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Top Socratic Wisdom Quotes

Socratic Wisdom Quotes By Donald Phillip Verene

Contemporary philosophy illustrates Hegel's dictum that philosophy is its own time apprehended in thought, for in our age philosophy yields to the objectifying technical impulse and loses its ancient task of pursuing the Socratic ideal of the wisdom of the examined life. — Donald Phillip Verene

Socratic Wisdom Quotes By Friedrich August Von Hayek

The Socratic maxim that the recognition of our ignorance is the beginning of wisdom has profound significance for our understanding of society. Most of the advantages of social life, especially in the more advanced forms that we call "civilization" rest on the fact that the individual benefits from more knowledge than he is aware of. It might be said that civilization begins when the individual in the pursuit of his ends can make use of more knowledge than he has himself acquired and when he can transcend the boundaries of his ignorance by profiting from knowledge he does not himself possess. — Friedrich August Von Hayek

Socratic Wisdom Quotes By Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Novels are the Socratic dialogues of our time. Practical wisdom fled from school wisdom into this liberal form. — Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel