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That's what this democracy was for us, a huge supermarket of mass man where we could take a piece here and a piece there to make our personalities for ourselves instead of putting up with what was given at the beginning. — Seymour Krim

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Insanity and psychosis can no longer be respected as meaningful [terms] - but are used by limited individuals in positions of social power to describe ways of behaving and thinking that are alien, threatening, and obscure to them. — Seymour Krim

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One life was never quite enough for what I had in mind. — Seymour Krim

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It is still your work or role that finally gives you your definition in our society, and the thousands upon thousands of people who I believe are like me are those who have never found the professional skin to fit the riot in their souls . — Seymour Krim

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We know all along that time is squeezing us into a corner while we mentally rocket to each new star that flares across our sky, and yet we can't help ourselves. — Seymour Krim