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Top Skewer Quotes

Skewer Quotes By Rick Riordan

Glad you're back to normal. The makeup and the dress were a lot more intimidating than the dagger."
"Get going, Sparky, before I skewer you."
"Sparky? — Rick Riordan

Skewer Quotes By Ben Elton

The massive machine bore down on them. Nearly fourteen feet long and six wide, it seemed to completely fill the bridge. Almost a ton and a half of wood, glass, rubber, brass and steel, a monster, roaring and trumpeting as it approached its kill, the great shining black fender arches framing its huge goggling eyes. The thrusting tusks of its sprung-leaf suspension threatened to skewer any soft flesh and young bone that lay in its path. Black smoke billowed from its rear. Sparks spat from behind its grille. No dragon of ancient legend could have seemed more terrifying or more deadly. — Ben Elton

Skewer Quotes By Anonymous

Deep and intense, his eyes shone with an inner fire that burned so clearly, Ella was tempted to reach for a skewer and a marshmallow. — Anonymous

Skewer Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

It required a great deal of Cam's willpower - and he had a considerable supply - not to skewer Christopher Frost with a dining utensil. He wanted her attention. All of it. — Lisa Kleypas

Skewer Quotes By Rick Riordan

I'll be fine." She felt terrified, but she wasn't about to admit it. She drew her dagger Katoptris and tried to look confident. "Anyone gets close, I'll skewer them." Jason hesitated. "I'll leave you the pack. If I'm not back in five minutes - " "Panic?" she suggested. He managed a smile. "Glad you're back to normal. The makeup and the dress were a lot more intimidating than the dagger." "Get going, Sparky, before I skewer you." "Sparky?" Even offended, Jason looked hot. It wasn't fair. Then he made his way to the stairs and disappeared into the dark. — Rick Riordan

Skewer Quotes By Julia Quinn

I wanted to skewer her with a stare, flay her with a frown, impale her with a - I say, what are you doing?
Charles would have answered her, but he was laughing so hard he was doubled over. — Julia Quinn

Skewer Quotes By David Mitchell

Surgeons are a singular brotherhood, Adam. To us, people aren't sacred beings crafted in the Almighty's image, no, people are joints of meat; diseased, leathery meat, yes, but meat ready for the skewer & the spit." He mimicked my usual voice, very well. "'But why *me*, Henry, are we not friends?' Well, Adam, even friends are made out of meat. — David Mitchell

Skewer Quotes By George R R Martin

The smell of food made him realize how ravenous he was. There was hot bread and honey, a bowl of pease porridge, a skewer of roast onions and well-charred meat. He sat by the tray, pulled apart the bread with his hands, and stuffed some into his mouth. — George R R Martin

Skewer Quotes By Edward Abbey

I have been called a curmudgeon, which my obsolescent dictionary defines as a 'surly, ill-mannered, bad-tempered fellow'. Nowadays, curmudgeon is likely to refer to anyone who hates hypocrisy, cant, sham, dogmatic ideologies, and has the nerve to point out unpleasant facts and takes the trouble to impale these sins on the skewer of humor and roast them over the fires of fact, common sense, and native intelligence. In this nation of bleating sheep and braying jackasses, it then becomes an honor to be labeled curmudgeon. — Edward Abbey

Skewer Quotes By Marie Lu

Where I come from, we're more about efficiency,' he replies. 'A knife like this'll skewer food, smear butter, and slit throats all at the same time. — Marie Lu

Skewer Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The past became a long, razor-sharp skewer that stabbed right through his heart. — Haruki Murakami

Skewer Quotes By Merritt Tierce

I burn my neck with a fondue skewer while you watch The Cosby Show on my bed. — Merritt Tierce

Skewer Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Bleed him and I'll skewer you like a stuck pig," I said through clenched teeth.
"No, you will try. You'll wave your sword around and talk a lot of shit and then back off at the last minute. And then I'll snap your neck and his. — Ilona Andrews

Skewer Quotes By J.D. Stroube

I could see her will leaving and death seeping through her skin to skewer her soul. — J.D. Stroube

Skewer Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

Words have power. The power to soothe. The power to skewer someone through the heart. The power to render someone speechless. — Ellen Hopkins

Skewer Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

St. Vincent was far too clever to rely on physical violence when a few well-chosen words would skewer someone with a minimum of fuss. — Lisa Kleypas

Skewer Quotes By William Gaddis

It is a naked city. Faith is not pampered, nor hope encouraged; there is no place to lay one's exhaustion: but instead pinnacles skewer it undisguised against vacancy. — William Gaddis

Skewer Quotes By Amie Kaufman

The last thing I need added to my list of credentials is 'stabbed by a mattress,' in addition to a cocktail skewerAmie Kaufman

Skewer Quotes By Tim Stead

Killing men is not like fencing. There's no room for fine touches in battle. Every second that you blade is stuck in one man's body is a second that another can use to skewer you. — Tim Stead

Skewer Quotes By Maria V. Snyder

Skewer is just too vague. I think if you say, 'Stand back or I'll stab him in the stomach,' then I have an idea about how serious you are. After all, Leif's stomach is his favorite body part so that's a decent threat. — Maria V. Snyder

Skewer Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

I'll stab him," offers Jaden as she makes a stabbing motion.
"You expect me to play along?" Rob scoffs, gripping his arm protectively.
"Pretty much," replies Landon earnestly.
"You're serious?"
"As a heart attack."
"No," argues Rob. "I'm not going to let Jaden - or anyone else - skewer me." He's greeted with an amused silence. "Bleedin' crime is what it is," he mutters. "Why can't someone else go all noble sacrifice-y? It's because I'm English, ain't it? — Laura Kreitzer

Skewer Quotes By Ovid

All right, boy, skewer me. I've dropped my defenses,
I'm an easy victim. Why, by now
Your arrows practically know their own way to the target
And feel less at home in their quiver than in me. — Ovid