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Adventure Outdoors Quotes & Sayings

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Top Adventure Outdoors Quotes

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Fennel Hudson

You need to be outdoors. Away from here. You need a holiday. — Fennel Hudson

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Mehgan Heaney-Grier

I am passionate about my family, adventure, good wine, nature and the outdoors, sharks, the ocean, and working hard to preserve it all for future generations. — Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Mark Burnett

I've always liked adventure television. Pre-'Survivor,' I did a series on cable called 'Eco-Challenge,' an adventure race with experts mainly, and here we have 'Expedition Impossible.' I like the outdoors and I like doing something fresh for television you haven't seen before. — Mark Burnett

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Kay Robertson

Christ has meant everything to our marriage. It was my commitment to Christ and the words from my grandmother that made me stick with Phil [Robertson] when there wasn't much to hold on to. Phil's love for the outdoors, his pioneer spirit, and his quest for adventure has not changed. But his heart has been turned inside out. He's a new man in every way that involves relationships. — Kay Robertson

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Fennel Hudson

My tent doesn't look like much but, as an estate agent might say, "It is air-conditioned and has exceptional location. — Fennel Hudson

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By John Muir

Even the sick should try these so-called dangerous passes, because for every unfortunate they kill, they cure a thousand. — John Muir

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Tyler Hamilton

If you like the outdoors, Colorado is a big adventure playground for adults: it's great for skiing, cycling, climbing, and hiking. — Tyler Hamilton

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Ann Bancroft

Growing up in a rural setting in Minnesota, I was raised with the outdoors and a sense of adventure. — Ann Bancroft

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Daniel J. Rice

The outside is the only place we can truly be inside the world. — Daniel J. Rice

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Tracy Rees

Although the deepest of snow in living memory lay upon the ground, the sun was shining and Aurelia breathed easiest out of doors. The four walls of any given room could not give her the horizons she longed for - horizons she could measure with her eyes and strive to conquer with her own two legs. She was like a wild animal, Cook always said. — Tracy Rees

Adventure Outdoors Quotes By Tim Cahill

I have no problem with the adventure travel movement. It makes better, more sensitive people. If you get people diving on a coral reef, they're going to become more respectful of the outdoors and more concerned with the threats that places like that face and they're going to care more about protecting them than they would have before. — Tim Cahill