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Famous Quotes By Kingfisher Pink

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The time away from the asylum had not been kind to the old maniac. A slick lining of sunburnt skin and dirt caked his face. His smile was more crooked than ever and though he had grown a wild, wooly beard since his escape, it appeared the old maniac had shaved off his eyebrows and there was a bloody crater where his left ear once stood. — Kingfisher Pink

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There are a hundred or more myths about how one might go about killing a vampire. A stake through the heart, sunlight, you've heard all the stories. Oh, and garlic. We mustn't forget garlic. Whoever came up with that silly little rumor never saw me laying the smack down at Mama Leoni's All-You-Can-Eat Trattoria. I've eaten so much garlicky clam sauce in my time that I've sweated the stuff for days on end. — Kingfisher Pink

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In books and movies whenever someone dies there is always an underlying subtext, some kind of grand cosmic lesson to be gleaned from the experience. Popular culture perpetuates the fallacy that whenever someone or something is taken away, someone or something else is always out there waiting in the wings to take its place by the last turn of the page or that final post-credits scene. The reader closes the book with a satisfied smile, the audience leaves the theater filled to the brim with warm fuzzy feelings. But that's entertainment for you, and the world would be a far less wonderful place without their happy endings. However, in the real world what once was, no longer is, and survivors are more often than not left with no other choice but to move on, cosmic lessons learned or not. — Kingfisher Pink

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You have a drawer full of dull butter knives and an old pair of kitchen shears. You are hardly armed to the teeth. — Kingfisher Pink

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Can't you see I'm starving?" asked a very large man in a very loud voice. His words were clipped, desperate and breathless.

It was less a question than a demand. Less a shout than a gargle, as though the man spoke through a mouthful of gumballs and old chicken bones. His head was massive; a pregnant watermelon perched neckless atop a VW Bug. His swollen body oozed off the sides of his bed and rippled with aftershocks after each huffed syllable.

Two EMT's in ventilated hazmat suits circumnavigated the obese man like puffy yellow astronauts orbiting a small moon.

"Sir, calm down. Please. We're here to help you. — Kingfisher Pink

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Oliver Marley understood what it was like to be a specter, a spook or phantom. To his colleagues Oliver had brown eyes, matching hair, a hint of forehead and little else. While logic dictates that eyes, foreheads and hair must in fact belong to some kind of face, and that face be attached by the neck to a body of some fashion, there was precious little evidence to support this. Always peeking out from a computer terminal, behind paperwork or over a cubicle wall, should Oliver have a duck in place of a nose, or a pair of green beans rather than lips, no one would be the wiser. — Kingfisher Pink