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Top Unbelonging Quotes

Unbelonging Quotes By Stasia Ward Kehoe

Are we alike
In that in-betweenness?
Can he see,
When I smile my blue eyes back
At his brown ones,
The country-city-woman-girl
Dancer, student
Yearning? — Stasia Ward Kehoe

Unbelonging Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

I didn't belong in this beautiful world, and if I didn't find a away to use my power, I never would. — Leigh Bardugo

Unbelonging Quotes By Charlotte Wood

The point of an animal was not for it to love you; it was that you could love it. In all it's otherness, your unbelonging to its kind, it could yet receive-boundlessly-your love. — Charlotte Wood

Unbelonging Quotes By Don DeLillo

He picks up speed and seems to lose his gangliness, the slouchy funk of hormones and unbelonging and all the stammering things that seal his adolescence. He is just a running boy, a half-seen figure from the streets, but the way running reveals some clue to being, the way a runner bares himself to consciousness, this is how the dark-skinned kid seems to open to the world, how the bloodrush of a dozen strides bring him into eloquence. — Don DeLillo

Unbelonging Quotes By Clive Barker

Our lives are scattered throughout with periods of unbelonging; in childhood, of course, and adolescence; but in adulthood too, when sudden loss (or gain) forces us to reassess things we believe immutable. — Clive Barker