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Top Best Crime Fiction Quotes

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Ed Lynskey

From Chapter 1:
"You're not a local." I paused, unsure. "Or are you?"
"Sort of. Randall Van Dotson is my dad. I'm Rennie."
After tossing her head that coy, sweet way girls do, she gave me a candid appraisal. — Ed Lynskey

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Misty Griffin

Our Voice is our most powerful tool against these evil people who prey on the innocent, we should never be silent and let them continue to harm people. By being silent we are telling them it is "Okay to continue". I firmly believe if you choose to stand with those who wish to keep the victim silent you are yourself guilty of a crime against humanity
- Misty Griffin — Misty Griffin

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Steen Langstrup

There are criminals everywhere these days, you know. One might end up missing the police! Who would have thought that possible?
The Maid
The Informer by Steen Langtrup — Steen Langstrup

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Chris Womersley

To survive one tragedy was to learn you cannot survive them all, and this knowledge was both a freedom and a great loss. — Chris Womersley

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Angel Ramon Medina

They say it's always darkest before the dawn and it was pitch black by the time I arrived at the Marriott. However I still had a few bullets left for my deadbeat uncle that tried to stab me in the back. — Angel Ramon Medina

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Scott Lynch

Gods, I love this place," Locke said, drumming his fingers against his thighs. "Sometimes I think this whole city was put here simply because the gods must adore crime. Pickpockets rob the common folk, merchants rob anyone they can dupe, Capa Barsavi robs the robbers and the common folk, the lesser nobles rob nearly everyone, and Duke Nicovante occasionally runs off with his army and robs the shit out of Tal Verarr or Jerem, not to mention what he does to his own nobles and his common folk. — Scott Lynch

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

Someone was coming through the velvet.
He was pulling it wide, he was stepping onto Kestrel's balcony - close, closer still as she turned and the curtain swayed, then stopped. He pinned the velvet against frame. He held the sweep of it high, at the level of his gray eyes, which were silver in the shadows.
He was here. He had come.
Arin. — Marie Rutkoski

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Angel Ramon Medina

Surprised huh, thought you had me back in prison didn't you? To answer your question what keeps me alive is my drive, my drive to kill you! I have nothing, but hate for you and your family. It will be my pleasure taking you out. I don't care about power, plutonium or even being rich. None of that matters to me. I only care about taking you out. Even if I die I want to be the one who is called the killer of Angel Medina! There's no where for you to go. Now we will truly see who is better! Come on put up you hands and prepare for your final battle of your life! - Orlando from Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War — Angel Ramon Medina

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Jeannie Walker

If I wasn't sure before, I'm sure now that she poisoned him to death. I'm also fairly sure she had help killing him, and by God, I'm going to prove it, if it's the last thing I ever do. — Jeannie Walker

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Elliott Colla

Arabs don't do crime fiction. I read crime fiction and I read Arabic literature, and I wish this was a novel I could have read in Arabic. — Elliott Colla

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Jim McGrath

What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for with ego. — Jim McGrath

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Grant Morrison

Adults ... struggle desperately with fiction, demanding constantly that it conform to the rules of everyday life. Adults foolishly demand to know how Superman can possibly fly, or how Batman can possibly run a multibillion-dollar business empire during the day and fight crime at night, when the answer is obvious even to the smallest child: because it's not real. — Grant Morrison

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By B. Barmanbek

You can only rise so far by climbing on others' shoulders, you know. — B. Barmanbek

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By B. Barmanbek

This director could say many things about duty, and self-respect, and dignity, but she knew none of these meant much in the post-modern world. — B. Barmanbek

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Harlan Coben

I'm the Jerry Lewis of crime fiction. — Harlan Coben

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By A.J. Waines

It was one of those late summer days trying its best to convince everyone that winter would never seep through and ravage the earth. — A.J. Waines

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Linwood Barclay

Crime fiction makes money. It may be harder for writers to get published, but crime is doing better than most of what we like to call CanLit. It's elementary, plot-driven, character-rich story-telling at its best. — Linwood Barclay

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Sheeja Jose

Every happy moments looks perfect till it gets messy — Sheeja Jose

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Patricia Bellomo

I felt a little bad about killing the man, but what choice did I have?" ... Louie Morelli, "The Prince of Mafia Princes. — Patricia Bellomo

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Ludwig Wittgenstein

More wisdom is contained in the best
crime fiction than in philosophy. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By V.S. Kemanis

Her immediate impulse was one of self-preservation. She was tied up in this somehow, she didn't know why or how, but there was something waiting for her on the other side of this crowd. — V.S. Kemanis

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Denise Mina

People are interested in crime fiction when they're quite distanced from crime. People in Darfur are not reading murder mysteries. — Denise Mina

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an American poet, short story writer, playwright, editor, critic, essayist and one of the leaders of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of the macabre and mystery, Poe was one of the early American practitioners of the short story and a progenitor of detective fiction and crime fiction. He is also credited with contributing to the emergent science fiction genre.Poe died at the age of 40. The cause of his death is undetermined and has been attributed to alcohol, drugs, cholera, rabies, suicide (although likely to be mistaken with his suicide attempt in the previous year), tuberculosis, heart disease, brain congestion and other agents. Source: Wikipedia — Edgar Allan Poe

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By John Hockenberry

The idea that humiliation is some capital crime of the spirit is a fiction. The sentences we hand down for losing control and succumbing to physical limits in life are arbitrary acts of self-loathing. All human beings have bodies that define their existence and which can veto the best-laid plans of the mind and soul. — John Hockenberry

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Phillip Rock

Al ... You ever kill anybody? In the United States? Because I know you mean it and everything, but I know these guys better than I know you. They're soldiers, that's all. No questions, no time to ask, no talk. Cops are worse, and less predictable. When you pull a gun, you've gotta be ready to kill somebody, and I'm telling you it's better to run. — Phillip Rock

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Jennifer A. Girardin

I hate unbreakable alibis--they are usually the first to crack.
--Hugo Anstead — Jennifer A. Girardin

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Martin Hopkins

Nothing is 'wrong' with me, Dan. What's wrong with you? she said in the same eerily quiet voice, dark eyes fixated on Dan, as she breathed heavily. — Martin Hopkins

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Jo Nesbo

Many Scandinavian writers who had made their name in literary fiction felt they wanted to have a go at the crime novel to show they could compete with the best. If Salman Rushdie had been Norwegian, he would definitely have written at least one thriller. — Jo Nesbo

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Todd Morr

How the Hell is it we go to pick up Jenna Jameson and end up with the fucking chick from those Kill Bill movies? — Todd Morr

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Richard Ford

It's odd to imagine, of course: you pass a car on a lonely rural highway; you sit beside a man in a diner and share views with him; you wait behind a customer checking into a motel, a friendly man with a winning smile and twinkling hazel eyes, who's happy to fill you in on his life's story and wants you to like him - odd to think this man is cruising around with a loaded pistol, making up his mind about which bank he'll soon rob.' - Richard Ford, Canada — Richard Ford

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Adrian McKinty

The Ned Kelly is definitely the coolest of all the crime fiction awards, and if you think about it, it's the only one that's given for an entire continent. — Adrian McKinty

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Sophie Hannah

Most crime fiction plots are not ambitious enough for me. I want something really labyrinthine with clues and puzzles that will reward careful attention. — Sophie Hannah

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Alper Kaya

Sometimes death is even better than to confess a secret. — Alper Kaya

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Sara Paretsky

I was reading Raymond Chandler very much with the feminist eye. In six of his seven novels, it's the woman who presents herself in a sexual way, who is the main bad person. And then you start reading more fiction, whether crime fiction or straight fiction, it's just bad girls trying to make good boys do bad things, going all the way back to Adam and Eve. The woman that thou gavest me made me do it, Adam says to God. — Sara Paretsky

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By P.D. James

Dalgliesh reflected that one of the minor hazards of a murder investigation was the inordinate amount of caffeine he was expected to consume. But he wanted the interview to be as informal as possible, and food or drink always helped. — P.D. James

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By S.W. Frank

Crime isn't pretty, only fashionably dressed. — S.W. Frank

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Bill Bryson

The pleasant fact is that the British are not much good at violent crime except in fiction, which is of course as it should be. — Bill Bryson

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Henry Mosquera

The only thing altruism will get you here is a boot stomping on your head. — Henry Mosquera

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Robert Crais

I'll bet you $10 right now that there are an awful lot of literary writers who started a long time ago and now they find themselves in this place where secretly they feel trapped. And you know what they really read for fun? They read crime fiction. — Robert Crais

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By P.D. James

Her aunt and uncle worked fifteen hours a day in their desperate attempt to keep the corner shop in profit, and their Sundays were marked by exhaustion. The moral code by which they lived was that of cleanliness, respectability and prudence. Religion was for those who had the time for it, a middle-class indulgence. — P.D. James

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By C.J. Sansom

How men fear the chaos of the world, I thought, and the yawning eternity hereafter. So we build patterns to explain its terrible mysteries and reassure ourselves we are safe in this world and beyond. — C.J. Sansom

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Elly Griffiths

Nelson's first thought is that Father Hennessey looks as bad as he does. The priest is still an intimidating presence, with his rugby player's shoulders and boxer's nose, but his eyes are shadowed and he looks as if he hasn't slept. He puts his hat on the floor and accepts a cup of coffee. 'I'm giving up coffee for Lent,' he says. 'Better make the most of it.'

'This stuff's enough to make you give up coffee for life,' says Nelson. 'I should know. I've drunk about a gallon of it.'

Father Hennessey smiles and drinks his coffee in silence for a few minutes. — Elly Griffiths

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Ed Lynskey

Quote taken from Chapter 1:
That's the idea. Listen, Frank, this one is different. She's a keeper." He let that part gel in me. "Get your head screwed on straight and move to Richmond. You hate it living in Pelham. — Ed Lynskey

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Mary Papas

February 9th was HIS day. The day he always striked. — Mary Papas

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Janet Dawson

Alice Gray returned with a lacquered Japanese tray bearing two steaming cups, a sugar bowl, and a little pitcher of milk. I took a seat on the sofa. The coffee was strong and bitter. I lightened it with some milk. My hostess settled into one of the wing chairs. "Vee says Beth is missing," she said, sipping her coffee. — Janet Dawson

Best Crime Fiction Quotes By Tom Vater

Mee and Ow sat in the shade of a mango tree and were doing their make-up. Both of them wore gloves that reached all the way up to their elbows, to keep the tropical sun off their skins. They looked briefly at Maier, with the curiosity usually reserved for a passing dog. It was too early for professional enthusiasm. — Tom Vater