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Lost time is gone forever. Nobody ever catches up. — Natalia Sylvester

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Grudges fade quickly when you're faced with losing the ones you love. — Natalia Sylvester

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Youth doesn't always make one ignorant. Some simply struggle with the knowledge of the pieces they're missing. — Natalia Sylvester

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the deepest form of humiliation isn't experienced in the eyes of others, but in the lonely desperation of oneself. — Natalia Sylvester

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He recognized his own fear in them, and now that he knows what it looks like he sees it everywhere - in the man who pumps gas across the street, in the teenage girls who stumble down the sidewalk, in the transvestite prostitute who steps forward and back, indecisive, at the intersection while Andres prays for the light to turn green. It is a fear that he can't get away from, and seeing it in others doesn't make him feel any safer. — Natalia Sylvester

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People will feel for you what they think you feel for yourself. It's that simple. — Natalia Sylvester

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there was a time when this home was her domain. Sometimes she felt proud of it, sometimes she felt tied to it, but whether it was a burden or a blessing, it was hers to keep. She'd known better than anyone what this house needed; lately it'd become one of the few aspects of her life she could control. there is no corner, no ridge along the steps or crack along the wall, that she doesn't know like her own body. the house may never have been the sanctuary she'd always dreamed of, but at least it carried no surprises. It was comfortable. — Natalia Sylvester