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Famous Quotes By Fay Faron

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[On stereotyping:] It's the mind's way of processing a lot of information quickly. If we had to sort through every bit of data before making a decision, most folks would still be going out the front door when it was time to come home for the night. — Fay Faron

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As long as there is a lottery, we the people of the United States must believe in getting something for nothing. — Fay Faron

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I think it's an American curse that most of us think we are special ... everyone believes themselves to be superior to the majority of the population in some way. Sometimes it's their looks, other times their perceived sex appeal (often in obvious defiance of their looks), and other times it is their real or imagined talent for acting, writing, painting or banging on the drums. And because people are so susceptible to flattery, there exists an entire industry made up of scam artists whose sole goal is to fleece the flatterable. — Fay Faron