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Preseason Quotes By Steve Nash

In the preseason, in the month of October, I work out almost every day, lifting weights for 20 or 30 minutes, and then during the season I usually lift weights twice a week, sometimes a little more. — Steve Nash

Preseason Quotes By Giovani Bernard

I would have to say that first preseason game. Just to put the pads on as an NFL player for the first time. It's a humbling experience because you realize that you are here and now you have an opportunity to go to work and continue to better yourself as a player. It's what you work for as an athlete and you know once you get there the real work begins. — Giovani Bernard

Preseason Quotes By Emmitt Smith

All men are created equal. Some work harder in preseason. — Emmitt Smith

Preseason Quotes By Harlan Coben

There is an old Yiddish phrase I find apropos - but not by choice: "Man plans, God laughs." I am a prime example. My life was pretty much laid out for me. I was a basketball star my entire childhood, destined to be an NBA player for the Boston Celtics. But in my very first preseason game, Big Burt Wesson slammed into me and ruined my knee. I tried gamely to come back, but there is a big difference between gamely and effectively. My career was over before I hit the parquet floor. I — Harlan Coben

Preseason Quotes By Doug Flutie

Any game is important to me. At Boston College, when I went out for the spring games, I wanted to win. Maybe it is more important than other preseason games. It's just that everyone is expecting a lot from me in my first week of professional football. I want to confirm my expectations. — Doug Flutie

Preseason Quotes By Michael Symon

If you salt a chicken the day before cooking, it starts to break down the cell structure of the meat and allows it to take on more flavor and actually helps it to stay more moist. Same goes for a steak, a pork chop. A lot of people brine; we preseason. — Michael Symon

Preseason Quotes By Matt Flynn

I love preseason games. They are fun to me because you get to go out there with guys that are on the NFL field for the first time and playing against guys who are going to be on the field for the first time. — Matt Flynn

Preseason Quotes By Tarvaris Jackson

I don't care if it's a preseason game or not. You want to win. — Tarvaris Jackson

Preseason Quotes By Sue Wicks

In preseason camp, there are no friends. when newcomers arrive trying to take not only your job, but maybe your best friend's job, you work together to try to help each other. Everyone is an outsider until you're given a uniform. — Sue Wicks

Preseason Quotes By Kirk Cousins

I could get a T-shirt that says 'All in for Week 4 of the Preseason.' That's not quite as catchy, and I don't have an endorsement deal with an apparel company. Maybe someone will sign me now. I don't make enough money to get fined. Maybe I'll get a deal with some off-brand or something that sells at Walmart or something. — Kirk Cousins

Preseason Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

In NFL preseason, the coaches don't use 10% of the playbook. They don't game plan. They do nothing. They don't give anything away for the regular season. They try to get everybody safely through it without anybody getting hurt. — Rush Limbaugh

Preseason Quotes By Trey Parker

I try not to tune in to politics until it's two or three months before the election. Till then, it's like watching preseason football. — Trey Parker

Preseason Quotes By Fernando Verdasco

I think that that Davis Cup final made me much stronger mentally. And this preseason, I was working really hard. So today, I was really believing in myself that I can win the match anyway, that I'm going to five sets. That's so important, no, believe in yourself. — Fernando Verdasco

Preseason Quotes By Scott Brooks

We had a great preseason. The guys responded with what coach (George Karl) wanted early on in pace of the game, togetherness and defensive intensity. We've improved in those areas with a couple of setbacks, but we've improved each game. — Scott Brooks

Preseason Quotes By Matt Flynn

Preseason game plans are always about fundamentals and playing football. You're not trying to out-scheme anybody, you're just trying to beat people and out-execute people. That's what's fun to me. — Matt Flynn

Preseason Quotes By Charles Barkley

Preseason is just a way to screw fans out of money. — Charles Barkley

Preseason Quotes By Mike McCarthy

Preseason football is hard to evaluate. It's never going to be clean for the quarterbacks. You have to overcome the ugly plays and be productive. It's a component of leadership that is necessary. The guys that make it in the league survive that. — Mike McCarthy

Preseason Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

I'm a season kind of guy - not the preseason but the regular season. — Shaquille O'Neal

Preseason Quotes By Jimmy Fallon

Thank you ... preseason football, for having all the excitement, commercials, and time-outs of the regular season, but with none of the mattering. I appreciate it. Thank you. — Jimmy Fallon

Preseason Quotes By Steve Mariucci

We know who is out there as far as available quarterbacks, but in reality, no one would be more prepared or capable as a No. 2 at this point than Dan. He got more snaps in the preseason than any of our quarterbacks and continues to get better. — Steve Mariucci

Preseason Quotes By Bill Parcells

I'm glad we were able to win this last one. I saw some good things tonight, ... It's just preseason, but we ran the ball good. I'm happy about that, and the first-team offense was pretty sharp. — Bill Parcells

Preseason Quotes By Patrick Kane

I like having those preseason games and exhibitions to really get ready for the regular season and get yourself off to a good start. — Patrick Kane

Preseason Quotes By Andrew Luck

I think the preseason helps a lot, just to feel a little bit about the speed of the game. — Andrew Luck

Preseason Quotes By Giovani Bernard

You don't realize how long that NFL season is. It's a long season, especially in your first year. Not only do you spend a lot of time preparing for the draft and working out, but they you have OTAs, minicamps, training camp, preseason games. By the time you get to week six you've already had one of the longest years of your football life and you still have 11 weeks to go, plus the playoffs. — Giovani Bernard