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Top Prize Giving Quotes

Prize Giving Quotes By John Bardeen

Science is a field which grows continuously with ever expanding frontiers. Further, it is truly international in scope. Any particular advance has been preceded by the contributions of those from many lands who have set firm foundations for further developments. The Nobel awards should be regarded as giving recognition to this general scientific progress as well as to the individuals involved.
Further, science is a collaborative effort. The combined results of several people working together is often much more effective than could be that of an individual scientist working alone. — John Bardeen

Prize Giving Quotes By Joaquin Miller

All honor to him who shall win the prize. The world has cried for a thousand years. But to him who tries and fails and dies, I give great honor and glory and tears. — Joaquin Miller

Prize Giving Quotes By Charles Alexander Eastman

It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome ... Children must early learn the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving ... The Indians in their simplicity literally give away all that they have - to relatives, to guests of other tribes or clans, but above all to the poor and the aged, from whom they can hope for no return. — Charles Alexander Eastman

Prize Giving Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

It [Obama's Nobel peace prize] would be like giving someone an Oscar in the hope that it would encourage them to make a decent motion picture. — Christopher Hitchens

Prize Giving Quotes By Genna Sosonko

Beliavsky told me that, when he scolded Misha for giving to the Sports Committee almost all of his prize of several thousand dollars for winning the World Blitz Championship in Saint John, Misha simply replied: 'Well, they asked me for it and I gave it to them. — Genna Sosonko

Prize Giving Quotes By Hiro Fujiwara

In my opinion, giving a kiss is a much better prize than receiving one. — Hiro Fujiwara

Prize Giving Quotes By Charles Alexander Eastman

Children must early learn the the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving. — Charles Alexander Eastman

Prize Giving Quotes By Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

The Nobel Prize gives you an opportunity to make a fool of yourself in public. — Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

Prize Giving Quotes By James Dobson

Love is not simply a feeling of romantic excitement; it is more than a desire to marry a potential partner; it goes beyond intense sexual attraction; it exceeds the thrill at having "captured" a highly desirable social prize. Real love is an expression of the deepest appreciation for another human being; it is awareness of his or her needs and longings- past, present and future. It is unselfish, giving and caring. — James Dobson

Prize Giving Quotes By John Banville

If they give me the bloody prize, why can't they say nice things about me? — John Banville

Prize Giving Quotes By Richard Francis Burton

How melancholy a thing is success. Whilst failure inspirits a man, attainment reads the sad prosy lesson that all our glories "Are shadows, not substantial things." Truly said the sayer, "disappointment is the salt of life" a salutary bitter which strengthens the mind for fresh exertion, and gives a double value to the prize. — Richard Francis Burton

Prize Giving Quotes By Maggie Nelson

I feel I can give you everything without giving myself away, I whispered in your basement bed. If one does one's solitude right, this is the prize. — Maggie Nelson

Prize Giving Quotes By Francis Quarles

O who would trust this world, or prize what's in it,
That gives and takes, and chops and changes, ev'ry minute? — Francis Quarles

Prize Giving Quotes By A.M. Homes

A man of the mouth, formerly the most oral of surgeons, Henry had the habit of giving his lady patients laughing gas, putting them out, then fiercely fucking them, while tugging on their wisdom teeth. His getting caught was a slip of the tongue, so to speak. While he was buried deep in a muff, some sharp thing slipped, and his prize patient, Mrs Mavis Gilette, woke to find a harpoon hole in her cheek and her lost licker languishing on the floor. — A.M. Homes

Prize Giving Quotes By Melina Marchetta

A kiss is the prize?' he asked sadly. 'Even more than giving me the rest of you? It should be the other way round, Princess. In the real world, it's called courting. You let a lad kiss you and then you offer him more.'

'Let me tell you something, Olivier,' she said with tears of sorrow in her eyes, 'this is my real world. — Melina Marchetta

Prize Giving Quotes By Tim Pawlenty

I give the president credit for at least one thing. He's proven that someone can deserve a Nobel prize less than Al Gore. — Tim Pawlenty

Prize Giving Quotes By Daniel Dennett

If I were to give a prize for the single best idea anybody ever had, I'd give it to Darwin for the idea of natural selection - ahead of Newton, ahead of Einstein - because his idea unites the two most disparate features of our universe: the world of purposeless, meaningless matter and motion, particles jostling on the one side, and the world of meaning and purpose, design on the other. — Daniel Dennett

Prize Giving Quotes By Mike Huckabee

The Democrats say we ought to give Barack Obama credit for trying. That sounds like the nonsense of giving every kid a trophy for showing up. Friends, we're talking about leading the country, not playing on a third-grade soccer team! I realize this is the man who got a Nobel Peace Prize for what he would potentially do, but in the real world, you get the prize for producing something, not just promising it. — Mike Huckabee

Prize Giving Quotes By Malcolm Muggeridge

A ready means of being cherished by the English is to adopt the simple expedient of living a long time. I have little doubt that if, say, Oscar Wilde had lived into his nineties, instead of dying in his forties, he would have been considered a benign, distinguished figure suitable to preside at a school prize-giving or to instruct and exhort scout masters at their jamborees. He might even have been knighted. — Malcolm Muggeridge

Prize Giving Quotes By Wolfgang Ketterle

Maybe if you win a Nobel Prize in economics, you make a lot of money by giving talks ... but not in my area. — Wolfgang Ketterle

Prize Giving Quotes By Cesare Pavese

Woman gives herself as a prize to the weak and as a prop to the strong and no man ever has what he should. — Cesare Pavese

Prize Giving Quotes By Robert Henri

The pernicious influence of the prize and medal giving in art is so great that it should be stopped. History proves that juries in art have been generally wrong. — Robert Henri

Prize Giving Quotes By Alexander Pope

What nothing earthly gives, or can destroy,
The soul's calm sunshine, and the heart-felt joy,
Is virtue's prize. — Alexander Pope

Prize Giving Quotes By Thomas Watson

[Concerning the Word preached:] Do we prize it in our judgments? Do we receive in into our hearts? Do we fear the loss of the Word preached more than the loss of peace and trade? Is it the removal of the ark that troubles us? Again, do we attend to the Word with reverential devotion? When the judge is giving the charge on the bench, all attend. When the Word is preached, the great God is giving us his charge. Do we listen to it as to a matter of life and death? This is a good sign that we love the Word. — Thomas Watson

Prize Giving Quotes By Pankaj Mishra

I feel that I already have the life I love and I don't see how it could be improved radically by any greater material success I might have - bigger advances, more prizes. It's a kind of madness. And the culture of prize-giving is so corrupt. — Pankaj Mishra