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Seating Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

Nearly half full, seating about two hundred students. The room was — Patrick Rothfuss

Seating Quotes By Daniel Amory

This is so funny," said Ellen, noticing the seating arrangement. "Isn't this funny? Tom, come sit next to Robin. Griffin, sit next to Laura."
I stood up and sat next to Robin while Griffin brought his chair over to Laura.
"That's better," said Ellen. "Isn't that better? — Daniel Amory

Seating Quotes By Frank Antenori

Taking a trip with the Air Force Special Operations Wing folks is not like a flight on a normal airliner. For one thing, passengers and crew are all armed to the teeth. The seating is awful, the noise is incredible, and there is no movie. Your stewardess is likely to be a guy wearing a shoulder holster, and he will not bring you a pillow. — Frank Antenori

Seating Quotes By Yotam Ottolenghi

On many occasions, an informal buffet and casual seating offer a little more intimacy than a loud gathering around a big table. — Yotam Ottolenghi

Seating Quotes By Emma Cline

Neither of us could fully participate in our days, though later Suzanne would participate in a way she could never take back. I mean that we didn't quite believe it was enough, what we were offered, and Tamar seemed to accept the world happily, as an end point. Her planning wasn't actually about making anything different - she was just rearranging the same known quantities, puzzling out a new order like life was an extended seating chart. — Emma Cline

Seating Quotes By Henry Winkler

The theater of my mind has a seating capacity of just one, and its sold out for all performances. — Henry Winkler

Seating Quotes By Walt Whitman

A Glimpse
A glimpse through an interstice caught,
Of a crowd of workmen and drivers in a bar-room around the stove late of a winter night, and I unremark'd seated in a corner,
Of a youth who loves me and whom I love, silently approaching and seating himself near, that he may hold me by the hand,
A long while amid the noises of coming and going, of drinking and oath and smutty jest,
There we two, content, happy in being together, speaking little, perhaps not a word. — Walt Whitman

Seating Quotes By Viet Thanh Nguyen

By now the only part of me now seating were my eyeballs. — Viet Thanh Nguyen

Seating Quotes By Eve Langlais

Seating himself at the table with a meal of his own, he tried to ignore her groans of pleasure. "This is soooo good," she enthused. I've got something that tastes better. "Dyre, you were wonderful for doing this," she praised. I bet you she'd praise me even more if I pleasured her. "Do you have any other surprises like this?" Yes. A big one. — Eve Langlais

Seating Quotes By Eugene Kennedy

Pope Francis has aimed a blow at what the whole hierarchical system is built on: a graded system with the higher clergy in the skyboxes, the devoted religious in festival seating, as they say of the crowds at rock concerts, and, on the bottom, the laity in standing room only. — Eugene Kennedy

Seating Quotes By Tom Hayden

Twice the Republicans in the California legislature tried to block my seating because of my trips to Hanoi. — Tom Hayden

Seating Quotes By Cambria Hebert

We never really had a beginning. For months, we fought and insulted each other. Then we combusted into bed. We pretended what happened didn't matter, but it did, Blondie. You matter." "Braeden," I whispered and took a step farther into the room. He shook his head. "All the shit with Missy, and Zach ... hell, even with my father, it got in our way. I let it. This is me swearing I won't let it again. This is me swearing this is our beginning. You're it for me." He took a breath, and I watched his chest rise with it. His dark, chocolate eyes latched onto mine. "Because I still don't like you, Blondie." I started to roll my eyes. "I love you." My heart stopped. Everything stopped. That place deep down inside me burned and tingled. "I don't like you either." My voice wobbled. The intensity of his stare drilled right into me, like he was seating desperately for my reply. "I love you so damn much," I confessed.
-Braeden & Ivy — Cambria Hebert

Seating Quotes By Ta-Nehisi Coates

A few weeks into our stay, I made a friend who wanted to improve his English as much as I wanted to improve my French. We met one day in the crowd in front of Notre Dame. We walked to the Latin Quarter. We walked to a wine shop. Outside the wine shop there was seating. We sat and drank a bottle of red. We were served heaping piles of meats, bread, and cheese. Was this dinner? Did people do this? I had not even known how to imagine it. — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Seating Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

And what are you doing with a bloody cat, Charles? Some sort of mascot four our dear Reaper here?"
"Not another word," Spade snapped, getting into the car and seating the carrier on his lap.
"Ian, trust me
don't," Crispin said — Jeaniene Frost

Seating Quotes By Caroline Myss

As I have often written, power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. Every action in life, every thought, every choice we make-even down to what we wear and whether we are seating in first class or coach-represents a negotiation of power somewhere on the scale of power that constitutes life. — Caroline Myss

Seating Quotes By Bill Bryson

Spectators could, for an additional fee, sit on the stage - something not permitted at the Globe. With stage seating, audience members could show off their finery to maximum effect, and the practice was lucrative; but it contained an obvious risk of distraction. Stephen Greenblatt relates an occasion in which a nobleman who had secured a perch on the stage spied a friend entering across the way and strode through the performance to greet him. When rebuked by an actor for his thoughtlessness, the nobleman slapped the impertinent fellow and the audience rioted. — Bill Bryson

Seating Quotes By Taylor Schilling

I tried to hostess ... but they fired me after four days because I couldn't figure out how seating plans worked. — Taylor Schilling

Seating Quotes By Diana Rowland

I was tough. I was fierce. I was already seating my ass off and hadn't even started to run yet. — Diana Rowland

Seating Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

Have you finished your column for tomorrow's headline?" It was Vee. She came up beside me, jotting notes on the notepad she carried everywhere. "I'm thinking of writing mine on the injustice of seating charts. I got paired with a girl who said she just finished lice treatment this morning. — Becca Fitzpatrick

Seating Quotes By Mal Peet

Bootworks' Black Box Theatre has a maximum seating capacity of two - as long as one of you is happy to sit on the other's lap. — Mal Peet

Seating Quotes By Liane Moriarty

The front of the cafe was all open glass, and the seating was arranged so that wherever you sat you faced the beach, as if you were there to watch the sea perform a show. As Jane looked around her, she felt that dissatisfied feeling she often experienced when she was somewhere new and lovely. She couldn't quite articulate it except with the words "If only I were here". This little beachside cafe was so exquisite, she longed to really be there
except, of course, she was there, so it didn't make any sense. — Liane Moriarty

Seating Quotes By Nina Simone

I am particular about the seating of the audience - also about how much money they pay - but most of all where they are seated. If I am going to sing something intimate, who am I going to sing it to? — Nina Simone

Seating Quotes By Leonard Mlodinow

In fact, when some wedding guest inevitably complains about the seating arrangements, you might point out how long it would have taken you to consider every possibility: assuming you spent one second considering each one, it would come to more than half a million years. The unhappy guest will assume, of course, that you are being histrionic. — Leonard Mlodinow

Seating Quotes By Catherine Soanes

promenade concert n. BRITISH a concert of classical music at which a part of the audience stands in an area without seating, for which tickets are sold at a reduced price. The most famous series of such concerts is the annual BBC Promenade Concerts (known as the Proms), instituted by Sir Henry Wood in 1895. — Catherine Soanes

Seating Quotes By Maria Semple

You want to know the coolest part?" Mom chimed in. "There isn't assigned seating at the dinning room, and they have tables for four. That means the three of us can sit down and if we pile the extra chair with our gloves and hats, nobody can sit with us!"
Dad and I looked a each other, like, Is she joking?
"And penguins," Mom quickly added. "I'm wildly excited about all those penguins. — Maria Semple

Seating Quotes By Richard S. Newman

Allen once recalled that even local blacks doubted the efficacy of an independent black church in Philadelphia, so fearful were they of a white backlash. But after segregated seating policies were instituted at white churches, Allen appeared to be a visionary, and many blacks soon joined his exodus from segregated Northern pews and galleries for independent black churches. For subsequent generations, Allen's act of defiance had all the meaning and power of Rosa Parks's sit-in during the mid-twentieth century. The comparison is not superficial. For while both events - Parks's sit-in and Allen's walkout of segregated pews - were courageous nonviolent acts in and of themselves, they also set the stage for new black freedom struggles. — Richard S. Newman

Seating Quotes By Rick Warren

I believe that you measure the health or strength of a church by its sending capacity rather than its seating capacity. — Rick Warren

Seating Quotes By Lovely Goyal

In engineering colleges, they have seating plans ... And Students have cheating plans. — Lovely Goyal

Seating Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

"There are one or two elementary rules to be observed in the way of handling patients," he remarked, seating himself on the table and swinging his legs. "The most obvious is that you must never let them see that you want them. It should be pure condescension on your part seeing them at all; and the more difficulties you throw in the way of it, the more they think of it. Break your patients in early, and keep them well to heel." — Arthur Conan Doyle

Seating Quotes By Beth Moore

He demonstrated this power in the Messiah by raising Him from the dead and seating Him at His right hand in the heavens. Ephesians 1:20 — Beth Moore

Seating Quotes By Mike Stachura

The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity. — Mike Stachura

Seating Quotes By J.R. Ward

When Vishous pushed open the door to the exam room, he got a gander at the kind of seating arrangement that made him think fondly of castration. — J.R. Ward

Seating Quotes By Eugene V. Debs

Yes, I am my brother's keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death. — Eugene V. Debs

Seating Quotes By Bill Bryson

One central characteristic of the Model T now generally forgotten is that it was the first car of consequence to put the driver's seat on the left-hand side. Previously, nearly all manufacturers placed the driver on the outer, curb-side of the car so that an alighting driver could step out onto a grassy verge or dry sidewalk rather than into the mud of an unpaved road. Ford reasoned that this convenience might be better appreciated by the lady of the house, and so arranged seating for her benefit. The arrangement also gave the driver a better view down the road, and made it easier for passing drivers to stop and have a conversation out facing windows. Ford was no great thinker, but he did understand human nature. Such, in any case, was the popularity of Ford's seating plan for the Model T that it soon became the standard adopted by all cars. — Bill Bryson

Seating Quotes By Krista Ritchie

Assigned seating. I curse you. — Krista Ritchie

Seating Quotes By Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Seating themselves on the greensward, they eat while the corks fly and there is talk, laughter and merriment, and perfect freedom, for the universe is their drawing room and the sun their lamp. Besides, they have appetite, Nature's special gift, which lends to such a meal a vivacity unknown indoors, however beautiful the surroundings. — Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Seating Quotes By Megan Rich

And then there was his love affair with my best friend, perhaps the only woman he'd ever seen drink several glasses of bai-jiu and smoke a half-pack of cigarettes in a single seating. Each dish that night had a special presentation, a colorful ring of carrots about the twice-fried eggplant, a garland of thinly-sliced chilies haloing the garlicky green beans, a well-placed broccoli head in the fish's open mouth. She smiled at him when he gave her one of his cigarettes, coyly lighting it with a subtle turn of the wrist, and after she took her first long drag, he motioned us up. Never to be repeated, he brought us back his narrow kitchen, a blackened wok bubbling over a powerful blue fire. Deftly splashing it with alcohol, he flipped the contents into the air and watched the flame dance across her eyes. — Megan Rich

Seating Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Ian waited outside the airport in the arrivals lane after they collected their bags. He looked at them and his brows rose. "Where's Denise? And what are you doing with a bloody cat, Charles? Some sort of mascot for our dear Reaper here?" "Not another word," Spade snapped, getting into the car and seating the carrier on his lap. "Ian, trust me - don't," Crispin said before he threw their bags into the boot. — Jeaniene Frost

Seating Quotes By Jocelynn Drake

Flopping down in the chair I had been seating in only moments ago, I put my elbows on my knees and dropped my head into my hands. What a fucking mess!
"Women." A heavy voice sighed from above me. "Who understands them? — Jocelynn Drake

Seating Quotes By Anne Rice

But he could not go up to the room as yet, and seating himself on a stone step, his head on his arms, he wept silently. Years had passed since he had shed tears, or so it seemed. Surely years since he had let them flow so copiously. And what stopped him finally was that he could hear his own crying. — Anne Rice

Seating Quotes By Mariah Nelson

Too often girls accept that of course the boys will get better lighting and seating at their sports events, of course the football team will get more attention, privileges, and space in the yearbook. We need to teach girls to look around and notice when they're being treated like second-class citizens, and then to insist on equal treatment. — Mariah Nelson

Seating Quotes By Karl Ludvigsen

It was done with respect for both tradition and the full array of Nazi panoply. The mood was jovial at the May 1938 laying of the VW factory's cornerstone as Hitler tried his Beetle's rear seating. Robert Ley and Ferdinand Porsche were the most prominent of those behind him. — Karl Ludvigsen

Seating Quotes By Greg Egan

It was almost noon when the plane touched down at the Triad airport on the outskirts of Greensboro. There was a hire car waiting for me; I waved my notepad at the dashboard to transmit my profile, then waited as the seating and controls rearranged themselves slightly, piezoelectric actuators humming. As I started to reverse out of the parking bay, the stereo began a soothing improvisation, flashing up a deadpan title: Music for Leaving Airports 11 June 2008. — Greg Egan

Seating Quotes By Doug Dawson

My studio is arranged so that I have a comfortable seating area for meeting with clients, an office area beyond that and a painting area, which includes room for art students to sit and watch as I work. — Doug Dawson

Seating Quotes By Jo Walton

Hardest of all were those problems about people doing incomprehensible things with no motivation. I was inclined to drift away from the sum to wonder why people would care what time two trains passed each other (spies), be so picky about seating arrangements (recently divorced people), or - which to this day remains incomprehensible - run the bath with no plug in. — Jo Walton

Seating Quotes By Hamilton Wright Mabie

Then the maiden climbed into a tree, and, seating herself in the branches, began to knit. — Hamilton Wright Mabie

Seating Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

What I object to is the hyper-fetishized wedding day, the prioritizing of wedding over marriage. I have a real problem with couples spending far more time discussing the seating arrangement or the color of the bridesmaid's gowns than hashing out, for instance, their feelings about how they intend to handle questions of housework, child-rearing, finances and fidelity for the next four or five decades. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Seating Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Moses grew weary, and then his friends assisted him. When at any time your prayer flags, let faith support one hand, and let holy hope uplift the other, and prayer seating itself upon the stone of Israel, the rock of our salvation, will persevere and prevail. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Seating Quotes By Nick Harkaway

A lot of author events are basically hour-long classes in entropy perched on bad seating under bright, hard lights, with - if you're lucky - bad Chardonnay and cheese on a stick waiting for you at the end of the ride. — Nick Harkaway

Seating Quotes By Graydon Carter

Life is all about seating and lighting. — Graydon Carter

Seating Quotes By Wendy Wunder

Perry was in charge of music; Asher, lighting, seating, and structures; and presiding the service was Elaine, who was, not suprisingly, a certified minister and wedding planner. — Wendy Wunder