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Prom Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

So you did get it?" I asked, suddenly babbling. "I wasn't sure. I mean, sometimes we don't get very good reception at school. But I guess you know that, living on a farm and all." Shut up, shut up, shut up .
He smiled slowly. "Hunter, are you nervous?"
"Shut up."
"Are you going to ask me to prom?" he teased.
"Shut up," I repeated, choking on a horrified laugh.
He grinned. "I look pretty good in a tux."
I rolled my eyes, suddenly comfortable again. "And you're so refreshingly modest. — Alyxandra Harvey

Prom Quotes By Tequan Richmond

I never got to go to prom. I never went to regular school. I ate lunch by myself. — Tequan Richmond

Prom Quotes By John Green

To find Margo Roth Spiegelman, you must become Margo Roth Spiegelman.
And I had done many of the things she might have done: I had engineered a most unlikely prom coupling. I had quieted the hounds of caste warfare. I had come to feel comfortable inside the rat-infested haunted house where she did her best thinking. I had seen. I had listened. But I could not yet become the wounded person. — John Green

Prom Quotes By Patrick Kane

It's funny: when you're skating around during warm-ups, I'll see signs that say things like: 'Kane, Prom?' We have a fun, young team, and girls are asking you to the prom and giving you their numbers. — Patrick Kane

Prom Quotes By Elizabeth Wurtzel

I was meant to date the captain of the football team, I was going to be on a romantic excursion every Saturday night, I was destined to be collecting corsages from every boy in town before prom, accepting such floral offerings like competing sacrifices to a Delphic goddess. — Elizabeth Wurtzel

Prom Quotes By Lauren Barnholdt

A) he's late.
b) he's acting like an asshole and blowing me off.
c)he's gotten into a horrible car crash that's left dead.
The most likely answer is A. (We went to prom together, and the limo had to wait in his driveway for half an hour. At the end of the night, we got charged for an extra hour. He- read: his parents- paid for it, but still.) — Lauren Barnholdt

Prom Quotes By Dennis Vickers

Could be an amazing product, sell like condoms at a high school prom, donuts at a police convention, sunscreen on a Caribbean crush ship. — Dennis Vickers

Prom Quotes By Mary Ellen Mark

I think the prom is very serious also. It's an American ritual, it's a rite of passage, and it's very much a part of this country. — Mary Ellen Mark

Prom Quotes By G.G. Silverman

I felt bad for the girls in my school, who flocked to prom like it was the second coming of Christ, complete with double-rainbows and unicorns. — G.G. Silverman

Prom Quotes By Adi Alsaid

I'm a pretty forgetful guy, but everything she says, I remember. I remember what colour her hair ribbon was when we met on the first day of fifth grade. I remember that she loves orchids because they look delicate but aren't, really. From a single postcard she sent me when traveling with her family two summers ago. I remember what my name looks like in her handwriting. — Adi Alsaid

Prom Quotes By Megan Hart

But confidence bred confidence, that's what her dad had always told her back in the days when she'd been a skinny, flat-chested nerd girl with a boy-intimidating vocabulary and no hope of being asked to the prom. — Megan Hart

Prom Quotes By Romeo Miller

I didn't even dance at my high school prom, and I have turned down so many movie roles because I didn't know how to dance. — Romeo Miller

Prom Quotes By Zooey Deschanel

I did not have a date to the prom. I went to my junior prom alone, and my senior prom, I was doing my first movie. I went in a limousine with, like, a bunch of people to my junior prom. It was a group date. — Zooey Deschanel

Prom Quotes By Susan Ee

Wondering what it would have been like to go to the prom instead of a masquerade ball full of killers. — Susan Ee

Prom Quotes By Rob Thomas

On 'Dawson's Creek,' those kids were supposed to be outsider kids - you know, wrong-side-of-the-track kids, weirdo kids. And I just felt like there's no universe out there where Katie Holmes isn't the prom queen, hottest girl in school. — Rob Thomas

Prom Quotes By Christopher Buckley

At the senior prom for my Catholic boarding school, I was feeling manly, so I shaved, even though I didn't need to. Being inexperienced, I managed to slice a quarter-inch gash into my lower chin a half hour before I picked up my date. — Christopher Buckley

Prom Quotes By Alyson Noel

But why didn't you just ask me?" I set down my fork and glare at her.
"Because you were sleeping," She says, taking a sip if Chardonnay.
"I was taking a nap, Mom. It wasn't intended to be some kind of Disney fairy-tale hundred-year snooze. — Alyson Noel

Prom Quotes By Ashley Benson

I've never been to a prom or a dance; so it's funny, because we have dances on the show, and I'll be like, 'Oh yay! It's my school dance!' — Ashley Benson

Prom Quotes By Brittany Snow

After 'Prom Night' I did two movies where I was playing a prostitute. I gravitate towards characters that have some sort of inner turmoil or some sort of character arc. That's the great thing about acting, so many different things and being really diverse in your choices. — Brittany Snow

Prom Quotes By Allison Janney

One out of forty American men wears women's clothing. We've had more than forty presidents. One of these guys has been dancing around the Oval Office in a prom dress. — Allison Janney

Prom Quotes By S.E. Hinton

When I was young, all the books were about a Mary Jane and the football player and the prom and ending up with the quiet guy and making your mom happy. — S.E. Hinton

Prom Quotes By Cammie McGovern

After that, a strange thing happened: Amy couldn't stop her expectations from rising. She imagined herself transformed and beautiful, like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, with her homemade dress and mysterious lace boots. She pictured her hair in an upsweep of loose curls. In the fantasy, her prom face looked like the one she only wore asleep, loose and relaxed. She imagined a photographer asking her to smile and, for the first time in her life, being able to do it. — Cammie McGovern

Prom Quotes By Lena Brown

Mean girls die young, sweetie. Take my word for it. — Lena Brown

Prom Quotes By Josh Duhamel

When I was on 'All My Children,' we did a thing for 'Seventeen Magazine' where a girl won a date. I went to her prom with her in Alabama, and she was a sweetheart. I didn't move to Alabama and I didn't buy a farm there, but we still keep in touch. — Josh Duhamel

Prom Quotes By Darynda Jones

Holy shit, are you positive?"
"As a pregnancy test a month after prom. — Darynda Jones

Prom Quotes By Jon Krakauer

From elementary school through high school, my siblings and I were hectored to excel in every class, to win medals in science fairs, to be chosen princess of the prom, to win election to student government. Thereby and only thereby, we learned, could we expect to gain admission to the right college, which in turn would get us into Harvard Medical School: life's one sure path to meaningful success and lasting happiness. — Jon Krakauer

Prom Quotes By Lindsey Leavitt

Kylee laughed. "Nothing with you is normal. But speaking of abnormal, I saw this movie where these two girls liked the same boy, and one girl was a werewolf, and the other was a dragon, although she didn't know it yet, and it turned out the boy was a killer of, like, magical creatures, so both girls died and he took the head cheerleader to prom."
"That sounds like a stupid movie," I said.
"It actually was. But the boy had this shirt off a lot. I guess hunting magical creatures is great for stomach muscles. — Lindsey Leavitt

Prom Quotes By Mary-Kate Olsen

We had to decide: Do we want to do Saturday Night or go to our Senior Prom? We opted for Saturday Night Live. — Mary-Kate Olsen

Prom Quotes By Rachel Cohn

When your mom noticed me watching a Buffy rerun on the little TV on the doorman desk one slow night on the job, she admitted that watching Buffy was her shared solace with you after your dad left. She told me how you cry and cry for Buffy. You cry when Angel shows up to be Buffy's prom date even though they'd already recognized the futility of their true love and broken up. You cry when Buffy's mom is taken away by natural instead of supernatural causes. You cry when seasons six and seven really don't reflect the quality of seasons one through five except for the musical episode. — Rachel Cohn

Prom Quotes By Jeri Smith-Ready

What the fuck do you want?" After a pause, he said in a firm voice, "This is Dylan Keeley, the guy who would've killed to trade places with you until five minutes ago." He met my eyes. "She doesn't want to talk to you. Now why don't you go back to screwing your prom queen and let me do the same. — Jeri Smith-Ready

Prom Quotes By Dorothy Parker

If all the girls attending [the Yale prom] were laid end to end, I wouldn't be at all surprised. — Dorothy Parker

Prom Quotes By Jena Malone

Adolescence isn't just about prom or wearing sparkly dresses. — Jena Malone

Prom Quotes By Britt Robertson

I've gone to prom multiple times, had fights with the principal, a relationship with my teacher. When people ask if I wish I had gone to high school, I tell them that I've acted all of that stuff out, and it just doesn't seem like fun. — Britt Robertson

Prom Quotes By Lauren Bush

My friends and I are collecting prom dresses to give to girls who can't afford them for their proms. — Lauren Bush

Prom Quotes By Charli XCX

I was inspired by movies like 'Jawbreaker'and 'Carrie' for the 'Break the Rules' video. I never went to prom when I was at school so this was kind of me living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head. I asked Rose McGowan to be in the video and I never ever thought she would say yes, but she did ... so she came to prom too ... And she trashed it. ;) — Charli XCX

Prom Quotes By Patrick Wilson

I didn't win prom king. By that point, I'd quit sports except for soccer, so I was really just a theater guy. I totally lost to the captain of the football team. — Patrick Wilson

Prom Quotes By Rand Paul

You don't know who the next group is that's unpopular. The Bill of Rights isn't for the prom queen. The Bill of Rights isn't for the high school quarterback. The Bill of Rights is for the least among us. The bill of rights is for minorities. The bill of rights is for those who have minority opinions. — Rand Paul

Prom Quotes By Ilka Chase

I've got a heart like a college prom. Each one I dance with seems the best of all. — Ilka Chase

Prom Quotes By Donny Osmond

You know, I always wondered what it would have been like to just go to school, play football with the guys and go to the prom. Just like a 'regular person.' — Donny Osmond

Prom Quotes By Adora Svitak

Prom has all the elements of a popular story. It reeks of all-Americanness, tension, drama. It has romance. Pretty dresses. Dancing. Limos. High school. Coming of age. — Adora Svitak

Prom Quotes By Patti Smith

The politics at Max's were very similar to high school, except the popular people were not the cheerleaders or football heroes and the prom queen would most certainly e a he, dressed as a she, knowing more about being a she than most she's. — Patti Smith

Prom Quotes By Jana Oliver

Can you dance?" she asked before she could stop herself.
"I can," he said, affronted. "I'm really good with the slow songs. — Jana Oliver

Prom Quotes By Dennis Vickers

The company's stock dropped like seagull turds on a car hood, panties on prom night, celebrity names during red-carpet coverage. — Dennis Vickers

Prom Quotes By Frank Zappa

Drop out of school before your mind rots from exposure to our mediocre educational system. Forget about the Senior Prom and go to the library and educate yourself if you've got any guts. Some of you like Pep rallies and plastic robots who tell you what to read. — Frank Zappa

Prom Quotes By Bethany Mota

When I went to prom, I wore my hair down. But I love the idea of a long dress with your hair up. It's just gorgeous. — Bethany Mota

Prom Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Okay, will you go to prom with me next year?"

She started laughing. "Yeah," she said, "sure. We can go next year. That will give my mouse and bird friends plenty of time to make me a dress. Totally. Yes. Let's go to prom. — Rainbow Rowell

Prom Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

A pink taffeta evening gown. It looked like it had run away from a junior high
prom ...
The dress looked like a petunia on steroids to me. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Prom Quotes By The Harvard Lampoon

You should have seen the costumes for the last few prom themes: Pimps and their srteet ho's; CEOs and their office ho's; GI Joes and their combat ho's; Gardeners and their garden hose;Firemen and their fire hose ... If you ask me, a 'masquerade' theme isn't flattering for anyones features, nor does it define the apppropriate gender roles very clearly. — The Harvard Lampoon

Prom Quotes By Betsey Johnson

If a girl comes to me first for a prom or a bar mitzvah and she likes the way she looks and her boyfriend likes the way she looks, she'll come back. — Betsey Johnson

Prom Quotes By Cecily White

Death is a lot like prom - loud, overdone, and although the guy you came with was cool, you never know who'll end up taking you home. — Cecily White

Prom Quotes By Chris Gethard

As luck would have it, I happened to have a top hat that I previously wore to my junior prom. — Chris Gethard

Prom Quotes By Rachelle Lefevre

I actually did not have a date to my prom. I ended up taking a friend. — Rachelle Lefevre

Prom Quotes By Greg Gutfeld

Imagine if all girls called a moratorium on cool. How amazing would it be for women to stop demeaning themselves with morose jerks and actually demand decent guys. Maybe the best tip is this: Treat every day as though you're preparing for the prom. If it doesn't meet your expectations, make other plans. I'm free most weekends. — Greg Gutfeld

Prom Quotes By J. Lynn

The moment we stepped out into the hall, Cam's apartment door flung open. Ollie appeared, a cellphone in one hand and Raphael wiggling in the other. "Smile!" he shouted as he snapped a picture on his phone. "It's like my two kids are going to prom. — J. Lynn

Prom Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampire's wife to shack up and procreate. Nice. — Stephenie Meyer

Prom Quotes By Kirsten Miller

Confidence is the force that runs the world. Mixed with a dose of charm, it has the power to produce everything from prom queens to presidents. — Kirsten Miller

Prom Quotes By John Green

Denim miniskirt. Tight white T-shirt. Scooped neck. Extraordinarily olive skin. Legs that make you care about legs. Perfectly coiffed curly brown hair. A laminated button reading ME FOR PROM QUEEN. Lacey Pemberton. Walking toward us. — John Green

Prom Quotes By Matthew Gray Gubler

I once gave a girl a bloody fake ear in a Tiffany jewelry box with a letter that said, will you Gogh to prom with me? — Matthew Gray Gubler

Prom Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

It was a prom dress.It was pink.It was originally seventy percent off,but Ma got it down to eighty-five percent off by screaming "My water broke!" while we were checking out — Laurie Halse Anderson

Prom Quotes By Andy Richter

I was prom king. Which is actually saying I was the sixth most popular, because the five who were on homecoming were automatically disqualified from prom, so of course I have to look at it that way. — Andy Richter

Prom Quotes By Rita Rudner

It wasn't that no one asked me to the prom, it was that no one would tell me where it was. — Rita Rudner

Prom Quotes By Anna Quindlen

The future is built on brains, not prom court, as most people can tell you after attending their high school reunion. But you'd never know it by talking to kids or listening to the messages they get from the culture and even from their schools. — Anna Quindlen

Prom Quotes By John Green

I have this thing that keeps me from being interested in prom dresses, it's called a penis. — John Green

Prom Quotes By Amy Hatvany

After watching so many of the other women find satisfaction-joy, even-in activities like these, I sometimes wondered what was wrong with me that I only found more excuses not to join them. I felt like I did back in high school, not wanting to be a cheerleader or head up the homecoming committee-I didn't have a bubbly personality and didn't care about the theme of a promAmy Hatvany

Prom Quotes By Austin Butler

I've never actually been to prom. — Austin Butler

Prom Quotes By Giuliana Rancic

You can see the next big trends in fashion on the red carpet and see what colors, silhouettes are hot right now. You might see Taylor Swift wearing Gucci, and most of us can't afford that Gucci dress, but you can look at the beading and be inspired by it for, say, your prom or a friend's wedding. — Giuliana Rancic

Prom Quotes By Rosemary Clement-Moore

Is Lisa going to the prom?'
I shelved my worries for the moment. 'I don't know, Mom. We don't talk about the You-Know-What. We made a pact.'
You could go together, if you didn't want to mess with dates and things.'
I don't want to mess with the prom at all, Mom.'
She ignored me, placidly eating popcorn, piece by piece.'Some girls in my high school class did that and had a wonderful time. They weren't lesbians or anything. Not that it would matter if they were.'
That's nice, Mom. I'm glad you're so open-minded.' I grabbed my Coke and the popcorn bowl and headed for the stairs, because I could go my whole life without ever hearing my mother talk about lesbians again.
Maybe you could take Justin to the prom,' she called after me, laughter in her voice. 'He is such a hottie.'
Shoot me now. — Rosemary Clement-Moore

Prom Quotes By John Green

Ben, there are more important things going on," I answered.
"You're my designated driver! Yes! You are so designated! I love that you answered! That's so awesome! I have to be home by six! And I designate you to get me there! YESSSSSSS!"
"Can't you just spend the night there?" I asked.
"NOOOO! Booooo. Booo on Quentin. Hey, everybody! Boooo Quentin!" And then I was booed. "Everybody's drunk. Ben drunk. Lacey drunk. Radar drunk. Nobody drive. Home by six. Promised Mom. Boo, Sleepy Quentin! Yay, Designated Driver! YESSSS! — John Green

Prom Quotes By Stephen King

Did you know Carrie White is going to the prom?"
Morty blinked. "With who? The Beak?" The Beak was Freddy Holt, another of Ewen's misfits. He weighed perhaps one hundred pounds soaking wet, and the casual observer might be tempted to believe that sixty of it was nose. — Stephen King

Prom Quotes By John Green

Getting you a date to prom is so hard that the hypothetical idea itself is actually used to cut diamonds," I added. Radar tapped a locker twice with his fist to show his approval, and then came back with another. "Ben, getting you a date to prom is so hard that the American government believes the problem cannot be solved with diplomacy, but will instead require force. — John Green

Prom Quotes By Margaret D. Nadauld

The kind of young woman who can be a terrific torchbearer has high standards all the time, not just in her prom dress, but every, ordinary day. — Margaret D. Nadauld

Prom Quotes By Elizabeth Eulberg

Elizabeth Bennet, will you do me the great honor of not going to prom with me? — Elizabeth Eulberg

Prom Quotes By Davy Jones

I got hate letters from girls all over America because I wouldn't go to the prom with them. — Davy Jones

Prom Quotes By Jennifer Lawrence

When I dance, I look like I'm a dad at a prom. I never grasped my limbs. Ever since puberty I've just kind of felt like we don't understand each other. — Jennifer Lawrence

Prom Quotes By Candace Bushnell

Patent leather wedges-they were big when I went to prom! — Candace Bushnell

Prom Quotes By Ally Carter

Maybe wrist corsages cut off circulation to the brain? I mean, is that why so many girls do stupid things on prom night? I was really going to have to investigate this further, I decided — Ally Carter

Prom Quotes By Cassia Leo

Despite all the small hitches, prom night turns out to be even more magical than I imagined it would be. I don't care that Chris painted the tips of his mohawk blue. I don't care that he wore a T-shirt and jeans when all the other guys wore their dorky suits and tuxedos. I actually love that he looks so different than all these clones. He's crazy, sexy, and beautiful. And he's all mine. — Cassia Leo

Prom Quotes By Tim Tharp

That's what the prom is - St. Patrick's Day for the young. — Tim Tharp

Prom Quotes By Barry Lyga

Women always cried. It was their last, best weapon. It made boyfriends apologize and husbands fold them in their arms. It made Daddy spend the extra money on the prom dress. — Barry Lyga

Prom Quotes By Kelly Bingham

M: Don't go there. Besides, you want to tell me about this prom date? Hmm?
J: He's just a fiend. We barely know each other.
M: Nice, The stuff dreams are made of. — Kelly Bingham

Prom Quotes By John Green

Are you trying to be subtle? Because I know you're talking about the honeybunnyless prom tragedy that is my life. — John Green

Prom Quotes By Amy Chua

For my senior prom, my father finally said I could go - as long as I was home by 9 P.M.! That was around the time that most people were heading out. When I was little I was so mad at them all the time. 'Why can't I do this?' 'Why are there so many rules?' But looking back now, my parents gave me the foundation to have so many choices in life. — Amy Chua

Prom Quotes By Jonathan Tropper

It's true. somewhere inside us we are all the ages we have ever been. We're the 3 year old who got bit by the dog. We're the 6 year old our mother lost track of at the mall. We're the 10 year old who get tickled till we wet our pants. We're the 13 year old shy kid with zits. We're the 16 year old no one asked to the prom, and so on. We walk around in the bodies of adults until someone presses the right button and summons up one of those kids. — Jonathan Tropper

Prom Quotes By Jane Austen

And from the whole she deduced this useful lesson, that to go previously engaged to a ball, does not necessarily increase either the dignity or enjoyment of a young lady. — Jane Austen

Prom Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

Once upon a time there was an eighteen-year-old girl who dragged her butt out of bed and hauled it all the way to school on a sunny day in May. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Prom Quotes By Cammie McGovern

According to Sarah, who had gone two years ago, prom was famous for being an overpriced disappointment where most people had no fun. — Cammie McGovern

Prom Quotes By Sasha Pieterse

I was home-schooled and I graduated super-early. But I've always had older friends, so I got to go to all their dances. I got the best of both worlds. I had the choice to go to prom with a friend of mine and I decided not to because I was filming very close to that. But red carpets and the 'G.B.F' prom were so much better. — Sasha Pieterse

Prom Quotes By Mary Ellen Mark

I've always been interested in photographing traditions and customs - especially in America. The prom is an American tradition, a rite of passage that has always been one of the most important rituals of American youth. It is a day in our lives that we never forget - a day full of hopes and dreams for our future. — Mary Ellen Mark

Prom Quotes By John Zakour

Miss Hunter leaned toward Stormy. Well, as you also may know, ever since the year when Dylan Jackson was nominated for and won prom queen without his knowledge, it's been school policy to inform all nominees that they have been selected as a candidate for prom queen. — John Zakour

Prom Quotes By Ruth Reichl

Tommy and I put on a radio play to entertain everyone while they unpacked their cookies. It was about a girl who saves up money for a prom dress, but at the last minute she says, "It's only clothes," and buys war bonds instead. The play was a big success, and my whole school pledged to buy war bonds, which should have made me happy. But it gave me a queer feeling; it's easy to write propaganda when everyone agrees with you. Do you understand? I think I'd rather bake cookies; it feels more honest.
Your friend,

Sammy looked down at me. "A girl after your own heart!" he said. "In my experience it is a rare female who can say, 'It's only clothes,' and when the war came, you discovered who you really were. Women changed. Children grew up overnight. I wonder what happened to this one. — Ruth Reichl

Prom Quotes By Joan Bauer

Guys don't understand great art. They don't care that sometimes the camera has power beyond the photographer to record emotion that only the heart can see. They're threatened when the camera jumps ahead of me. Todd Kovich was pissed when I brought my Nikon to the prom, but I'd missed too many transcendent shots over the years to ever take a chance of missing one again. A prom, I told him, had a boundless supply of photogenic bozos who could be counted on to do something base. — Joan Bauer

Prom Quotes By Valenciya Lyons

As a young sixteen-year-old girl, Camila "Cami" Alderson should've been worrying about finding the right dress for the junior prom and goofing off with friends. The possibility of being pregnant should've been the last thing on her mind but the scary thought was always there. — Valenciya Lyons

Prom Quotes By Gregg Popovich

It's never been my goal to be king of the prom. It's been my goal to do the right thing and get the job done. — Gregg Popovich

Prom Quotes By Amber Heard

I love fast cars, loud guns and classic rock 'n' roll, but I'd never do any of it in
flats. I love me a nice, big uncomfortable pair of heels and some big hair! Maybe
it's a Southern thing, but I love dressing up. It's everything I can do not to leave
the house in a goddamn prom dress every day. — Amber Heard

Prom Quotes By Lorde

I went to my prom. I wore this olive green, floor-length backless dress. It was rad. — Lorde

Prom Quotes By Maggie Hall

I've never considered breaking that oath before. Ever. But I did, for you. To keep you safe. Everything--from letting you go at the prom, to tonight at the ball--it's all been for you. As much as I tried to tell myself it was for the Saxons, it wasn't true. As much as I said I was going to Istanbul just for Fitz, it wasn't true. Every second I wasn't with you, I was thinking about you. Worrying about you. It wasn't for them. It was all for you. — Maggie Hall

Prom Quotes By Maya Angelou

Every experience shapes your writing, being stuck in a car on a lonely bridge, or dancing at a prom, being the it girl on the beach, all of those things influence your life, they influence how you write, and the topics you choose to write about. — Maya Angelou

Prom Quotes By Jen Sincero

Deciding means jumping in all the way, doing whatever it takes, and going after your dreams with the tenacity of a dateless cheerleader a week before prom night. — Jen Sincero

Prom Quotes By Nora Ephron

When you're young, you think that clothes are almost magical, and that if you wear the right thing - to school, to the prom, on the date, etc. - something's going to happen. Black, it's the anti-magical thing. It comes from the recognition that it is not going to be 'the' dress. — Nora Ephron

Prom Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

You know what I never get with the limo? The tinted windows. Is that so people don't see you? Yeah, what a better way not to have people notice you than taking a thirty foot Cadillac with a TV antenna and a uniformed driver. How discreet. Nobody cares who's in the limo. You see a limo go by, you know it's either some rich jerk or fifty prom kids with $1.75 each. — Jerry Seinfeld