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Soapbox Quotes By Richard Barnett

For some, gin was a vile and degrading venom, but for many others it was a thirst-quencher, a proof of virility, an aphrodisiac, a rite of passage, a tonic, a nourishment, a pacifier for children, a fount of confidence and inspiration for the preacher or the soapbox ranter. — Richard Barnett

Soapbox Quotes By Nate Parker

I want young people to ask me if I'm serious. Our young people have been lied to and misled for so long. When I stand on this soapbox, I want young people to ask me that because once they know I'm serious, they'll be willing to ride with me. — Nate Parker

Soapbox Quotes By Don A. Holbrook

The Internet has spawned an abusive malevolent platform that cyber stalkers and trolls can use to harm people in the real world and ruin their victims lives forever with their permanent posts. Cyberspace can also be used to hunt those that prey on innocent people, so that those who live by the malicious words may also feel the repugnant feeling of being stalked and hunted even in their own false sense of anonymity. — Don A. Holbrook

Soapbox Quotes By Mel Brooks

If you stand on a soapbox and trade rhetoric with a dictator you never win. — Mel Brooks

Soapbox Quotes By Walter Murch

I believe every editor should stand to edit. That's just my particular soapbox. Some things are so delicate and depend on such fine, delicate work. One frame in one direction or another can make such a difference and it is, in that, like brain surgery. — Walter Murch

Soapbox Quotes By Cate Blanchett

I'm not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn't do, but I know what works for me. — Cate Blanchett

Soapbox Quotes By Dorothy Koomson

She'd once told me that I was probably the only person on earth who'd be given more than one soapbox in their lifetime because their first one had been worn out. — Dorothy Koomson

Soapbox Quotes By Frank McCourt

Ooh, aren't we getting solemn, and where did I leave my soapbox? Look — Frank McCourt

Soapbox Quotes By Una LaMarche

Something my mom likes to say when she's up on her equal-opportunity soapbox floats through my head: People have enough reasons not to like you just based on how you look; don't give them any more based on how you act. — Una LaMarche

Soapbox Quotes By Terry Wogan

I have to say, without getting up on a soapbox, I find these reality shows absolutely disgusting. — Terry Wogan

Soapbox Quotes By Brandon Bays

From Freedom is:
"True forgiveness is one of the most healing relasing, and freeing gifts we give to ourselves."

"You can't fake it (forgivenss). It has to come from an open heart. It has to be real. Otherwise it is pointless. In order to fruly forgive, you must be willing to open your heart and face and release the pain there."
"It requires humility. It requites us to give up our rightenous indignation, get off our soapbox, let go of blame, and le go of th pride of being right. It means we have to be willing to drop our victim story, soften our stance, and if necessary, let our heart be broken wide open." Brandon Bays Chapter 8 on forgiveness. — Brandon Bays

Soapbox Quotes By Chino Moreno

I always enjoy rhythms and melodies, but I always use my voice as more of an instrument and less of a soapbox for me to say or to preach. — Chino Moreno

Soapbox Quotes By Zach Braff

It's kind of ironic that my character is a doctor who acts very gay with his best friend. I don't see how gays could ever be doctors, they spend too much time whining about everything. Just get off your soapbox and go back to designing floral arrangements — Zach Braff

Soapbox Quotes By Casey Affleck

I believe veganism can be beneficial for the individual and the world, and of course the animal, but belief is like laying in the dark with someone and telling them you love them and hearing nothing back. So I've never had the confidence to get on a soapbox and tell someone else what to do. — Casey Affleck

Soapbox Quotes By James Baldwin

Anyway, I have long had a very definite tendency to tune out the moment I come anywhere near either a pulpit or a soapbox. — James Baldwin

Soapbox Quotes By Jon Bon Jovi

There are those who advocate, and those who do. I'm not trying to slight my peers, but there is a difference between using a soapbox and actually getting your hands dirty. I've spent not only years and millions of dollars but hours and hours and hours of my time doing what I do, and that's very different from what anyone else is doing. — Jon Bon Jovi

Soapbox Quotes By Ingrid Michaelson

I've never been one to get up on a soapbox and preach. I just live my life the way I live my life. — Ingrid Michaelson

Soapbox Quotes By Nora Roberts

She's claiming assault,verbal and physical abuse,and now that I know Kate's a lesbian, that explains the sexual abuse she tossed it."
"I am not a lesbian," Kate fumed. "Though the way she said it was an insult to any rational person who supports freedom of sexual preference." From his expression she realized it wasn't the time to get up on any liberal or feminist soapbox. Instead,
she shifted,sulked. "And I never touched her in any sexual way.This is completely out of proportion,Josh and you know it.She gave us grief,and we gave her some back.That's all."
"That's not all.The Templeton Resort isn't second-period gym class. — Nora Roberts

Soapbox Quotes By DJ Shadow

I'm not going to get on any anti-corporation soapbox to an extreme level. — DJ Shadow

Soapbox Quotes By Carl Hiaasen

My humour has always come from anger, but I have to make sure I don't just get angry and jump on a soapbox. — Carl Hiaasen

Soapbox Quotes By Becky Albertalli

Like, this whole Molly thing with the secret crushes that go nowhere. I'm over it." "Oh, you're over it?" My throat tightens. "Uh, I'm sorry boys don't like me." "That is such bullshit, Molly. You don't even talk to them." Here we go. Cassie's soapbox: the fact that I've had twenty-six crushes and exactly zero kisses. Apparently, it's because I need to woman up. If I like a guy, I'm supposed to tell him. Maybe in Cassie's world, you can do that and have it end in making out. But I'm not so sure it works that way for fat girls. — Becky Albertalli

Soapbox Quotes By Parul Wadhwa

It feels like home, far from home, yet homely. I have always been a fan of Delhi's practical life not that i have lived in an aspiration or yearning to make a living here, but delhi has always been on my soapbox. — Parul Wadhwa

Soapbox Quotes By Jeremy Renner

I think cinema should provoke thoughts, sure, but using it as I soapbox I think is the wrong place. I never want to be part of something like that, where there's an agenda there that's not about telling a story, where its someone getting on a soapbox and preaching their own beliefs onto somebody. — Jeremy Renner

Soapbox Quotes By Nikki Sixx

I am not a preacher. I don't want to stand on a soapbox and tell people, "Don't drink. Don't use drugs." With my kids, I say "Don't drink. Don't do drugs." But when they turn 21, they can drink. I hope they never use drugs, but people make their own decisions. When they're old enough, they are going to have the chance to make their own decisions. I just hope I have given them enough love and support, and the ability to come and talk to me if they need to. — Nikki Sixx

Soapbox Quotes By Jenji Kohan

I believe in the power of media. I really do. It's my soapbox. And I do have an agenda, because I'm enraged by the limitations forced on people - by poverty, oppression, hatred, fear - and I'm saddened by the kind of loss we all experienced due to the contributions that people cannot make because of their circumstances. — Jenji Kohan

Soapbox Quotes By L. Neil Smith

As a novelist, I have a somewhat higher soapbox to stand on than most people do when it comes to talking back to the merchants of fear. — L. Neil Smith

Soapbox Quotes By Walter Koenig

Movies can be effective in influencing people to think in ways they might not otherwise be exposed to. Social commentary in films is most effective when you're not aware of a soapbox. Making the point without force-feeding the audience is the most desirable approach. — Walter Koenig

Soapbox Quotes By Anthony Horowitz

A children's author on a soapbox is not a pleasant sight but I have become drawn into issues, slightly unwillingly, relating to young people, literacy and youth justice: just look at the number of young people we have locked up in prison, and the uselessness of it. — Anthony Horowitz

Soapbox Quotes By Damian Kulash

If you have a lot of fans, you have a powerful soapbox, but you still have to have something to say when you're on that soapbox if you want to make a real difference. — Damian Kulash

Soapbox Quotes By John Waters

Nobody likes a bore on a soapbox. Humor is always the best defense and weapon. If you can make an idiot laugh, they'll at least pause and listen before they do something stupid . . . to you. — John Waters

Soapbox Quotes By Frank I. Cobb

This is revolution in reaction, as well as in radicalism, and Toryism speaking a jargon of law and order may often be a graver menace to liberty than radicalism bellowing the empty phrases of the soapbox demagogue. — Frank I. Cobb

Soapbox Quotes By Dylan Moran

I'm really not big on nationalism, to be honest with you. I really don't think it gets people anywhere except near a pile of dead bodies. I'm Irish, yeah, but I don't need to get up on a soapbox about it. — Dylan Moran

Soapbox Quotes By Bruce Springsteen

I don't like to write rhetorically or get on a soapbox. I try to make the stuff multi-layered, so that it always has a life outside its social context. I don't believe that you can tell people anything; you can only draw them in. — Bruce Springsteen

Soapbox Quotes By Bill Gates

There's no such thing as going to a soapbox and saying, 'The government's corrupt,' and not having the intelligence service see your face. In the digital world, that can be done. — Bill Gates

Soapbox Quotes By Art Alexakis

For the most part, I don't like people who soapbox. — Art Alexakis

Soapbox Quotes By Lawrence Ferlinghetti

In Plato's republic, poets were considered subversive, a danger to the republic. I kind of relish that role. So I see my present role as a gadfly, to use my soapbox to promote my various ideas and obsesions. — Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Soapbox Quotes By Andrew O'Hagan

A theatre is not a blank page for editorial, it is not a soapbox or a Tannoy system: it is a conscience that wakes with what is happening in the space, and wakes further still in response to what people are making of it. — Andrew O'Hagan

Soapbox Quotes By Jarrid Wilson

Hate the sin, not the sinner" isn't working...I encourage you to instead "Love the sinner, not the sin." Remove the word hate from your vocabulary, and start reflecting an image of Jesus that portrays him differently than a man standing on a soapbox wielding a megaphone. I can't ever recall a person who came to faith because of hate. Let's start a movement of people who are willing to take hate out of the equation and love people regardless of their sins — Jarrid Wilson

Soapbox Quotes By Naomi Watts

The use of violence in movies is a subject that's worth addressing. I'm not standing on a soapbox or wagging a finger, but I'm interested in those subjects for sure. — Naomi Watts

Soapbox Quotes By Jude Law

I've always liked what Thomas More said in Utopia, which is that in Utopia every person is allowed their own lifestyle and religion but no one is allowed to stand on a soapbox and tell others that theirs is right. I thought that was brilliant. Brilliant. — Jude Law

Soapbox Quotes By Liberace

I don't profess to be a healer, a minister, a priest. I feel as an entertainer I can do more good for the world than I would if I were a soapbox orator or a self-made politician. — Liberace

Soapbox Quotes By Bru Baker

Writing Frank was a little cathartic, since it gave me the chance to climb on my soapbox and expose readers to a side of autism they likely have never knowingly encountered. — Bru Baker

Soapbox Quotes By John Grisham

One thing you really have to watch as a writer is getting on a soapbox or pulpit about anything. You don't want to alienate readers. — John Grisham

Soapbox Quotes By Carl Hiaasen

From my experience, politicians are much more uncomfortable being made fun of than they are being preached at and screeched at - you know, and the soapbox routine. They're much more uneasy knowing they're a target of ridicule. — Carl Hiaasen

Soapbox Quotes By Timothy Kurek

Condemning people from a soapbox doesn't work, nor do attempts to modify the behavior of others. It is not the words of scripture that change an individual's heart; it is the Spirit in and behind those words. — Timothy Kurek

Soapbox Quotes By Tyler Oakley

When it came to 'Binge,' it wasn't my intention to get on a little soapbox and have a teaching moment. It was more, 'Here are things that have happened to me; here's what I've learned from it. If you'd like to learn from it too, great; if you just like the entertainment aspect, that's fine too.' — Tyler Oakley

Soapbox Quotes By Mike Royer

It was months later when I was sitting at the board in my studio and my wife would stick her head in and say, "What if you did Pooh and ... oh, we don't do that anymore." I do have my soapbox and will go to my grave being a Disney company man. — Mike Royer

Soapbox Quotes By Nick Offerman

I'm enjoying the opportunity that 'Parks And Recreation' affords me to exploit my own soapbox agenda, which is to try to encourage people to make things with their hands. — Nick Offerman