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The most impoverished peasant can be delighted by the opening of the first spring flower, and the most wealthy aristocrat can curse the day he was born because of some petty offense to his sensibilities. She is a very wise woman. To achieve serenity we have to view life not as it is measured by the world around us but as we ourselves measure it. We must accept that the scales are not at all equal. — Emma Wildes

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I take it, since you sought to change matters, I was the one you found boring. — Emma Wildes

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Actually, Elizabeth realized, when he laughed like that, he did look quite handsome. His dark brown hair and his eyes, so light a brown as to seem almost gold in color, were not quite as nondescript as she'd once thought. Maybe the giggling young ingenues weren't completely daft. Despite his maddening tendencies to be deliberately obtuse and tease her relentlessly, he had a certain charisma. — Emma Wildes

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Men are a little different than women ... We kind of regard virginity as something to dispose of as quickly as we're able to do so. Parker West — Emma Wildes

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The implied trust was humbling. He didn't deserve it, but then again, he wouldn't betray it either. — Emma Wildes