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[Francesca] 'You really are a few biscuits short of breakfast.'
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
'You're a few colors shy of a rainbow?' she offered. 'Not pulling a full wagon? Knitting with only one needle? All foam and no beer? Your cheese slid off the cracker? You couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel?'
[Nicodemus] 'All right. I get it. — Blake Charlton

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All my life, I've been trying to fill an emptiness inside. But that emptiness ... I've built myself around it. Filling it in would be like filling in the empty space within a cathedral. — Blake Charlton

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You spoke to Nicodemus?' Vivian asked.
[Francesca] 'We did.'
V: 'And he trusts you?'
F: 'As much as one might after a first impression involving hatchets. — Blake Charlton

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[Nicodemus] 'Magistra DeVega, can I ask for your help?'
[DeVega] 'You can ask,' she said with her usual calmness, 'but the clerics haven't developed a cure for death by idiotic leadership. — Blake Charlton

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That which is original creates a new origin. That which is original, by definition, must stray off the previously worn paths. It must wander; it must err. — Blake Charlton

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Magistra, if you save my student, I don't care a snap what you say about my heart.
She snorted. Typical of a man, caring only when an external organ is belittled. — Blake Charlton