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Smart Choices Quotes By Jessica Valenti

By erasing any nuance and complexity about porn and sexuality, the virginity movement gives young women only two choices of who they can be sexually: sluts or not sluts. While the first choice doesn't seem attractive, I can guarantee you that most young women are going to go with the option that allows them to have sex. And there's no in-between identity for young women who are making smart, healthy choices in their sexual lives. — Jessica Valenti

Smart Choices Quotes By Lizzy Caplan

For the past few years, I've been more selective than I have any right to be, but I think that's finally starting to work in my favor. I think I get way too much credit for making what people consider to be smart choices, but it's only because I made a decision to stop worrying about making money. — Lizzy Caplan

Smart Choices Quotes By Megan Hart

This is the truth. I have been in love. I have been in lust. I've made good choices and bad ones, I have been smart and I've been stupid. But I have never in my life felt the way I do now, here, with Will. — Megan Hart

Smart Choices Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

Don't be surprised by smart people doing bad choices! Dumb spirits seek to reborn with a better brain. — Robin Sacredfire

Smart Choices Quotes By Sophocles

Those griefs smart most which are seen to be of our own choice. — Sophocles

Smart Choices Quotes By Seth Godin

Practice works because practice gives us a chance to relax enough to make smart choices. — Seth Godin

Smart Choices Quotes By Alice Callahan

We do science because we want to understand the truth. It is a constant, ongoing pursuit to understand our own biology so that we can make smart choices at an individual and policy level. If the science of breastfeeding is used first and foremost as a tool for breastfeeding promotion, we compromise public trust in science. Biased information about breastfeeding also sets up infant feeding as a debate, which sometimes escalates to mommy war status, and it doesn't need to be either of these. — Alice Callahan

Smart Choices Quotes By Sarah Jessica Parker

I think it's incumbent upon me to try to be smart and make good choices and work with good people and work my ass off when I'm working with good people and I have to let everyone have their opinion afterwards. But this is what happens. You make a movie or you're on a show and then you have this experience and everyone tells you what you did. They tell you what you did. That's allowed. That's the experience of being human and subjectivity. That's it. We can only do what we'll do, and I can only do the best I can do. — Sarah Jessica Parker

Smart Choices Quotes By Janet Bloomfield

When feminists create "safe spaces" for adult women...I seriously question why any woman would identify as a feminist. Feminists literally treat adult women like three year olds. How does this empower you to make smart choices about your life? How does this embolden you to go after what you want?....If feminists followed the dictionary, they wouldn't fear #WomenAgainstFeminism and work so desperately to exclude them from the conversation about gender and equality. They would engage in debate and offer evidence....But they don't. They file false reports, claim abuse and harassment where none took place and ultimately, expose the heart of fascist, intolerant, hateful darkness at the core of feminism. — Janet Bloomfield

Smart Choices Quotes By Mitch Daniels

We designed both our state employee health plans and the one we created for low-income Hoosiers as Health Savings Accounts, and now in the tens of thousands these citizens are proving that they are fully capable of making smart, consumerist choices about their own health care. — Mitch Daniels

Smart Choices Quotes By Scott Adams

Highly intelligent and well-informed people disagree on every political issue. Therefore, intelligence and knowledge are useless for making decisions, because if any of that stuff helped, then all the smart people would have the same opinions. So use your "gut instinct" to make voting choices. That is exactly like being clueless, but with the added advantage that you'll feel as if your random vote preserved democracy. — Scott Adams

Smart Choices Quotes By Kate Winslet

When I think about somebody like Keira Knightley, whom I don't particularly know, I see somebody who is working hard, really trying to challenge herself and make smart choices in spite of people criticising her size and performances. — Kate Winslet

Smart Choices Quotes By Michael Angelo Costa

The people who defend their initial reactions the most are highly-confident, educated people. If a smart person has a strong initial reaction to something, it is very difficult for him to change his mind. Why? He feels that he is smart, which gives him confidence in his choices. Instead of doubting himself, he will defend his position, possibly with a compelling argument. A person who is not as confident in his intellectual ability will not have the same confidence level and will keep more of an open mind. The person with less confidence thinks he has something to learn, whereas the person with hubris thinks he has something to teach. — Michael Angelo Costa

Smart Choices Quotes By Reese Witherspoon

I'd always ask my grandma, who was so, so smart, why she didn't work, and she would explain that her parents didn't approve of her working after she had children. She didn't feel like she had choices. — Reese Witherspoon

Smart Choices Quotes By Leslea Wahl

Why? As much fun as a hospital sounds, I'd rather spend the evening dancing with an amazing, smart, funny, interesting, beautiful girl who has the most incredible green eyes I've ever seen. Sophie, will you go to the dance with me? — Leslea Wahl

Smart Choices Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

There is no plan ... You need to make smart choices, But you can make career decisions for two different types of reasons.
You can do something for instrumental reasons
because you think it's going to lead to something else, regardless of whether you enjoy it or it's worthwhile ... or you can do something for fundamental reasons
because you think it's inherently valuable, regardless of what it may or may not lead to.
The dirty little secret is that insturmental reasons usually don't work. Things are too complicated, too unpredictable. You never know what' going to happen. So you end up stuck. The most successful people
not all of the time, but most of the time
make decisions for fundamental reasons.
They take a job or join a company because it will let them do interesting work in a cool place
even if they don't know exactly where it will lead. They're not fools. They're enlightened pragmatists. — Daniel H. Pink

Smart Choices Quotes By Sri Mulyani Indrawati

We now know that climate action does not require economic sacrifice. This is fully in line with the World Bank Group's findings. It is up to all of us to make smart policy choices that will help combat climate change. For example, putting a price on carbon is a necessary step and could drive resources and investments to a cleaner economy. — Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Smart Choices Quotes By Marvin Ammori

Both Republicans and Democrats can agree that more choices and lower prices in transportation would benefit consumers. Democrats would consider it 'smart government' and Republicans 'limited government.' — Marvin Ammori

Smart Choices Quotes By John August

Keeping the cat front-and-center was definitely a smart choice, from Tim and the animation department. Mr. Whiskers got referred to more than we actually saw him on stage. Seeing him on screen, you just love him. — John August

Smart Choices Quotes By Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choicesDarren Hardy

Smart Choices Quotes By Elizabeth Smart

I like to think that we're not defined by what happens to us ... because so many times they're beyond our control. I like to think that we're defined by our choices and our decisions. — Elizabeth Smart

Smart Choices Quotes By David McRaney

We reach for the same brand not because we trust its quality but because we want to reassure ourselves that we made a smart choice the last time we bought it. — David McRaney

Smart Choices Quotes By Henry Rollins

Smart people make good choices. They dig science and say 'no' to the invasion of sovereign nations for the pleasure of corporations. — Henry Rollins

Smart Choices Quotes By David McRaney

Every day you feel like you can't control the forces affecting your fate-your job,the government,your addiction,your depression,your money. So you stage micro-revolts. You customise your ringtone,you paint your room,you collect stamps. You choose.
Choices,even small ones,can hold back the crushing weight of helplessness,but you can't stop there. You must fight back your behavoir and learn to fail with pride. Failing often is the only way to ever get the things you want out of life. Besides death your destiny is not inescapable.
You are not so smart,but you are smarter than dogs and rats.
Don't give in yet. — David McRaney

Smart Choices Quotes By Aaron Paul

It's all about trying to be very careful about what your next role or what your next move is gonna be. It's all about trying to have longevity in this business and make smart choices. — Aaron Paul

Smart Choices Quotes By Shona Moyce

Real people, smart or otherwise, sometimes make stupid choices, and despite judgment, whether from other writers, readers, or haters, books with outwardly stupid characters making stupid choices will continue to sell, because if you dig a little deeper, you'll find a reason for a character's moment of idiocy; and more notably, this moment of idiocy amidst the chaos of life is real and relatable. — Shona Moyce

Smart Choices Quotes By John McCain

For decades we have been living lives of abundance, with little regard for our natural resources or global health. But we are now facing hard choices in our energy policy. Future generations - my children and grandchildren, along with yours - will have to live with the decisions we make today. And so it is time for us to make some tough and - hopefully - smart choices regarding our energy use and production before it is too late. — John McCain

Smart Choices Quotes By Huntley Fitzpatrick

Think about how it looks, Samantha. Not just how it feels. Make smart choices. Always consider consequences. — Huntley Fitzpatrick

Smart Choices Quotes By David Halberstam

The Patriots had picked Brady in the sixth round, and he soon turned out to be one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the League, and absolutely perfect for the Belichick system and for the team's offense. So, as the team continued to make a series of very good calls on other player personnel choices, there was a general tendency to talk about how brilliant Pioli and Belichick were, and to regard Pioli as the best young player personnel man in the League. Just to remind himself not to believe all the hype and that he could readily have screwed up on that draft, Pioli kept on his desk a photo of Brady, along with a photo of the team's fifth-round traft choice, the man he had taken ahead of Brady: Dave Stachelski. He was a Tight End from Boise State who never a played a down for New England. Stachelski was taken with the 141st pick, Brady with the 199th one. 'If I was so smart,' Pioli liked to say, 'I wouldn't have risked an entire round of the draft in picking Brady. — David Halberstam

Smart Choices Quotes By Allison Winn Scotch

No one really can have any idea if it's luck or happenstance or timing or fate or the universe or just smart choices that grant you a good life, a happy one. All we can do is decide to own our choices no matter what, to honor them and ourselves as best we can. That whatever is within our control (and there is plenty that is not) is ours. Mine. Responsibility. Conviction. — Allison Winn Scotch

Smart Choices Quotes By Darren Hardy

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE — Darren Hardy

Smart Choices Quotes By Faith Hill

In the real world, it is hard to be taken seriously as a woman. Use your brain and be smart about your choices. There's nothing wrong with being a good girl - it's actually very attractive and sexy. — Faith Hill

Smart Choices Quotes By Bikram Choudhury

I have so many choices in America; it's home to so many good things. I'm smart enough to enjoy all the good things that are offered. — Bikram Choudhury

Smart Choices Quotes By Randall Munroe

Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they'll turn out. You're curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. There are so many adventures that you miss because you're waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices. And remember that you are always making up the future as you go. — Randall Munroe

Smart Choices Quotes By Misty May-Treanor

If you maintain a healthy diet, or at least are smart about your food choices, you'll still see the pounds come off. — Misty May-Treanor

Smart Choices Quotes By Abby Rike

I avowed that I was not mad at God. In fact, I felt God's presence at that time more than I ever had. I was never angry, and that didn't make sense to many people. But I knew that God didn't do this. We as humans have free choice, and when people make bad choices, other humans suffer. It doesn't make sense, and we can ask why God didn't fix it or change it. The fact is we do not have the mind of God; as smart as we think we are, we know nothing in terms of what God knows. — Abby Rike

Smart Choices Quotes By Jesse James Garrett

Problems with visual design can turn users off so quickly that they never discover all the smart choices you made with navigation or interaction design. — Jesse James Garrett

Smart Choices Quotes By Juliana Hatfield

I used to be an over-packer! It took me a while to be smart about what I brought with me. I used to tour with a huge bag full of clothes and another one full of shoes because I wanted to have choices. And I ended up wearing the same pair of shoes all the time! — Juliana Hatfield

Smart Choices Quotes By Tom Robbins

If every time we choose a turd, society, at a great expense, simply allows us to redeem it for a pepperoni, then not only will we never learn to make smart choices, we will also surrender the freedom to choose, because a choice without consequences is no choice at all. — Tom Robbins

Smart Choices Quotes By Edward O. Wilson

It is quite simple: put passion ahead of training. Feel out in any way you can what you most want to do in science, or technology, or some other science-related profession. Obey that passion as long as it lasts. Feed it with the knowledge the mind needs to grow. Sample other subjects, acquire a general education in science, and be smart enough to switch to a greater love if one appears. But don't just drift through courses in science hoping that love will come to you. Maybe it will, but don't take the chance. As in other big choices in your life, there is too much at stake. Decision and hard work based on enduring passion will never fail you. — Edward O. Wilson

Smart Choices Quotes By Samantha Barks

I want to make smart choices. — Samantha Barks

Smart Choices Quotes By Lizzy Caplan

I think I get way too much credit for making what people consider to be smart choices, but it's only because I made a decision to stop worrying about making money. I had done network sitcoms. I had a nest egg. — Lizzy Caplan

Smart Choices Quotes By Veronica Roth

When I look at him, I don't see the cowardly young man who sold me out to Jeanine Matthews, and i don't hear the excuses he gave afterward.
When I look at him, I see the boy who held my hand in the hospital when our mother broke her wrist and told me it would be all right. I see the brother who told me to make my own choices, the night before the Choosing Ceremony. I think of all the remarkable things he is
smart and enthusiastic and observant, quiet and earnest and kind. — Veronica Roth

Smart Choices Quotes By Matthew Fox

I think you've got to take your time and make sure you're making choices that are smart for you. — Matthew Fox