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She Hates Herself Quotes By Simon Sinek

The irony is, the advertising industry knows everyone hates what they produce. This is why they keep looking for new ways to force people to stay tuned. — Simon Sinek

She Hates Herself Quotes By Muriel Bowser

You have a mayor who hates guns. If it was up to me, we wouldn't have any handguns in the District of Columbia. I swear to protect the Constitution and what the courts say, but I will do it in the most restrictive way as possible. — Muriel Bowser

She Hates Herself Quotes By Diane Duane

Yeah, I know, the Mars thing. I've been meaning to talk to you about that. When did you get the idea it would be cute to carve my dad's cell-phone number on a rock in the middle of Syrtis Major? He hates it when people call me on his phone."
Kit gave Nita a resigned look. "Sorry," he said, "I couldn't resist. — Diane Duane

She Hates Herself Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Meg spends her days at a shit job she hates and spends most of the rest of her time working out and starving herself, so she's usually in a bitchy mood because she pretty much hates her life, but definitely needs a sandwich. Contradicting that shit, she doesn't have a problem pouring alcohol down her throat and smoking a shitload of grass, which gives her the munchies she refuses to give into, thus the vicious cycle with her bein' a bitch and makin' the mellowing qualities of pot lost on her. — Kristen Ashley

She Hates Herself Quotes By Ali Parker

Fate is an ugly bitch that hates you with a passion. — Ali Parker

She Hates Herself Quotes By Frank Hall

When I'm a Buddhist my family hates me. When I'm the Buddha they love me. — Frank Hall

She Hates Herself Quotes By Elle Kennedy

Mom's going to love you," I assure her. "You'll see."


Mom hates her.

Or at least, she's doing a good job of hiding her love. — Elle Kennedy

She Hates Herself Quotes By Manti Te'o

I think what I bring to the table is a lot of heart, a lot of energy, and somebody that works hard. Somebody who hates to lose. — Manti Te'o

She Hates Herself Quotes By Criss Jami

Pride has quite a bit to do with hatred. In many a case in which one hates another, one subconsciously begins patterns of cherry-picking and selective hearing: he continues to look only for things about the other person which he can use to justify his hatred, things which will then make him feel less guilty about hating someone. In this regard, hatred is not so much an emotion as it is a decision. — Criss Jami

She Hates Herself Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

For as the devil bitterly hates this leaf and the word of God, so does he also those who teach and hear it, and he persecutes such, aided by all the powers of the world. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

She Hates Herself Quotes By Andy Milonakis

As young as I look, I think it will still be funny if I played a person who's kind of tortured and hates his life. Kind of like a Larry David-type thing. — Andy Milonakis

She Hates Herself Quotes By Amy Zhang

She cannot bear to catch fireflies in jars. She hates zoos. She will not let her father teach her about constellations, because she will not trap the stars. She lives in a world made entirely of sky. It is inconceivable that one day, her world will grow so dark and distant that when she raises her head, she will not be able to find it. — Amy Zhang

She Hates Herself Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Why do the X-Men need another girl telepath?" she asked. "This one has purple hair." "It's all so sexist." Park's eyes got wide. Well, sort of wide. Sometimes she wondered if the shape of his eyes affected how he saw things. That was probably the most racist question of all time. "The X-Men aren't sexist," he said, shaking his head. "They're a metaphor for acceptance; they've sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them." "Yeah," she said, "but - " "There's no but," he said, laughing. "But," Eleanor insisted, "the girls are all so stereotypically girly and passive. Half of them just think really hard. Like that's their superpower, thinking. And Shadowcat's power is even worse - she disappears. — Rainbow Rowell

She Hates Herself Quotes By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

God hates it when we stir up strife, disloyalty, or contention among His people. It may happen in the church, but don't you be a part of it. Don't do it. Pray, ask the Lord to make you a peacemaker, and ask the Lord to show you how you can minister support and encouragement to the spiritual leaders of your church. — Nancy Leigh DeMoss

She Hates Herself Quotes By Naomi Klein

Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn't filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear. — Naomi Klein

She Hates Herself Quotes By James Baldwin

I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain. — James Baldwin

She Hates Herself Quotes By Seanan McGuire

But you're so easy to sneak up on." He crossed his arms, leaning back against the wall. "You should be honored that I bother, since there's no challenge to it."
"Right," I said dryly.
Tybalt has never made a secret of his contempt for changelings in general and me in particular. Not even the years I spent missing could change that. If anything, it made things worse, because when I came back, I promptly removed myself from all the places he was accustomed to finding me. Hating me suddenly took effort - an effort he's proved annoying glad to make. On the other hand, it's actually been something of a relief, because it is something I can count on. Dawn comes, the moon rises and Tybalt hates me. — Seanan McGuire

She Hates Herself Quotes By J.K. Rowling

I'll make Goyle do lines, it'll kill him, he hates writing," said Ron happily. He lowered his voice to Goyle's low grunt and, screwing up his face in a look of pained concentration, mimed writing in midair. "I ... must ... not ... look ... like ... a ... baboon's ... backside. — J.K. Rowling

She Hates Herself Quotes By William Shakespeare

O, let him pass. He hates him That would upon the rack of this tough world Stretch him out longer. — William Shakespeare

She Hates Herself Quotes By Larissa Ione

My mom used to say that a man who hates cats is insecure, but a man who likes them is one worth keeping. If he can appreciate a cat, he can appreciate a strong, independent woman.
-Serena — Larissa Ione

She Hates Herself Quotes By David Graeber

Consensus isn't just about agreement. It's about changing things around: You get a proposal, you work something out, people foresee problems, you do creative synthesis. At the end of it, you come up with something that everyone thinks is okay. Most people like it, and nobody hates it. — David Graeber

She Hates Herself Quotes By Debasish Mridha

When someone hates you, send them flowers. — Debasish Mridha

She Hates Herself Quotes By Robert Greene

Waste brings woe, and sorrow hates despair. — Robert Greene

She Hates Herself Quotes By Darien Gee

She loves being an American, but being an American overseas is quite a different thing. Edie was able to see herself, and her country, through other people's eyes - through the eyes of aid workers from Europe and Asia, through the eyes of the people they were trying to help. She knows that Americans are often viewed as arrogant and frivolous, clueless about their own country, and she hates that this is true. — Darien Gee

She Hates Herself Quotes By Melissa De La Cruz

It's not you she hates, Schuyler. It's me. She just turned her anger outward because she couldn't bring herself to hate whom she loves. — Melissa De La Cruz

She Hates Herself Quotes By Osho

People hate themselves, people condemn themselves - they go on condemning; they go on thinking that they are rotten. How can the other love you, such a rotten person. No, nobody can love you really - the other must be befooling, cheating; there must be some other reason. She must be after something else; he must be after something else. You know your rottenness, worthlessness - love seems to be out of the question. And when some woman comes and says she adores you, you cannot trust. When you go to a woman and you say you adore her, and she hates herself, how can she believe you? It is self-hatred that is creating the anxiety. There — Osho

She Hates Herself Quotes By Ayse Kulin

There are three different takes on career women in this house, she thought to herself: that of my husband, who respects working women but wishes I wasn't one of them; that of my mother, who hates the very idea; and then there's me, a working woman who has no idea what she really wants! There — Ayse Kulin

She Hates Herself Quotes By Dylan Landis

Saint Cath, please guide my eyes, she prays, and keep my hands from stealing. She has to pray her prayer, or things from good people end up in her pack, and she hates that about herself. — Dylan Landis

She Hates Herself Quotes By Tijan

Yeah. He looked like a cat who'd found his favorite mouse wounded or something. It was eerie. And he started to make fun of her, like all cruel and stuff. The things he said to her were horrible and he was only playing with her. She didn't try to defend herself. I guess Mason Kade really hates that girl, and the way he ripped into her. It was something else."
"He enjoyed it." Adam's voice was quiet.
I looked over and held his gaze. Something dark was in their depths.
He spoke again, "It was like an animal that was playing with its kill before they fully killed it. That's what he was doing with her. I've never seen anything like it before. — Tijan

She Hates Herself Quotes By Joe Hart

She hates herself a little for it. Zoey can smell him now, an acrid tang of body odor mixed with the last tinges of vanilla that all the clothes are washed in. The scent makes her want to vomit. "Pretty, — Joe Hart

She Hates Herself Quotes By Richard Castle

Newsflash she already has body image issues.
It's an intrinsic part of being a woman. Every woman in the world has some part of herself that she absolutely hates.
Her hands are too small, her feet are too big, her hair is too straight, too curly, her ears stick out, her bums too flat, her nose is too big and, you know, nothing you can say will change how we feel.
What men don't understand is, the right clothes, the right shoes, the right makeup it just ... It, it hides the flaws we think we have.
They make us look beautiful to ourselves.
That's what makes us look beautiful to others.
Used to be all she needed to feel beautiful was a pink tutu and a plastic tiara.
And we spend our whole lives trying to feel that way again. — Richard Castle

She Hates Herself Quotes By Cora Carmack

Phaedra keeps saying she's being selfish. That she hates herself for it, but she does it anyway. She can't deny herself what she wants, even if it brings about her downfall and his." "And have you learned anything from our literary parallel?" "Not really, I keep thinking that she would do it all over again if there were a chance ... a chance that it could go right. Even if 99 times out of a 100 the story ends badly, it's worth it if only once she gets a happy ending. — Cora Carmack

She Hates Herself Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

You know how these things are supposed to work, right? The good-looking popular guy suddenly shows interest in the mousy girl from the country. Everyone hates her for it, but she starts to gain confidence in herself. Then the guy betrays her and regrets it. It's awful, but afterward she 'finds herself,' realizes she doesn't need him, and maybe there's some other stuff that happens" - he waggles his fingers in the air - "and finally she turns into the most beautiful girl ever because she likes herself. But it won't work at all if you don't stammer and blush and pretend you don't like me." She's — N.K. Jemisin

She Hates Herself Quotes By Shelly Laurenston

Because Patty Anne can't handle living on her own. She can barely handle not setting herself on fire when she makes soda bread. My Gwenie doesn't have that problem."

"Because she hates soda bread? — Shelly Laurenston

She Hates Herself Quotes By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Lacking strength beauty hates the understanding for asking of her what it cannot do but the life of spirit is not the life that shrinks from death and keeps itself untouched by devastation, but rather the life that endures it and maintains itself in it. It wins its truth only when, in utter dismemberment, it finds itself. It is this power, not as something positive, which closes its eyes to the negative as when we say of something that it is nothing or is false, and then having done with it, turn away and pass on to something else; on the contrary, spirit is this power only by looking the negative in the face, and tarrying with it. This tarrying with the negative is the magical power that converts it into being. — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

She Hates Herself Quotes By William Faulkner

She has no mother because fatherblood hates with love and pride, but motherblood with hate loves and cohabits. — William Faulkner

She Hates Herself Quotes By Amos Oz

You can see right away,' the old man said, 'that he hates us but hides his hatred under a layer of sycophancy. They all hate us. How could they not? If I were them I'd hate us too. In fact, I'd hate us even without being them. Take it from me, Rachel, if you just look at us you can see that we deserve nothing but hatred and contempt. And maybe a bit of pity. But that pity cannot come from the Arabs. They themselves need all the pity in the world. — Amos Oz

She Hates Herself Quotes By Bhavik Sarkhedi

The Weak Point Dealer is an ideal man fighting his inner himself who is drowned by the outer himself, desperate to deal with the weak points. The man who is wildly in love with what he wants and madly hates for what he has to wait for. — Bhavik Sarkhedi

She Hates Herself Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

God hates this wishful dreaming because it makes the dreamer proud and pretentious. Those who dream of this idealized community demand that it be fulfilled by God, by others, and by themselves. They enter the community of Christians with their demands, set up their own law, and judge one another and even God accordingly. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

She Hates Herself Quotes By Martin Luther

I have no pleasure in any man who despises music. It is no invention of ours: it is a gift of God. I place it next to theology. Satan hates music: he knows how it drives the evil spirit out of us. — Martin Luther

She Hates Herself Quotes By Barbra Streisand

Part of our society kills what it loves, despises what it's created. It really hates success. — Barbra Streisand

She Hates Herself Quotes By John Barrymore

Mr. [John] Barrymore's smile was the smile of an actor who hates actors, and who knows that he is going to kill two or three before the play is over. I am not an actor-killer, but I like my Hamlets to dislike actors, if you know what I mean, and I think you don't. — John Barrymore

She Hates Herself Quotes By Unknown

Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons: They see you as a threat. They hate themselves. Or they want to be you. — Unknown

She Hates Herself Quotes By Andy Rooney

The average bright young man who is drafted hates the whole business because an army always tries to eliminate the individual differences in men. — Andy Rooney

She Hates Herself Quotes By T.F. Hodge

Hate hates what it mirrors or envies. — T.F. Hodge

She Hates Herself Quotes By Celso Cukierkorn

You can't have freedom of religion with a religion that hates freedom! — Celso Cukierkorn

She Hates Herself Quotes By Margaret Walker

Now when you hates you shrinks up inside and gets littler and you squeezes your heart tight and you stays so mad with peoples you feels sick all the time like you needs the doctor. — Margaret Walker

She Hates Herself Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

No one ever calls me Tyrannus. My mother insisted on it because it's a family name, but my father hates it. — Rainbow Rowell

She Hates Herself Quotes By William Congreve

She likes herself, yet others hates / For that which in herself she prizes; And, while she laughs at them, forgets / She is the thing that she despises. — William Congreve

She Hates Herself Quotes By Emile M. Cioran

He who hates himself is not humble. — Emile M. Cioran

She Hates Herself Quotes By John Owen Theobald

Queen Bee hates me. I know, as I reach the door, that nothing good waits for me on the other side. When you're called to see the Commanding Officer, you're either getting a medal or a kick in the arse.

And I'm not getting any medals. — John Owen Theobald

She Hates Herself Quotes By Clive Veroni

The point is not that angering people should be the goal for every brand. It's that attempting to avoid controversy at all costs is sometimes the riskier option. It can deprive a brand of its distinctiveness and edge. Too often, marketers strive to please the broadest number of people possible. The result can be communications that no one hates. But no one loves either. — Clive Veroni

She Hates Herself Quotes By Muriel Barbery

Hen I say that "he's a truly nasty man," I mean he has so thoroughly renounced everything good that he might have inside him that he's already like a corpse even though he's still alive. Because truly nasty people hate everyone, to be sure, but most of all themselves. Can't you tell when a person hates himself? He becomes a living cadaver, it numbs all his negative emotions but also all the good ones so he won't feel nauseated by who he is. — Muriel Barbery

She Hates Herself Quotes By John Steinbeck

Man hates something in himself. He has been able to defeat every natural obstacle but himself he cannot win over unless he kills every individual. And this self-hate which goes so closely in hand with self-love is what I wrote about. - in a letter to George Albee — John Steinbeck

She Hates Herself Quotes By Bill Maher

This country hates professors. It likes Toby Keith - 'I'm gonna put a boot in their ass.' If you don't do that, somehow you can't be strong. — Bill Maher

She Hates Herself Quotes By Pat Conroy

I was raised in the Marine Corps and I was taught as a boy that you feed your own men before you feed yourself. It was my belief then, and it remains so today, that my platoon who loves and respect me will slaughter your platoon that hates you. But here is the great lesson I took from the plebe system - it let me know exactly the kind of man I wanted to become. It made me ache to be a contributing citizen in whatever society I found myself in, to live out a life I could be proud of, and always to measure up to what I took to be the highest ideal of a Citadel man - or, now, a Citadel woman. The standards were clear to me and they were high, and I took my marching orders from my college to take my hard-won education and go out to try to make the whole world a better place. — Pat Conroy