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Emotions In Check Quotes By Wm. Paul Young

Paradigms power perception and perceptions power emotions. Most emotions are responses to perception - what you think is true about a given situation. If your perception is false, then your emotional response to it will be false too. So check your perceptions, and beyond that check the truthfulness of your paradigms - what you believe. Just because you believe something firmly doesn't make it true. Be willing to reexamine what you believe. — Wm. Paul Young

Emotions In Check Quotes By Thomm Quackenbush

Naps are not a sign of physical slovenliness. They are a sign that I am listening to my body. It will reward me with stable emotions, hormones that stay in check, social finesse, continued cleverness, and the ability to write prose that does not make me gag. — Thomm Quackenbush

Emotions In Check Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

Yes, Lord. I want Your patience to invade my desire to fly off the handle." "Yes, Lord. I want Your perspective to keep my emotions in check." "Yes, Lord. I want Your provision so things don't seem so overwhelming." "Yes, Lord. I want Your courage to do what I feel You calling me to do." "Yes, Lord. I want and need more of You in every moment. — Lysa TerKeurst

Emotions In Check Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mind your mind! Check your heart! In the end, you shall realize that it was not just your heart and your mind which directed how you lived your life, but things that lived in your heart and in your mind were the true ink that wrote the story of your life in the best or worst manner! — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Emotions In Check Quotes By Michael Rogers

Cortax: "Sometimes, life doesn't work out the way you wanted or expected, but that's fine. Keep your head up, chest out, emotions and morals in check and be proud of the person you are. Don't let those unexpected surprises keep you from reaching your goals. And again, be proud, like I am, proud to see my son grow up into a man. — Michael Rogers

Emotions In Check Quotes By Hugh Jackman

I've never heard my dad say a bad word about anybody. He always keeps his emotions in check and is a true gentleman. I was taught that losing it was indulgent, a selfish act. — Hugh Jackman

Emotions In Check Quotes By Aleksandra Ninkovic

All our emotions are real, but one has to be quite cautious with what supports their reality. — Aleksandra Ninkovic

Emotions In Check Quotes By Rachel Grant

If he intended to check his emotions at the door, she'd check out altogether. — Rachel Grant

Emotions In Check Quotes By Monica Seles

As a top player, you have to keep your emotions in check. You think you can control everything. — Monica Seles

Emotions In Check Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Just remember, anger is always your enemy. You must keep your emotions in check. The moment you lose control of them, you lose the fight every time. (Takeshi) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Emotions In Check Quotes By Victoria Aveyard

Mareena is impressed, but she keeps her emotions in check. She is cold and unfeeling. — Victoria Aveyard

Emotions In Check Quotes By Richelle Mead

I'd been raised to be practical and keep my
emotions in check, but I loved cars. That was one of the few
legacies I'd picked up from my mom. She was a mechanic,
and some of my best childhood memories were of working
in the garage with her. — Richelle Mead

Emotions In Check Quotes By Hannah Fidell

Basically, I want people to feel feelings. It's too easy to go through this world being told to keep our emotions in check, as if they inhibit us in some way or another. — Hannah Fidell

Emotions In Check Quotes By Seneca The Younger

Virtue depends partly upon training and partly upon practice; you must learn first, and then strengthen your learning by action. If this be true, not only do the doctrines of wisdom help us but the precepts also, which check and banish our emotions by a sort of official decree. — Seneca The Younger

Emotions In Check Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Startled by my own thoughts, I leaned back and rubbed my eyes. What was wrong with me? I was a soldier, trained to keep emotions in check at all times. I could face down a charging dragon and show no fear. I could endure two hours of my superior screaming in my face and feel nothing. What was it about Ember that was different? — Julie Kagawa

Emotions In Check Quotes By Laurence Steinberg

There is a time lag between the activation of brain systems that excite our emotions and impulses and the maturation of brain systems that allow us to check these feelings and urgings - it's like driving a car with a sensitive gas pedal and bad brakes. — Laurence Steinberg

Emotions In Check Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

He drew a deep breath, struggling to keep his emotions in check, knowing he didn't love her simply in the here and now but that he would never stop loving her. — Nicholas Sparks

Emotions In Check Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Madame Semele seemed torn between her desire to threaten and to cajole, and the emotions chased each other so nakedly across her face that she seemed almost to vibrate with the effort of keeping them in check. — Neil Gaiman