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Top Project Initiation Quotes

Project Initiation Quotes By Todd C. Williams

Properly Defining a Project's Initiation:

Projects start going bad at inception --- the customer's inception...

The problem is that these are initiatives rather than projects. Managers often fail to include the implementation professionals in these early meetings....stays close to the intended baseline...
people are enamored with technology...accept the limited information provided by sales material as definitive and ignore the hidden complexities in the implementation. As a result, during the inception of a project, customers use buzzwords and concepts they believe they understand and make assumptions about the idea's implementation. — Todd C. Williams

Project Initiation Quotes By Eva Hoffman

For me, therapy is partly translation therapy, the talking cure a second-language cure. My going to a shrink is, among other things, a rite of initiation: initiation into the language of the subculture within which I happen to live, into a way of explaining myself to myself. But gradually, it becomes a project of translating backward.
The way to jump over my Great Divine is to crawl backward over it in English. It's only when I retell my whole story, back to the beginning, and from the beginning onward, in one language, that I can reconcile the voices within me with each other; it is only then that the person who judges the voices and tells the stories begins to emerge. — Eva Hoffman