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Democrats Philosopher Quotes By George W. Bush

The Democrats believe they need more of your money to spend because they can spend it better than you can. But you know, sometimes philosophers don't act. — George W. Bush

Democrats Philosopher Quotes By C.S. Lewis

The process which, if not checked, will abolish Man goes on apace among Communists and Democrats no less than among Fascists. The methods may (at first) differ in brutality. But many a mild-eyed scientist in pince-nez, many a popular dramatist, many an amateur philosopher in our midst, means in the long run just the same as the Nazi rulers of Germany: 'Traditional values are to be debunked' and mankind to be cut out into some fresh shape at the will (which must, by hypothesis, be an arbitrary will) of some few lucky people in one lucky generation which has learned how to do it. — C.S. Lewis