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Smile God Loves You Quotes By Lisa Bedrick

My grandma loved to be on stage entertaining people. She loves to make people smile and laugh. She loves to brighten other people's day. She often calls perfect strangers her angel, as a way of witnessing, but also to encourage and build their self-esteem. — Lisa Bedrick

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Katherine J. Walden

A simple word of greeting, an offer of a cup of coffee on me, a smile and a hug will all go a long way toward reconciliation. A listening ear can open a wandering heart to the thought that God still loves them, and there just might be a place still set for them at their Father's table. — Katherine J. Walden

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Alice Randall

When a good man loves a good woman, God smiles. When a good man loves a good woman, God smiles so broad and bright that the angel guarding the gate to Eden puts down his fiery sword. I've been to busy to get to Eden. What kind of man is too busy to make God smile? — Alice Randall

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Mother Teresa

The person who gives with a smile is the best giver because God loves a cheerful giver. — Mother Teresa

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

In any case one can never forbear to smile at such a despairer, who, humanly speaking, although he is in despair, is so very innocent. Commonly such a despairer is infinitely comic. Think of a self (and next to God there is nothing so eternal as a self), and then that this self gets the notion of asking whether it might not let itself become or be made into another ... than itself. And yet such a despairer, whose only wish is this most crazy of all transformations, loves to think that this change might be accomplished as easily as changing a coat. For the immediate man does not recognize his self, he recognizes himself only by his dress, he recognizes (and here again appears the infinitely comic trait) he recognizes that he has a self only by externals. — Soren Kierkegaard

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Jennifer Megan Varnadore

When you don't think you can feel is when you learn you can smile until it hurts, and love until you're too scared to say it, because you need someone who loves you enough to look you in the eyes and say, 'You're beautiful the way you are It'll be ok. You're worth something.' because sometimes you forget. It's easier to believe when they say it. If you believe, it means that they matter to you. You want to bare your soul to them. Give them everything it takes to let you fall, and pray to God that they are there to catch you. — Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Smile God Loves You Quotes By Cathleen Falsani

When Annunziata said she loved me or any of her thousands of other friends and beloveds, she was really saying, at least in my mind, "God loves you." To quote the singer/songwriter James Taylor, she showered the people she loved with love, always showing the way that she felt without holding back. Even as her body could barely contain her soul any longer, she'd open wide the gates of herself with a smile, that giggle, her twinkling eyes, and she'd let the supernatural love flow through her. Walking out of the chapel after her funeral, a woman I'd never seen before stopped me and said, "You're Cathleen, aren't you?" "Yes," I croaked, tears rolling off my nose as I fingered the prayer card with Annunziata's picture on it. Slipping an arm around my shoulders, the woman explained that she was one of Annunziata's former students and said, "She loved you so much." I know. — Cathleen Falsani