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Top Sasquatch Quotes

Sasquatch Quotes By Vinnie Paz

Yo, I'm god incarnate. From the grimiest back blocks. Pazienza lyrical equivalent of SasquatchVinnie Paz

Sasquatch Quotes By J.M. Northup

Adam delayed only a second longer before traversing into the uncertain future, crossing the hidden divide; the fabric separating worlds. He moved from the shadows that paralleled the town, where unseen lives existed alongside of unsuspecting, oblivious people. With his seemingly mundane act of taking one step forward, he effectively walked from myth to reality. — J.M. Northup

Sasquatch Quotes By Mimi Strong

I thought he was a mutant cannibal sasquatch, and he took me down like a bag of chips at a stoner party. — Mimi Strong

Sasquatch Quotes By Scott Aukerman

The show became popular as aspecialthing became popular. And Sasquatch, the guy who runs that site, started coming to every show and reviewing it. And when people start talking about the reviews from the stage. That to me is really self indulgent and we tried to put a caper on that. — Scott Aukerman

Sasquatch Quotes By Patton Oswalt

You've gotta respect everyone's beliefs." No, you don't. That's what gets us in trouble. Look, you have to acknowledge everyone's beliefs, and then you have to reserve the right to go: "That is fucking stupid. Are you kidding me?" I acknowledge that you believe that, that's great, but I'm not going to respect it. I have an uncle that believes he saw Sasquatch. We do not believe him, nor do we respect him! — Patton Oswalt

Sasquatch Quotes By Janet Evanovich

I swear," Hal said, "this place is like the Bermuda Triangle. It's friggin' spooky. I went out to feed the monkeys last night, and I saw the Easter Bunny walking down the road with Sasquatch. And now there are rockets shooting into the sky from nowhere. — Janet Evanovich

Sasquatch Quotes By Rick Riordan

Laistrygonians. Cannibals. Northern Giants. Sasquatch legend. Yep, yep. They are not birds. Not birds of North America. — Rick Riordan

Sasquatch Quotes By Debra Anastasia

Holy tit fungus! Did you give Sasquatch an autopsy in here? God almighty, girl." He waddled back into the hallway, this time holding his privates with both hands. "You balded the dick mitten. Nice. Let me see it."
He looked at her like she might drop trou simply because he suggested it.
"I would rather lick a monkey's armpit than show you my vagina." Dove gave him the finger.
"You know what I love best about a naked muff hole? It looks just like a camel's dangly lips." Duke extended his own lips to make them appear gummy and slack. — Debra Anastasia

Sasquatch Quotes By Rachel Higginson

The minivan sounded like Sasquatch singing Ninety-Nine Bottles of beer on the wall after drinking ninety-nine bottles of beer- not pretty. — Rachel Higginson

Sasquatch Quotes By Joe Hill

Usually you can only catch the Sasquatch blur of your own legendary moments in the side mirrors. — Joe Hill

Sasquatch Quotes By Karina Halle

Oh we both have screws loose. Just fucking look at us, Dex! We're in the mountains trying to find Sasquatch and we're arguing over the llama formerly known as Twatwaffle. — Karina Halle

Sasquatch Quotes By William T. Prince

Clint's body count was now up to five - six including the vegetable. Killing was becoming a habit, and Clint realized that it was starting to bother him less each time. He feared that he was becoming desensitized to death, too accustomed to killing. — William T. Prince

Sasquatch Quotes By Tonya Hurley

Cup check, she heard Bradley Grayson, an arrogant freshman lacrosse player, yell as he slammed his forearm, without warning, into Sam Wolfe's groin.
Sam, naked, bent over and clutched himself, thrusting his large, pale, Sasquatch-like hairy, pimply ass right in her face.
This was every girl's greatest fear come to life. The Gates of Hell had opened. She would never, she thought, be allowed to enjoy a moment's pleasure without an eternity of pain in exchange. For little Damen, she'd have to endure a LOT of Sam. The metaphor was not lost of Charlotte.
And it got worse. As Same clenched, a tiny involuntary puff of sulfurous gas escaped. For the first time ever, she was glad to be dead, for no other reason than his butt smelled as bad as it looked ... Was it even possible to die twice? — Tonya Hurley

Sasquatch Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

Being that I'm a tropical black man I don't get to see much snow. When I see snow I go crazy. That's why they call me Sasquatch. There's no Sasquatch found in the snow so I had to go back to my Sasquatchian roots. — Shaquille O'Neal

Sasquatch Quotes By Bryan Chick

As the sasquatch swung its claws down, Noah threw — Bryan Chick

Sasquatch Quotes By John Geddes

Mankind is not a race of noble savages - but primitive monsters hide inside us, elusive as Sasquatch ... — John Geddes

Sasquatch Quotes By Chrissy Peebles

She recognized Steven's voice when he said, "Throw that guy out on his big furry - " Sarah turned off the radio. Frank smiled. "Man, it feels good to be loved. Must be that article I wrote about those guys mistaking an elk for a Sasquatch. You know, I bet they could still get their story published. The supermarket tabloids would jump on a juicy tidbit like that. — Chrissy Peebles

Sasquatch Quotes By William Jevning

Its better to be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. — William Jevning

Sasquatch Quotes By Neal Shusterman

I turn to our father, searching for an ally. "So Dad, is it legal for Bronte to date out of her species?"
Dad looks up from his various layers of pepperoni and breadless cheese. "Date?" he says. Apparently the idea of Bronte dating is like an electromagnet sucking away all other words in the sentence, so that's the only word he hears.
"You're not funny," Bronte says to me.
"No, I'm serious," I tell her. "Isn't he like ... a Sasquatch or something?"
"Date?" says Dad. — Neal Shusterman

Sasquatch Quotes By Jim Butcher

Good Lord, I'm regretting this now," I muttered. "I have never - ever - smelled BO this bad in my life. And I once had s'mores wit a Sasquatch."
"Hang out with him for awhile," Mort gasped. "Eventually it's not so bad."
"Wow. Really?"
"No. Not really. — Jim Butcher

Sasquatch Quotes By Kyle

If someone says that they saw a Sasquatch, they're either lying or they are stupid! Now stop lying about the Jewpacabra before stupid people start believing you! — Kyle