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Top Statham Movie Quotes

Statham Movie Quotes By Jason Statham

I'm prepared to take risks. And every movie that I do is a risk. No one knows what the movie is going out turn out like. — Jason Statham

Statham Movie Quotes By Jason Statham

We're trying to make a movie that's interesting. — Jason Statham

Statham Movie Quotes By Reggie Lee

I think that one of my favorite movie roles has been a film that I did with Jason Statham that was out last year called 'Safe.' I played the main bad guy in that. — Reggie Lee

Statham Movie Quotes By Jason Statham

You only get one shot in your life and you might as well push yourself and try things. There's so many interesting aspects of making a movie; the costume department, the set design, the casting itself, the locations. It's a great, great thing to be involved in if you have the headspace for it, and I do. Try anything once. — Jason Statham

Statham Movie Quotes By Louis Leterrier

I'll say it, I love working with actors, I'm a fan of actors. They bring so much, and they can also break a movie, but when it works I give it all to the actors. I'll say it, I think that 'The Transporter' is great not because of my direction, it really is great because Jason Statham was great in it. — Louis Leterrier

Statham Movie Quotes By Jason Statham

When I'm getting ready for a movie, let's just say my diet is 'The Antisocial Diet.' I don't go to restaurants. I don't eat what I really want to eat. I don't eat much. I eat small things frequently. Lots of protein and greens. And I don't eat with people, because there's a tendency to get social and then to overeat. — Jason Statham

Statham Movie Quotes By Alonso Duralde

Proving that the best villains have the charisma of a hero, (Jason) Statham makes a strong impression, supplying the kind of menace that permeates the movie even when he's not on screen. His fight with (Dwayne) Johnson doesn't have the bang you'd expect from a The Transporter versus The Rock match-up, but the climactic Statham-(Vin)Diesel battle more than delivers. — Alonso Duralde