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Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Richard Ford

The question 'Why poetry?' isn't asking what makes poetry unique among art forms; poetry may indeed share its origins with other forms of privileged utterance. A somewhat more interesting question would be: "What is the nature of experience, and especially the experience of using language, that calls poetic utterance into existence? What is there about experience that's unutterable?" You can't generalize very usefully about poetry; you can't reduce its nature down to a kernel that underlies all its various incarnations. I guess my internal conversation suggests that if you can't successfully answer the question of "Why poetry?," can't reduce it in the way I think you can't, then maybe that's the strongest evidence that poetry's doing its job; it's creating an essential need and then satisfying it. — Richard Ford

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By James Madison

There is one view of the subject which ought to have its influence on those who espouse doctrines which strike at the authoritative origin and efficacious operation of the Government of the United States. The Government of the U.S. like all Governments free in their principles, rests on compact; a compact, not between the Government & the parties who formed & live under it; but among the parties themselves, and the strongest of Governments are those in which the compacts were most fairly formed and most faithfully executed. — James Madison

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By A.L. Smith

The strongest among us are the ones who cry behind closed doors, have the ability to smile through silent pain, and fight battles that are obscured by shame. — A.L. Smith

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Sigmar Gabriel

We will fight against any pro-nuclear power plan. And we will remind people that a change in the German nuclear consensus would stifle the development of sustainable energy and it would cost jobs. The SPD is the strongest among the opposition parties and we must take on this role with vigour. — Sigmar Gabriel

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Suzanne Collins

I can hear President Snow's voice in my head. 'On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the capital, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors. — Suzanne Collins

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Megan Mayhew Bergman

Would there be water shortages? Yes. More starving babies? Unfortunately. Would our quality of life soon be diminished by global warming? Probably. But who, I wondered, but the strongest among us could hold those ideas in their heads and find happiness? Get out of bed in the morning? — Megan Mayhew Bergman

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By K.A. Hosein

The strongest among us are the patient; who when faced with ridicule, respond with kindness. — K.A. Hosein

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Jenny B. Jones

We girls can sometimes be like wild animals, able to sniff out the strongest among us. — Jenny B. Jones

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

There are stories, like maps that agree ... too consistent among too many languages and histories to be only wishful thinking ... It is always a hidden place, the way into it is not obvious, the geography is as much spiritual as physical. If you should happen upon it, your strongest certainty is not that you have discovered it but returned to it. In a single great episode of light, you remember everything. — Thomas Pynchon

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Overcoming adversity puts you among the bravest, overcoming pain puts you among the strongest; overcoming opponents puts you among the mightiest, but overcoming yourself puts you among the greatest. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Alice Callahan

Among all of the topics I cover in this book, the choice to vaccinate on schedule is backed by the strongest, clearest, biggest pile of evidence. — Alice Callahan

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Life has a way of breaking even the strongest among us. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Andrew Greeley

There is good news in the data the strongest support for priests is to be found among the younger generation. — Andrew Greeley

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Nalini Singh

You're the best of us." A potent statement. "The best. The strongest, the smartest, and the one with a heart stubborn enough that it resisted Silence and cared for the most damaged among us. — Nalini Singh

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Sarah Palin

Each of us knows that we have an obligation to care for the old, the young and the sick. We stand strongest when we stand with the weakest among us. — Sarah Palin

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Abraham H. Cannon

At a priesthood meeting ... the strongest language in regard to Plural Marriage was used that I ever heard, and among other things it was stated that all men in position who would not observe and fulfill that law should be removed from their places. — Abraham H. Cannon

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Kate Mayfield

Sometimes people who had less, who sacrificed everything to have what many of us took for granted, were the strongest among us, even though they might be in tattered clothes and smell unpleasant. I — Kate Mayfield

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Charles Godfrey Leland

Jas in the Arab language is despair, And Min the darkest meaning of a lie. Thus cried the Jessamine among the flowers, How justly doth a lie Draw on its head despair! Among the fragrant spirits of the bowers The boldest and the strongest still was I. Although so fair, Therefore from Heaven A stronger perfume unto me was given Than any blossom of the summer hours. — Charles Godfrey Leland

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

There used to be, dirtside, a legal defenses called "diminished capacity" and "not guilty by reason on insanity." These concepts would bewilder a Loonie. In Luna City a man would necessarily be of diminished mental capacity to even think about rape; to carry one out would be the strongest possible proof of insanity - but among Loonies such mental disorders would not gain a rapist any sympathy. loonies do not psychoanalyze a rapist; they kill him. Now. Fast. Brutally. — Robert A. Heinlein

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Aleister Crowley

In Astrology, the moon, among its other meanings, has that of "the common people," who submit (they know not why) to any independent will that can express itself with sufficient energy. The people who guillotined the mild Louis XVI died gladly for Napoleon. The impossibility of an actual democracy is due to this fact of mob-psychology. As soon as you group men, they lose their personalities. A parliament of the wisest and strongest men in the nation is liable to behave like a set of schoolboys, tearing up their desks and throwing their inkpots at each other. The only possibility of co-operation lies in discipline and autocracy, which men have sometimes established in the name of equal rights. — Aleister Crowley

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Albert Einstein

My relationship to the Jewish people has become my strongest human bond, ever since I became fully aware of our precarious situation among the nations of the world. — Albert Einstein

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Jane Hirshfield

Any artist, in any field, wants to press deeper, to discover further. Image and sound play are among the strongest colors available to poetry's palette. For a long time, I've wanted to invite in more strangeness, more freedom of imagination. Yet music, seeing, and meaning are also cohering disciplines. They can be stretched, and that is part of poetry's helium pleasure. But not to the point of breaking. — Jane Hirshfield

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By C.L.R. James

The patience and forbearance of the poor are among the strongest bulwarks of the rich. — C.L.R. James

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Michael Ende

He wanted to be loved for being just what he was. In this community of Yskalnari there was harmony, but no love.
He no longer wanted to be the greatest, strongest or cleverest. He had left all that far behind. He longed to be loved just as he was, good or bad, handsome or ugly, clever or stupid, with all his faults - or possibly because of them.
But what was he actually?
He no longer knew. So much have been given to him in Fantastica, and now, among all these gifts and powers, he could no longer find himself. — Michael Ende

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Andrzej Sapkowski

When there's hunger you don't share out your food, you just devour the weakest ones. This practice works among wolves, since it lets the healthiest and strongest individuals survive. But among sentient races selection of that kind usually allows the biggest bastards to survive and dominate the rest. — Andrzej Sapkowski

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By L. Neil Smith

People who object to weapons aren't abolishing violence, they're begging for rule by brute force, when the biggest, strongest animals among men were always automatically 'right.' Guns ended that, and social democracy is a hollow farce without an armed populace to make it work. — L. Neil Smith

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By George Eliot

Among all the many kinds of first love, that which begins in childish companionship is the strongest and most enduring: when passion comes to unite its force to long affection, love is at its spring-tide. — George Eliot

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By 3 Doors Down

Rest assured I will not let you down. I'll walk beside you but you may not see me. The strongest among you may not wear a crown. — 3 Doors Down

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Francois Poullain De La Barre

Be all this as it may, men should not have to depend upon physical strength for distinction, otherwise animals would have the advantage over them, as would the physically strongest among us. — Francois Poullain De La Barre

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Jonathan Haidt

Let's imagine that 95 percent of the food on Earth magically disappears tonight, guaranteeing that almost all of us will starve to death within two months. Law and order collapse. Chaos and mayhem ensue. Who among us will still be alive a year from now? Will it be the biggest, strongest, and most violent individuals in each town? Or will it be the people who manage to work together in groups to monopolize, hide, and share the remaining food supplies among themselves? — Jonathan Haidt

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Trevor Noah

If you look at it, the history of comedy has always been strongest among the nations who have been persecuted the most. — Trevor Noah

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Elif Shafak

Some among the Armenians in the diaspora would never want the Turks to recognize the genocide. If they do so, they'll pull the rug out from under our feet and take the strongest bond that unites us. Just like the Turks have been in the habit of denying their wrongdoing, the Armenians have been in the habit of savoring the cocoon of victim hood. Apparently, there are some old habits that need to be changes on both sides. Baron Baghdassarian — Elif Shafak

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Deborah Tannen

It can be the best of relationships and the worst of relationships - often at the same time. The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the strongest, but it's also among the most complicated. — Deborah Tannen

Sometimes The Strongest Among Us Quotes By Richard M. Nixon

For among nations - as within nations - the soundest unity is that which respects diversity, and the strongest cohesion is that which rejects coercion. — Richard M. Nixon