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The Art Of Public Speaking Quotes By Alice Walker

I personally have never trusted museums ... It is because museums, broadly speaking, live off of the art and artifacts of others, often art and artifacts that have been obtained by dubious means. But they also manipulate whatever it is they present to the public; hence, until Judy Chicago, in the 1970s ... few women artists were hung in any major museum. Indian artists? Artifacts only, please. Black artists? Something musical, maybe? And so forth. — Alice Walker

The Art Of Public Speaking Quotes By Simon Callow

He very soon acquired the reputation of being the best public speaker of his time. He had taken pains to master the art, approaching it with scientific precision. On the morning of a day on which he was giving a speech, he once told Wilkie Collins, he would take a long walk during which he would establish the various headings to be dealt with. Then, in his mind's eye, he would arrange them as on a cart wheel, with himself as the hub and each heading a spoke. As he dealt with a subject, the relevant imaginary spoke would drop out. When there were no more spokes, the speech was at an end. Close observers of Dickens noticed that while he was speaking he would make a quick action of the finger at the end of each topic, as if he were knocking the spoke away. — Simon Callow

The Art Of Public Speaking Quotes By Jonathan Swift

In oratory the greatest art is to hide art. — Jonathan Swift

The Art Of Public Speaking Quotes By Lee Maracle

My activism has to do with my conscience; I cannot let certain things slide without doing something. My public speaking is part of an art form that is cultural. — Lee Maracle

The Art Of Public Speaking Quotes By Evan Esar

Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary. — Evan Esar