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Famous Quotes By Summer Lee

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but even with pure love, problems arose. The highest of the Angelos was a beautiful, gifted spirit called Lucifer. He led the choirs and symphonies for the Creator. Yet, one day, his heart hardened with jealousy of the Supreme Being, and he fell like lightning from Heaven. When he led a revolt against the Most High, God banished him from His presence. Angered, Lucifer was determined to overthrow El, the God of creation, and thus, the war began between good and evil. — Summer Lee

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You do not have to be afraid. Let God guide your life. The guidance that God gives you can lead you to a safe life," said Aurora. "Humans make decisions that are contrary to God's will. If only you would choose to seek Him, He will help you find His way through your tribulation. — Summer Lee

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This caused major problems in Canaan, and the oversized beings were born. The sons of the fallen angels were powerful, with strength above what any three humans could possess. The land that was once precious to God had become contaminated with disobedience and sin. The giants wandered the hills, harassing the people, making life miserable for the young girls they pursued. Evil was everywhere. Animals had ugly habits. — Summer Lee

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You sell yourself short, by only assuming you see things through a scientist's eyes. God created the ability for mankind to create science, even though mankind has become so egotistical, as to think that they can replace God with it. — Summer Lee