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Top Political Platform Quotes

Political Platform Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Use political positions as a platform to introduce legislation based on kingdom principle — Sunday Adelaja

Political Platform Quotes By Narendra Modi

If I talk about coal, people will start equating my statements with a political angle. This is not a platform for politics, I'm not making any allegations on anyone. — Narendra Modi

Political Platform Quotes By John Cornyn

Justices are not politicians. They don't run on a political platform, and senators should not ask them to do so. — John Cornyn

Political Platform Quotes By Tony Jones

To whom should we listen? The loudest voices? The most educated? The formerly marginalized? The formerly powerful? Those with the most retweets? Those who have traditionally spoken for God are now looked at askance by many people, and with good reason. Too often they've used their Christian platform for political and military gain. They've forgotten that the story of God, exemplified in Jesus, is an abdication of power. It's a story of self-limitation and humility. It's a story lived in solidarity with those at the margins. To whom should we listen? To Jesus on the cross. — Tony Jones

Political Platform Quotes By Ice-T

There's people out there with nuclear bombs and yet we've got all these politicians trying to make a political platform based on a record. Isn't it ridiculous? — Ice-T

Political Platform Quotes By Safak Pavey

I believe in peace-building in any kind of platform, be it a political platform like Parliament or negotiations like peace-building negotiations. — Safak Pavey

Political Platform Quotes By Nina Easton

In 1992, Bill Clinton ran on a platform of 'ending welfare as we know it.' His political worldview, drawn from like-minded thinkers at the Democratic Leadership Council, was based in private sector growth and personal responsibility. — Nina Easton

Political Platform Quotes By Ze Frank

I've been super impressed with what BuzzFeed has done on Facebook with inspiring list posts and on Twitter with political scoops, but YouTube is a giant social platform that has its own quirks and oddities and will require some new approaches. — Ze Frank

Political Platform Quotes By Frank Gaffney

Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, conservatives have succeeded by adhering to a platform that rests firmly on three legs: smaller government, faith and family, and a strong national defense. These three legs do not merely represent a political coalition; they are three necessary components of a strong and secure America. — Frank Gaffney

Political Platform Quotes By Harold Holzer

While attending to the customary tasks of assembling a cabinet, rewarding political loyalists with federal appointments, and drafting an inaugural address alone - he employed no speechwriters - Lincoln was uniquely forced to confront the collapse of the country itself, with no power to prevent its disintegration. Bound to loyalty to the Republican party platform on which he had run and won, he could yield little to the majority that had in fact voted against him. — Harold Holzer

Political Platform Quotes By Stafford Cripps

Every possible effort should be made to stop recruiting for the Armed Forces. This may, and probably would, lead to some form of conscription being proposed or introduced. Thus would be provided a most favourable political platform upon which to fight the National Government. — Stafford Cripps

Political Platform Quotes By Richard Rorty

If the Left forms no such alliances, it will never have any effect on the laws of the United States. To form them will require the cultural Left to forget about Baudrillard's account of America as Disneyland--as a county of simulacra--and to start proposing changes in the laws of a real country, inhabited by real people who are enduring unnecessary suffering, much of which can be cured by governmental action. Nothing would do more to resurrect the American Left than agreement on a concrete political platform, a People's Charter, a list of specific reforms. The existence of such a list--endlessly reprinted and debated, equally familiar to professors and production workers, imprinted on the memory both of professional people and of those who clean the professionals' toilets--might revitalize leftist politics. — Richard Rorty

Political Platform Quotes By Jeff Koons

I think artists are always investigating how to have an economic, political platform. At one time, artists were supported by the Church. Then they were supported also by the state. — Jeff Koons

Political Platform Quotes By Jon Stewart

Each party has a platform
a pre-fixed menu of beliefs making up its worldview. The candidate can choose one of the two platforms, but remember: no substitutions.
For example, do you support healthcare? Then you must also want a ban on assault weapons. Pro limited government? Congratulations, you are also anti-abortion.
Luckily, all human opinion falls neatly into one of the two clearly defined camps. Thus, the two-party system elegantly represents the bi-chromatic rainbow that is American political thought. — Jon Stewart

Political Platform Quotes By Thomas Friedman

Al Qaeda is nothing more than a mutant supply chain. They're playing off the same platform as Wal-Mart and Dell. They're just not restrained by it. What is al Qaeda? It's an open source religious political movement that works off the global supply chain. That's what we're up against in Iraq. We're up against a suicide supply chain. — Thomas Friedman

Political Platform Quotes By Chiranjeevi

I used to do some philanthropic work, but with the political platform, I can contribute in a bigger way. — Chiranjeevi

Political Platform Quotes By Jens Spahn

Being gay is not a political accomplishment in itself. It's not enough to constitute a political platform. — Jens Spahn

Political Platform Quotes By Robert J. Samuelson

If President Clinton has his way, we will have a false debate in the 1996 election campaign. It will not engage real political choices - choices framed by our appetite for government services and our distaste for taxes - but rather artificial choices crafted by Clinton to advance his reelection. Clinton has clearly been using the budget as an election platform ... I dislike using the word 'lies,' but Clinton exploits such forbearance (widespread in the press) to spread untruths. — Robert J. Samuelson

Political Platform Quotes By Daniel Alexander Brackins

The repeal of laws as a means to roll back the state is not unjustified. For example, there is no coercion against those who would pick our pockets for "free" healthcare or education, rather it is more so an act of self-defense. As such, we are free to use the state's political apparatus to further a platform against aggression, democracy, and egalitarianism, while supporting property rights. — Daniel Alexander Brackins

Political Platform Quotes By Rachel Held Evans

As far as I'm concerned, the teachings of Jesus are far too radical to be embodied in a political platform or represented by a single candidate. It's not up to some politician to represent my Christian values to the world; it's up to me. That's why I'm always a little perplexed when someone finds out that I'm not a Republican and asks, How can you call yourself a Christian? — Rachel Held Evans

Political Platform Quotes By Cathy O'Neil

I have no reason to believe that the social scientists at Facebook are actively gaming the political system. Most of them are serious academics carrying out research on a platform that they could only have dreamed about two decades ago. But what they have demonstrated is Facebook's enormous power to affect what we learn, how we feel, and whether we vote. Its platform is massive, powerful, and opaque. The algorithms are hidden from us, and we see only the results of the experiments researchers choose to publish. — Cathy O'Neil

Political Platform Quotes By Theodore H. White

In the hard life of politics it is well known that no platform nor any program advanced by either major American party has any purpose beyond expressing emotion. Platforms are a ritual with a history of their own and, after being written, they are useful chiefly to scholars who dissect them as archeological political remains. The writing of a platform does indeed flatter many people, gives many pressure groups a chance to blow off steam in public, permits the leaders of such pressure groups to report back to their memberships of their valiant efforts to persuade. But in actual fact, all platforms are meaningless: the program of either party is what lies in the vision and conscience of the candidate the party chooses to lead it. Nevertheless, — Theodore H. White

Political Platform Quotes By Henry D. Moyle

No political party is justified to continue in existence unless it clearly states the principles which it advocates, the platform upon which its candidates stand, and then with integrity, when and if elected, carry out those principles and live up to that platform. Except that be the case, we as Latter-day Saints should not align ourselves to any party, because we do not have the basis upon which we can make an intelligent decision. We must know what they stand for before we can favor them with our vote. — Henry D. Moyle

Political Platform Quotes By Herbert Croly

Democracy must stand or fall on a platform of possible human perfectibility. If human nature cannot be improved by institutions, democracy is at best a more than usually safe form of political organization ... But if it is to work better as well as merely longer, it must have some leavening effect on human nature; and the sincere democrat is obliged to assume the power of the leaven. [Progressive] — Herbert Croly

Political Platform Quotes By Thomas Frank

Financial regulation is the next item on the political horizon, and it doesn't have to be the deathly dull wonk-battle that it sounds like. In fact, if the Democrats do their job, it can just as easily become a platform for addressing the greatest issues of them all. — Thomas Frank

Political Platform Quotes By Nathan Hill

Steak and chicken have too much baggage these days. Was it free-range? Antibiotic-free? Cruelty-free? Organic? Kosher? Did the farmer wear silken gloves to caress it to sleep every night while singing gentle lullabies? You can't order a fucking hamburger anymore without embracing some kind of political platform. — Nathan Hill

Political Platform Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

The second item in the liberal creed, after self-righteousness, is unaccountability. Liberals have invented whole college majors
psychology, sociology, women's studies
to prove that nothing is anybody's fault. No one is fond of taking responsibility for his actions, but consider how much you'd have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist might favor abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the liberal view. — P. J. O'Rourke

Political Platform Quotes By Hassan Nasrallah

Those who elected Hamas in Palestine did so on the basis of its political platform. — Hassan Nasrallah

Political Platform Quotes By Reed Hastings

About half my work in education is U.S. political reform around school districts and charter schools, and creating more room for entrepreneurial organizations to develop. And about half on technology, which I look at as a global platform. — Reed Hastings

Political Platform Quotes By Bill Bryson

More recently, during a debate in the House of Lords in 1978 one of the members said: "If there is a more hideous language on the face of the earth than the American form of English, I should like to know what it is." (We should perhaps bear in mind that the House of Lords is a largely powerless, nonelective institution. It is an arresting fact of British political life that a Briton can enjoy a national platform and exalted status because he is the residue of an illicit coupling 300 years before between a monarch and an orange seller.) — Bill Bryson

Political Platform Quotes By Farrah Gray

When people listen to people like me, those of us who have a platform, we have to say things that speak truth. We have to empower, inspire, build, and launch the next generation of world solutions that will positively contribute to our economic, political and social fabric and - hopefully - improve the entire nation and the world. — Farrah Gray

Political Platform Quotes By Angelina Jolie

Actors spend a great deal of their time making films. And that doesn't mean that they're not educated. But we haven't gone to law school and we're not experts on policy. We're just people with a platform and an opinion. But that should never be enough, in my opinion, to be political. — Angelina Jolie

Political Platform Quotes By Steven Van Zandt

First of all, just because the Tea Party people appear to be generally uneducated, ignorant about the political process, ignorant about economics, confused about their own platform from the beginning, and indelicate when it comes to the craft of diplomacy, doesn't mean they're wrong. — Steven Van Zandt