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Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Kurt Cobain

You do learn things and one of them is that happiness has nothing to do with validation from other people, the important thing is being happy with yourself ... finding something that is important to you and sticking with it no matter what anyone says. The truth is you've got to really be tough because there are all kinds of forces that are always trying to get you to do things their way ... trying to tell you that you are throwing your life away if you don't follow their advice. — Kurt Cobain

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Joe Strummer

The toughest thing is facing yourself. Being honest with yourself, that's much tougher than beating someone up. That's what I call tough. — Joe Strummer

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Dan Groat

Being tough today might cause you to be weak in the future. — Dan Groat

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Helen Brown

People persuade themselves they deserve easy lives, that being human makes us somehow exempt from pain. The theory works fine until we face the inevitable challenges. Our conditioning of denial in no way equips us to deal with the difficult times that not one of us escapes.
Cleo's motto seemed to be: Life's tough and that's okay, because life is also fantastic. Love it, live it - but don't be fooled into thinking it's not harsh sometimes. Those who've survived periods of bleakness are often better at savoring good times and wise enough to understand that good times are actually great. — Helen Brown

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Georgia Holt

It has been tough being a mother of two daughters without a co-parent because I think I was a child myself, as my mother was. — Georgia Holt

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Saku Koivu

It's been tough for me being away from the game. — Saku Koivu

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Stephen P. Robbins

Power distance: the degree to which members of a society expect power to be unequally shared. Uncertainty avoidance: a society's reliance on social norms and procedures to alleviate the unpredictability of future events. Assertiveness: the extent to which a society encourages people to be tough, confrontational, assertive, and competitive rather than modest and tender. Humane orientation: the degree to which a society encourages and rewards individuals for being fair, altruistic, generous, caring, and kind to others. Future orientation: the extent to which a society encourages and rewards future-oriented behaviors such as planning, investing in the future, and delaying gratification. national culture The values and attitudes shared — Stephen P. Robbins

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Ali MacGraw

I think it's tough when you're very young and you maybe fall for the celebrity and being the center of attention. — Ali MacGraw

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Snoop Dogg

Anytime you're with somebody, you become a reflection of that person. I believe the first five years of our relationship was me grooming her, getting her tough and getting her ready for all of this and how to deal with it. The last was just her being a strong Black woman who has her man's back. — Snoop Dogg

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Mat McNerney

There are many ways to portray darkness and evil and it isn't all in being mean and tough. — Mat McNerney

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Gordon Brown

We are being tough in saying it is a duty on the unemployed in future not only to be available for work - and not to shirk work - but also to get the skills for work. That is a new duty we are introducing. — Gordon Brown

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

Motherhood - no matter if you're a working mom or stay at home mom - is really tough sometimes. It can really leave us each day with a sense of wondering if we're doing it right. You know, it's a long term investment. You don't see big returns in the short term. Raising a child can easily pull you into being hyper-focused on the tough everyday moments of life. — Lysa TerKeurst

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Glenn Beck

When you aren't drinking or using drugs or spending lots of money on fancy toys or basking in the glow of fame or working all the time or eating your way through the refrigerator, being hateful and angry is a very handy shield from the truth. It lets you focus on everyone else's shortcomings, and all the ways they have let you down. You can bemoan how all these broken people keep finding you somehow. That way you don't have to focus on what really matters
the tough work of fiing what is broken inside you. — Glenn Beck

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Ivanka Trump

I have a tough skin and enough confidence not to worry too much about being underestimated because of my last name, my relative youth, or my modeling background. It comes with the territory. — Ivanka Trump

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Kevin Durant

I just loved being in the gym. It was tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but I'm glad I stuck with it. — Kevin Durant

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Having a tough time, things aren't working out no matter what you try and do? That's because you are spending your whole life just doing things for yourself. That's a very limited view of your being. — Frederick Lenz

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

I was impressed, and also unnerved. Being around Nikolai was always like this, watching him shift and change, revealing secrets as he went. He reminded me of the wooden nesting dolls I'd played with as a child. Except instead of getting smaller, he just kept getting grander and more mysterious. Tomorrow, he'd probably tell me he'd built a pleasure palace on the moon. Tough to get to, but quite a view. — Leigh Bardugo

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Michael Sheen

I think it's quite tough for people like Tom Cruise where you can never really get away from being Tom Cruise in something. You're so familiar to people and people know so much about your life. — Michael Sheen

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Jay A. Block

For example, suppose you are seeking a job as a retail manager. You might bring added value by being fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Being trilingual may not be part of the job description but can be a valuable asset when working with diverse employees and customers who speak Spanish and French. This Value-Added message may tip the scale in your favor. Possibly you are seeking a job as a fifth grade teacher. If you are an expert in computers and computer programming, these skills may not be part of the job description but might be perceived as having high value to an academic institution. If you are an expert electrician, but you are also highly skilled in sales, this added value of contributing to new business development efforts might be the differentiator, the added skill that will help you land a job quickly in tough markets. — Jay A. Block

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Anthony Liccione

A tough man, usually ends up in prison, but a strong-minded man, will own the prison. — Anthony Liccione

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Chloe Neill

The world isn't perfect, and some days it wears you down. You can either accept that, and face it, and be a help to others instead of a hindrance. Or you can decide the rules are too tough and they shouldn't apply to you, and you can ignore them and make things harder for everybody else. Sometimes life is about being sad and doing things anyway. Sometimes it's about being hurt and doing things anyway. The point isn't perfection. The point is doing it anyway. — Chloe Neill

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Imogen Cunningham

None of us is born with the right face. It's a tough job being a portrait photographer. — Imogen Cunningham

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Christina Aguilera

I have fun being sexy and tough at the same time. — Christina Aguilera

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

What trunk?" Velkan
"My trunk. I'm moving in" Esperetta
"In where?" Velkan
"My room. Here." Esperetta
Completely stunned and flabbgausted, he opened and closed his mouth, unable to speak.
Esperetta walked over to him and placed her finger on his chin before she closed his mouth. "I know you dont trust me, but tough shit."
"This is my home and you're my husband. I made a mistake and for that I'm sorry, but I'm through being an idiot." Esperetta
"Dark-Hunters can't be married." Velkan
"Well then, someone should have told Artemis before she made her bargain with you and brought me back to life, huh? You were created as a married Dark-Hunter. I hardly think they can complain now." Esperetta
She did have a point about that
" Velkan
She ended his words with a kiss. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Eric Cantona

Being on stage isn't so tough compared to the football pitch. — Eric Cantona

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Lillian Vernon

Toughness is a good thing, yet it is considered good only in men. When a woman is tough, men can't stand it. I like being tough and smart. — Lillian Vernon

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Andrew Vachss

Max can't hear or speak, but he communicates okay. He wasn't programmed for fear - whoever rolled the genetic dice left that out too. If Mama asked Max to deliver a package to the Devil, Max would go straight to Hell. Unlike others of my acquaintance who had made that particular trip, I had complete confidence that Max would come back. Max the Silent is one tough boy. In fact, he's so infamous that one time over in night court when he was being arraigned for attempted murder, nobody even laughed when the judge told him that he had the right to remain silent. They all knew that Max never attempted to murder anyone. — Andrew Vachss

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Christina Engela

Who is the more courageous? The big, tough gay-basher, or the LGBTI person who faces their threats on a daily basis and carries on being honest about who they are regardless? — Christina Engela

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Robert B. Parker

The key to growing up well, is being tough enough.
Robert B. Parker

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Liberals are people who think that being tough on crime means longer suspended sentences. — Ronald Reagan

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Angela Cartwright

People think it must be wonderful being in movies or on television, but it can be very tough on a child. I had two friends in elementary school. That was it. There was a clique of girls that were brutal to me. They pulled some very mean stuff. My two friends got me through it. Without them, I would have been all alone. — Angela Cartwright

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Brene Brown

Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It's tough to do that when we're terrified about what people might see or think. — Brene Brown

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Naya Rivera

Going to regular public high school and working and auditioning was really, really tough. I never really fit in and hit the stride that all the other kids were on. Instead of going out and hanging out with my friends at that age, I remember being in my bedroom and putting on like a Christina Aguilera tape and just like belting. And seeing if I could hit every single note just like her. — Naya Rivera

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Tony McCoy

There are many tough sides to being a jockey. Injury is something we all dread, but spending lengthy periods in the bath or the sauna just to shed a few pounds can be an exhausting and draining experience. — Tony McCoy

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Assegid Habtewold

Don't use proxies when you give tough feedbacks. Be direct! Rather than saying 'some people don't even know how to pick the right tie'. Pull aside the person who needs your feedback, and tell him/her in his/her face: 'Your tie doesn't match with the event', and offer some options. — Assegid Habtewold

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Phil Daniels

Acting is a tough industry. There are a lot of kids out there at drama schools and not a lot of money about, especially as the arts are being cut. — Phil Daniels

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Tanya Masse

It's certainly TOUGH being AWESOME all
the time, but I do it so the kids have someone to look up to! — Tanya Masse

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Larry Mullen

It's a tough life being a pop star. You know, at the end of the day when you've paid all the bills and put the kids through college and that, you know, there's only enough left for a small island off the South Pacific. — Larry Mullen

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Let a bright light shine in and melt the coldness in your heart. That's what being tough is all about. — Haruki Murakami

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Frederick Lenz

You have to be a warrior in order to become enlightened. If you think it's tough paying the bills, think about being everywhere all at once and doing everything in all the universes, simultaneously, past, present, and future. — Frederick Lenz

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Rob Sheffield

And being a husband made me helpless, because I had somebody to protect (somebody a little high-strung, who had a tough time emotionally with things like the lights going out indefinitely). — Rob Sheffield

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Tom Robbins

All things considered, I've learned more from talking to painters than talking to writers. Not that painters are smarter than writers, such is seldom the case, but in conversation writers are inclined to waste an inordinate amount of time either bragging or bellyaching about reviews and royalties, complaining about their publishers, or dissing other authors. Painters, being equally insecure, can likewise come across as boring and bitchy
it's tough being creative in a materialistic society
but since they labor not in vineyards of verbiage but upon ice floes of visual images, they tend to function with fewer inhibitions than the wordsmiths when it comes to vocally exploring and expressing ideas. Since no one judges their speech, comparing it to their written work, they don't feel so acutely the weight of language. — Tom Robbins

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Georgia Clark

Technology won't protect you from being attacked for fresh water. A badass blade will. Back in Eden where I grew up, the closest thing to knifework I'd experienced was cutting up a loaf of warm bread. Last night, I'd gutted a wild prairie chicken after scaling a rock face to find its nest and slit its throat.
What a difference a year makes. — Georgia Clark

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Cal Hubbard

Being an umpire wasn't such a tough job. You really have to understand only two things and that's maintaing discipline and knowing the rule book. — Cal Hubbard

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Jackson Rathbone

I miss Texas so bad. That's the hard part about being out here in L.A., trying to pursue acting and music and lighting and production and stuff. It takes a lot of time out from your personal life, and I can only get back to Texas three times a year at most. It's tough. — Jackson Rathbone

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Whitey Herzog

For being book smart, I thought he (A. Barlett Giamatti) had a lot of street smarts, which is tough to find sometimes. — Whitey Herzog

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Trevor McNevan

It's sad. There's a lot about this industry that a lot of people don't know about and don't find out about. There are a lot of tough things and trials and stuff that you're faced with. Sometimes, God has other plans for people. Sometimes bands can't stick through it. It depends on the situation. Keep praying for the bands that you like, seriously, because a lot of things will try to get in the way of being together. We've been blessed with not deal with those yet, but if we ever did ... ? — Trevor McNevan

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By J. Willard Marriott

A man should keep on being constructive, and do constructive things. He should take part in the things that go on in this wonderful world. He should be someone to be reckoned with. He should live life and make every day count, to the very end. Sometimes it's tough. But that's what I'm going to do. — J. Willard Marriott

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Thank you, Adam," I told him. "Thank you for tearing Tim into small Tim bits. Thank you for forcing me to drink one last cup of fairy bug-juice so I could have use of both of my arms. Thank you for being there, for putting up with me." By that point I wasn't laughing anymore. "Thank you for keeping me from being another of Stefan's sheep - I'll take pack over that any day. Thank you for making the tough calls, for giving me time." I stood up and walked to him, leaning against him and pressing my face against his shoulder.
"Thank you for loving me."
His arms closed around me, pressing flesh painfully hard against bone. Love hurts like that sometimes. — Patricia Briggs

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Dan Wells

Being partially to blame for your own therapist's death is a tough thing to deal with, especially because you don't have a therapist any more to help you through it. Sometimes irony just kicks you in the teeth like that. — Dan Wells

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Sara C. Walker

Being the only girl in the gig was tough, so I appreciated Jacob's compliments and companionship. It wasn't necessary though. I could handle Sawyer. I grew up with older brothers and a father who didn't want me working in the family garage. They were horrified when I told them I was going to police college They didn't think that was right for a girl, let alone a Carleton. I had to wake them up to twenty-first century. Still, there were times when I wondered if my father hadn't died before I graduated high school, he might have been abe to change my mind. Sometimes I wondered if I wanted to be a cop to make a difference or to make a point. — Sara C. Walker

Sometimes Being Tough Quotes By Toni Morrison

Oh, yeah, I feel bad sometimes about how I treated Lula Ann when she was little. But you have to understand: I had to protect her. She didn't know the world. There was no point in being tough or sassy even when you were right. Not in a world where you could be sent to a juvenile lockup for talking back or fighting in school, a world where you'd be the last one hired and the first one fired. She couldn't know any of that or how her black skin would scare white people or make them laugh and trick her. — Toni Morrison