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Top Princess Hours Quotes

Princess Hours Quotes By Melissa Kantor

You were sleeping?" said Princess One.
"No," I said. "Sometimes I just like to lie in the dark for hours with my eyes closed. — Melissa Kantor

Princess Hours Quotes By Stefan Bachmann

I can't even fathom myself from twenty-four hours ago. I was so busy following my rotten little heart, Disney princess-style. I did end up in a palace, so that's cool. — Stefan Bachmann

Princess Hours Quotes By Alexandra Bracken

Jedi Master. What would happen if Luke ever came face to face with the Sith? If he hunted Luke down, looking for the droids, looking for the princess? Luke had had a few hours of training; Ben had had decades! And still Vader had cut the Jedi Master down with a single blow. Leaving ... nothing. — Alexandra Bracken

Princess Hours Quotes By Rick Riordan

Less than forty-eight hours until G-Day, when Gaea the Princess of Potty Sludge would awaken in all her dirt-faced glory. — Rick Riordan

Princess Hours Quotes By Katherine Pine

Oz closed his eyes and grit his teeth. For a few minutes I thought he wouldn't say anything at all, just haul me over his shoulder and lock me in the back room. I hugged Princess for protection. Claws, Princess! Start hissing! I've pet you for hours, now protect me! But she didn't understand the gravity of the situation. Groggily, she licked my chin and began to purr into my neck, as if I'd clung to her for dear life simply for her own benefit. — Katherine Pine

Princess Hours Quotes By Holly Morris

All good stories must have religion, royalty, sex, and mystery. She figured she'd have a good two hours to read her Harlequin," said my grandmother. "Well, little Suzy walked up to her desk one minute later, said she was finished, and handed her the paper. 'That's impossible,' said the teacher, who looked down and read the story: 'My god, said the Princess, I'm pregnant, whodunit? — Holly Morris