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Top Sexuality Equality Quotes

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Bell Hooks

With reciprocity all things do not need to be equal in order for acceptance and mutuality to thrive. If equality is evoked as the only standard by which it is deemed acceptable for people to meet across boundaries and create community, then there is little hope. Fortunately, mutuality is a more constructive and positive foundation for the building of ties that allow for differences in status, position, power, and privilege whether determined by race, class, sexuality, religion, or nationality. — Bell Hooks

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Gordon Brown

Our equality bill is specifically designed to protect religion and belief on exactly the same terms as race or gender or sexuality. — Gordon Brown

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Marquis De Sade

There is not a living man who does not wish to play the despot when he is stiff: it seems to him his joy is less when others appear to have as much fun as he; by an impulse of pride, very natural at this juncture, he would like to be the only one in the world capable of experiencing what he feels: the idea of seeing another enjoy as he enjoys reduces him to a kind of equality with that other, which impairs the unspeakable charm despotism causes him to feel. — Marquis De Sade

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Steven Pinker

Northeastern and most coastal states will vote for the candidate who is more closely aligned with international cooperation and engagement, secularism and science, gun control, individual freedom in culture and sexuality, and a greater role for the government in protecting the environment and ensuring economic equality. — Steven Pinker

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Jess C. Scott

Last night I was seriously considering whether I was a bisexual or not but I don't think so though I'm not sure if I'd like to be and argh I don't think there's anything wrong with that, if you like a person, you like the person, not their genitals. — Jess C. Scott

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Kat Lahr

Equality has a hard time in humanity. Race, sexuality, or creed has always divided societies. — Kat Lahr

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Penny Wong

Marriage equality does not diminish the worth of your relationships; it simply recognises the worth of ours. — Penny Wong

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Abigail Tarttelin

I personally believe that gender equality underlines every other equality, and certainly the issue of sexuality. For instance, if we didn't distinguish between gender, in terms of giving different genders disparate values and attributes, what problem would we have with two men loving each other? — Abigail Tarttelin

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Leora Tanenbaum

Indeed, girls can be so in need of social approval that they confuse harassment for acceptance
thinking that any attention is better than none. Since many girls as well as boys buy the idea that sexual aggression and exploitation is normal masculine behavior, it may not even occur to them to demand to be treated as equals. — Leora Tanenbaum

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Gloria D. Gonsalves

Gender is not only women and sexual orientation has multiple choices. — Gloria D. Gonsalves

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Rob Delaney

People who concern themselves with the rights of other adults who engage in consensual acts involving sex, love, and/or eating croissants together are damaged and in pain. — Rob Delaney

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Rachel Moran

The practice of women being liable to seek, wholesale and as a feminist entitlement, the 'liberty' of laying themselves open to abuse of a sexual, physical, spiritual and psychological nature from men exists only in the minds of those who do not (or will not) grasp the basic premise of feminism, which is the liberation of women, followed by the promotion of female equality, sexual self-governance included. Sexual self-governance is only possible for anyone where they are not influenced to make decisions regarding their sexuality based on circumstances beyond their control. Quite clearly, the necessary conditions for authentic sexual autonomy do not exist in the prostitution experience. — Rachel Moran

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Angela Davis

I think it's important for us to recognize that although historically black communities have been very progressive with respect to issues of race and with respect to struggles for racial equality, that does not necessarily translate into progressive positions on gender issues, progressive positions on issues of sexuality and in the latter 1990s we have to recognize the intersectionality, the interconnectedness of all of these institutions and attitudes. — Angela Davis

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Sheila Jeffreys

The effect of legalised prostitution on women outside prostitution is to lower the status of all women. Women are recognised by the state in this system as the appropriate objects of male penetration with no consideration for their personhood or pleasure. This teaches that the penetration and use of an unwilling woman is 'sex', an idea that lies at the root of sexual violence against women in general. There is no chance of developing a sexuality of equality in which women's pleasure, right to say no, and bodily integrity are respected whilst the violence of prostitution is allowed to continue with state support for men's behaviour. — Sheila Jeffreys

Sexuality Equality Quotes By Cacilda Jetha

Societies in which women have lots of autonomy and authority tend to be decidedly male-friendly, relaxed, tolerant, and plenty sexy. Got that, fellas? If you're unhappy at the amount of sexual opportunity in your life, don't blame the women. Instead, make sure they have equal access to power, wealth and status. Then watch what happens. — Cacilda Jetha