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Top Shiva And Shakti Quotes

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Robin Rumi

I am Shakti, as well as Shiva. I am everything male and female, light and dark, flesh and spirit. Perfectly balanced in one single moment lasting an eternity... — Robin Rumi

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Soundarya

Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he have the power to create - — Soundarya

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Natasa Nuit Pantovic

I see You, Every time I look into Buddha's eyes. I give myself to You. Every time I alter one of Your 1,000s names. Honestly & fully I love You. Through Christ and Maria, Shiva and Shakti, Krishna and Radha, With every day that passes and every breath I take. I enter gratitude for receiving Your Love. Obeying Your Laws of Truthfulness and Ahimsa, Weaving Prana With hearts and souls of Gaia. Through mysticism, shamanism, sufism, and ecstatic meditations. I yearn to touch You, to feel You, to be You. Within this amazing Journey of Awareness of Your Consciousness. — Natasa Nuit Pantovic

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Devdutt Pattanaik

Shiva becomes the destroyer, acquiring strength and inspiration from his consort Shakti, who is both Gauri, radiant goddess of eroticism, and Kali, dark goddess of extermination. — Devdutt Pattanaik

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Daniel Odier

Shiva and Shakti are indistinguishable. They are one. They are the universe. Shiva isn't masculine. Shakti isn't feminine. At the core of their mutual penetration the supreme consciousness opens. — Daniel Odier

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Devdutt Pattanaik

Lakshmi massages Vishnu's feet. Is this male domination? Kali stands on Shiva's chest. Is this female domination? Shiva is half a woman. Is this gender equality? Why then is Shakti never half a man? — Devdutt Pattanaik

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Rajneesh

In the East, we have developed a science: if you cannot find a soul mate, you can create one. And that science is Tantra. To find a soul mate means to find the person with whom all your seven centers meet naturally. That is impossible. Once in a while, a Krishna and a Radha, a Shiva and a Shakti. And when it happens it is tremendously beautiful. But it is like lightning - you cannot depend on it. If you want to read your Bible, you can't depend on it that when the lightning is there you will read. The lightning is a natural phenomenon, but not dependable. — Rajneesh

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

Unless it was enough for these worshipers to bask in the knowledge that, though invisible to them and in every way inaccessible to them, the swarthy handsome Ex-Athlete and the beautiful Blond Actress might at that very moment be coupling like Shiva and Shakti, unmaking and making the Universe? — Joyce Carol Oates

Shiva And Shakti Quotes By Vandana Shiva

That amazing power of being able to stand with total courage in the face of total power and not be afraid. That is stri shakti. — Vandana Shiva