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Top Priority Management Quotes

Priority Management Quotes By Julie Connor

Practical management of your time includes taking responsibility of your choices. — Julie Connor

Priority Management Quotes By Josh Kaufman

As much as I enjoyed yoga courses, it was hard to make time for them. Generally speaking, my work arrangements were flexible, so it was mostly a psychological problem: it was hard to convince myself it was acceptable to go twist my body into knots for two hours when there was work to be done. — Josh Kaufman

Priority Management Quotes By Kajol

Earlier, my priority was only work. I worked like a dog before I got married. After marriage, once you have a baby, time management is difficult. Your responsibilities change, your priorities change. And you have to concentrate on them if you have to work out your life. Your career is just a part of your life. For me, my family is my life. — Kajol

Priority Management Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Setting the right priorities or having superior time management skill means knowing the difference between "must have," and "nice to have. — Pearl Zhu

Priority Management Quotes By Thomas Frank

But such people (Moderate Conservatives) aren't liberal. What they are is corporate. Their habits and opinions owe far more to the standards of courtesy and taste that prevail within the white-collar world than they do to Franklin Roosevelt and the United Mine Workers. We live in a time, after all, when hard-nosed bosses compose awestruck disquisitions on the nature of 'change,' punk rockers dispense leadership secrets, shallow profundities about authenticity sell luxury cars, tech billionaires build rock'n'roll musuems, management theorists ponder the nature of coolness, and a former lyricist fro the Grateful Dead hail the dawn of New Economy capitalism from the heights of Davos. Coversvatives may not understand why, but business culture had melded with counterculture for reasons having a great deal to do with business culture's usual priority - profit. — Thomas Frank

Priority Management Quotes By Rob Liano

When someone tells you they're too busy, it's not that they mismanage their time, it's that you're not a priority. — Rob Liano

Priority Management Quotes By Joe Jordan

A nagging focus on time management makes us want to increase the speed of our lives. Maintaining a focus on priority management helps us recognize the need to slow down. When our use of time is built around well-defined priorities, life is less a question of how much we can get done and more a question of whether something is worth doing at all. — Joe Jordan

Priority Management Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The challenge for the IT leader is to set the right priority, manage the limited budget and resource, to "Do more with innovation. — Pearl Zhu

Priority Management Quotes By Pearl Zhu

By setting the right priority and focusing resources and budget on the most critical areas, IT has the opportunity to not only be responsive but ultimately be the strategic business partner. — Pearl Zhu

Priority Management Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Prioritize activities under the captions "important" and "urgent". Do the urgent things first and the important things later. — Israelmore Ayivor

Priority Management Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. — John C. Maxwell

Priority Management Quotes By Peter Lynch

When management owns stock, then rewarding the shareholders becomes a first priority, whereas when management simply collects a paycheck, then increasing salaries becomes a first priority. — Peter Lynch