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No matter how cold you are or how hungry you are, you might be warm tomorrow. — Ben Schnetzer

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When you're working on a film, it's not theater; you don't have a few weeks of rehearsal. A lot of times you are showing up on set, and you've never been to the place; you've never met the other actors you're working with. — Ben Schnetzer

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If they're going to cast one person and not another, it's not rejection of your talent, it's just that they want one person and not someone else. As an actor, unfortunately, it's not your job to cast the movie. — Ben Schnetzer

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If I audition for a job that I don't get, to be honest with you, I'd rather my friend get it. I think there also has to be an acknowledgement of the fact that, as an actor, being in employment is not the norm. — Ben Schnetzer

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Drama schools are very small community, a very incestuous community, so you get to know one another very, very quickly and it just washes over after a while. Every now and then I'll say "dude" or I'll say "bro," and people will laugh. — Ben Schnetzer

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When I decided I wanted to go to drama school, I realized that a lot of the actors whose careers I really admire and whose work I really admire were English and English trained. I felt there was a real vocational feel to work in the U.K. — Ben Schnetzer

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I left drama school to do 'The Book Thief' - it was a real trip going straight from school kind of right into it, but I feel like the momentum of being in school put me in a good mindset as far as going into it as a learning experience. — Ben Schnetzer

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I didn't start drama school until I was 20, and I don't think I would have gotten nearly as much out of it had I gone when I was 18. — Ben Schnetzer

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Sometimes I find myself at three o'clock in the morning painting something and throwing things around and seeing what works. I'd like to properly study fine art. I think it would be quite an interesting endeavor. — Ben Schnetzer

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I like charcoal drawing a lot. I'm not very good, but I always find myself buying canvases and paints whenever I'm on location, because I always have this ambition to fill the hotel room I'm in and turn it into an art studio. — Ben Schnetzer

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I've never felt more American than I did when I moved to England. It becomes a real kind of part of your identity: "Oh, Ben. He's the American guy." I think when you say you're from New York you get a different reception then if you just say, "I'm American." So I'd always kind of make sure I was a New Yorker first. — Ben Schnetzer