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Top Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By Rob Thomas

Thank goodness for the U.S. Navy. I can at least put off telling Logan. The last thing I need is for my boyfriend to pick a fight with an international crime syndicate. — Rob Thomas

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By Hilary Duff

It was moving, but so absurd that I nearly laughed out loud. I imagined a new line of Hallmark cards: Thank you for not killing my boyfriend, even if it risks killing you. — Hilary Duff

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By Tori Amos

Then, as we ascend into the fifth and final act of the show, we can choose what we want to take back with us: a piece of our underworld self that, frankly, the cheating boyfriend may need to meet, or the boss that doesn't appreciate you, or the terrorizing Bitch at school - or maybe you're the terrorizing Bitch, maybe I am. Some fragments that took their masks off while we were on this underworld journey sometimes walk quietly with me. Only I know that after the show they will be staying with me as my figurative New Renter in my seafront condo, down the street from Pituitary Lane, behind Heart Terrace. Then again, some unmasked Beings that I see during a performance find me once I'm back in my dressing room and receive from me the Okay you, thank you for the perspective and the vision, but in this century you can't just chop people's heads off and feed them to your cats, and I know these guys are bad guys, and thank you for the vision. So you can haunt me during the show again in Indy — Tori Amos

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By T. Torrest

Are you there, God? It's me, Layla. I know I just jerked off some guy who is not even my boyfriend in the bathroom of this crappy, brown house. But if you could find a way to kill me quickly and painlessly within the next ten seconds, I promise to never touch another penis again. Well, I'll be dead, so, I guess I promise not to whore it up in heaven. Which, of course is where you'll be sending me, right? I mean I'd hate to think you'd deny me an eternity behind your pearly gates just because of one impetuous handjob. Thank you. Sincerely, Layla Warren. Amen. — T. Torrest

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By Kerstin Gier

Thank you! It's really cool to have a boyfriend who's a medical student."
Gideon grinned. "I swear that's the last time I ever vaccinate anyone. Patients are so ungrateful. — Kerstin Gier

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By Joseph Fink

And a big thank-you to local scientist, certified genius, and, oh yeah, my boyfriend, Carlos, who came by earlier to explain clouds. Need something explained in language that for all you know could be scientific? Feel free to drop by Carlos's lab. Sometimes he'll be there. Sometimes it's date night, and he's with me. I am his boyfriend. I don't know if I mentioned that. — Joseph Fink

Thank You For Boyfriend Quotes By L.A. Casey

You better thank God that I have to go home and feed Storm. I'd wipe the floor with you otherwise." "Till next time, short-ass."

Keela casually strolled into the sitting room and stated, "I hate your boyfriend."

I grabbed my chest. "That's a shame, because I love yours."

Keela's lip twitched. "I'll be back over tonight, I just have to go and feed - "

"The fat beast, I heard you."

Keela growled. "You'd think being pregnant would make you sentimental and give Storm a chance, but no, you still rag on him."

In Keela's mind, Storm was her baby.

"He'd make a saint curse, Kay. — L.A. Casey