guarantee of reality. — Jan Jansen

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Mary Boykin Chesnut

Peace, comfort, quiet, happiness, I have found away from home. Only your own family, those nearest and dearest, can hurt you. — Mary Boykin Chesnut

Peace N Quiet Quotes By Laozi

Peace and quiet govern the world. — Laozi