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Famous Quotes By Hilari Bell

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I hadn't been hanging around a knight errant for three years without learning that impossible things can happen, if you're willing to throw common sense in the air and try. — Hilari Bell

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Did the priest you mentioned tell you about them? Or did he send you out to blunder along on your own?They're an odd lot. Half of them are soldiers, or priests in disgui- Ah.Is your priest with them?"
"No!" He snapped.
Ping. He jumped. He'd forgotten the bell.
"I mean, I don't know". Ping. "There is no particular priest."Ping. He bit his lip and fell silent. — Hilari Bell

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With Weasel and Arisa at his side, anything was possible. Anything. — Hilari Bell

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Man must look after man, for we have no gods to watch over us. — Hilari Bell

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Humph. Looking around for the sword, are you? Well, it's a better idea than thrashing around at random.'
'The Prince,' said Master Horace repressively, 'will inform us of his intentions when he wishes to do so. We are here to serve, not to quest
'Yes, it's the sword,' Edoran told her. — Hilari Bell

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How do you know he's a friend? There might be a number of people looking for me."
The creases around her eyes deepened. "I figure he's a friend, 'cause every now and then he calls,'Answer me, you stubborn son-of-a-bitch. — Hilari Bell

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Sometimes you can't fight. Sometimes, some things, you have to outlast. — Hilari Bell

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Could he possibly believe a purple tunic over a butler- yellow shirt and scarlet pants became him. — Hilari Bell

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So truth created the ultimate lie. Was this what the world was like for wizards? This thorny, gray tangle where right and wrong were so mixed there was no telling them apart? — Hilari Bell

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You can hardly call Deor old.' Arisa wrapped her arms around herself; the breeze was brisk despite the sunlight. 'He didn't live long enough to get old. Why would he do that? I know kings are supposed to care for the realm above all else, and so on, and so on, but that's rot. They're men, just like anyone else. Do you think he really, deliberately, laid down his life?'
'Yes,' said Weasel. 'At least, I think it's possible.'
It was the last answer she'd expected from Weasel-the-cynic.
'But why?' Arisa asked.
'Not having been there, I can't say for sure.' Weasel stuck his hands in his pockets. 'But I'd guess it was for the future.'
Arisa frowned. 'I don't understand.'
'The One God willing,' said Weasel softly, 'you never will. — Hilari Bell

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The lingering laughter fled from his eyes as he realized that he'd given himself away. "Where's Fiddle now?"
"Safe and cared for. Safer than you'll be if you don't answer my questions."
He managed not to laugh, but it looked like a hard fight.
"Dung," Makenna muttered. the knight's expression changed to startled disapproval. A prig, as he? Maybe she could use that.
"I said you should let me handle this," Cogswhallop told her. "I'd have meant it. — Hilari Bell

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Man must look after man sicne no god watches out for us. — Hilari Bell

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They certainly do nothing for the rest of us. — Hilari Bell

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As if she had summoned them, a flurry of stones flew out of the darkness, striking his mail, pinging off his helm. One hit his unprotected leg and he yelped and clutched it. That was a mistake. The second barrage was entirely directed at his legs. — Hilari Bell

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Or a pigeon, or a rat, or . . . I always double-check the leash. — Hilari Bell

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And you are going to close the gates, because I told you to close the gates. — Hilari Bell

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To say it was a dark and stormy night would be a gross understatement. It was colder than witch's kiss, wetter than a spring swamp, and blacker than a tax collector's heart. A sane man would have been curled up in front of a fire with a cup of mulled wine and a good boo-, ah, a willing wench. — Hilari Bell

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Fasal liked to fight; Jiaan was good at planning. Together, Jiaan thought sourly, they almost made a whole officer. And if you added Jiaan's eighteen years to Fasal's seventeen, you had someone old enough to command an army as well. — Hilari Bell

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I never thought honor would feel like betrayal. — Hilari Bell

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You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people, some of the time, but you can fool yourself anytime you need to badly enough. — Hilari Bell

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You think I lead these people for my own whim? I lead these people, honorable knight, because they have no one but me. Because they came to me when the humans slaughtered their families and drove them out. And I'll keep this place safe for them no matter how much spying and lying and killing it takes. You've never been a commander, lordling, or you'd know that it's easy to prate about honor when you're not responsible for others' lives. But let me tell you a bit of truth
sometimes honor doesn't get it done. — Hilari Bell

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Coordinating the retreat was important too, so important that Jiaan had assigned Aram as Fasal's assistant, to be sure he didn't overlook anything important. Like the fact that they were supposed to retreat. — Hilari Bell

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his reach exceeds his grasp. He tries to do things no one else would even dream of attempting-and he usually brings about three-quarters of it off. The last quarter sometimes trips him up, but the parts he does manage are remarkable. And no one else would have tried. — Hilari Bell

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In his opinion, working was vastly overrated. Particularly as a way to build character, for everyone who engaged in it was far too snappish and fussy, and seemed to have no manners at all. — Hilari Bell

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Cogswhallop glanced skeptically at the complex runes. "Are you sure this'll work, gen'ral?"
"Of course I'm sure-"
Ping. The silvery note echoed in the cramped room. Makenna felt her face turn scarlet. — Hilari Bell

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I do give them to you," he announced. "Of my free will. Because this is my sword." He laid a hand on Arisa's shoulder. "And Weasle is my shield. What you hold are only pieces of iron. — Hilari Bell

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All causes are good,' Yallin told her calmly. 'And those exact same causes are all bad, depending on which side a body's on. Regent Pettibone and his followers certainly thought your mother's cause was a bad one. To my mind, causes aren't about good or bad, in the end. They're about power. That's what makes them so dangerous. — Hilari Bell

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Fisk would take care of it. — Hilari Bell

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Things that other people do, or that happen to people you love, are some of the things you can't fight. — Hilari Bell

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Today, salute, mile, serve, deep. And I am never doing that again.-Kavi — Hilari Bell

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For better or worse, she was the lady Soraya. And the lady Soraya would never dream of missing the warm bulk of Casia's body between her and the hearth, or the comforting drone of Ludo's snores. Or the wry laughter of a slave ... a slave, for Azura's sake! The lady Soraya needed no one.
The lady Soraya cried herself to sleep. — Hilari Bell

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Crazy people must have an advantage when it comes to doing crazy things. — Hilari Bell

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It isn't a matter of how long, or even how much you know. It's a way of looking at things, how much you see and how you think. I suppose it's, well, perspective ... When you start seein' five sides to a four-sided object, that's when you get the gray robe. — Hilari Bell

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The rules on this ship are simple. The penalty for slacking is the lash. The penalty for brawling is the lash. The penalty for theft is the lash. The penalty for disobedience, or disrespect to an officer, is the lash. Mutiny, and I'll throw you over the side. Kill someone, I'll throw you over the side. Don't try anything stupid and you'll do fine. Any questions?"
Then he turned away, for at that point only an idiot would have asked a question. So I wasn't surprised when Sir Michael said, "Captain? Where are we going? — Hilari Bell