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Fallen Azazel Quotes By Brian Godawa

Welcome to my holy temple. I am Anu, the supreme god, king of kings, and lord of lords. My consort, Inanna, Queen of heaven and earth." He paused ceremoniously with an arrogant grin. "But you already knew that." Then, the mocking stab, "So, where is your god?" Noah would not dignify the remark. Instead, he prophesied, "I know who you are, Semjaza and Azazel, fallen Sons of God. You have laid the nations low, you sit on the mount of assembly, you have made yourselves like the Most High. But you will be brought down to Sheol." Inanna broke in bitterly, "He imagines himself a prophet now, and privy to the Watchers' secrets. — Brian Godawa

Fallen Azazel Quotes By Brian Godawa

But when the pair was cast out of Eden, the Nachash began his campaign to defile every corner of Elohim's good creation. He set up his parody of the mountain of Eden at Mount Hermon, in Bashan, the 'Place of the Serpent.' He was eventually joined by Semjaza, Azazel, and the other fallen Sons of God to pursue their nefarious grand design on Eden. It was the war of the Seed of Nachash with the Seed of Havah, and it was for total conquest. No quarter given. To the victor, complete spoils. Their loss at the Titanomachy was but one battle. — Brian Godawa