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Top Pinball Quotes

Pinball Quotes By Rick Riordan

I think we can all agree that this deaf elf sure plays a mean pinball. — Rick Riordan

Pinball Quotes By David Mitchell

I think about pinball, and how being a kid's like being shot up the firing lane and there's no veering left or right; or you're just sort of propelled. But once you clear the top, like when you're sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, suddenly there's a thousand different paths you can take, some amazing, others not. Tiny little differences in angles and speed'll totally alter what happens to you later, so a fraction of an inch to the right, and the ball'll just hit a pinger and a dinger and fly down between your flippers, no messing, a waste of 10 p. But a fraction to the left and it's action in the play zone, bumpers and kickers, ramps and slingshots and fame on the high-score table. — David Mitchell

Pinball Quotes By Eugene Jarvis

In video you are starting with nothing but a black screen. There's no game there. With pinball you at least start with that basic concept, but not with video. The challenge of going from no game to something today is only different because you have to create something so damn fun people will pay $1.00 every two minutes to play it. — Eugene Jarvis

Pinball Quotes By Nolan Bushnell

I must confess I've always had a couple of pinball machines in my home and really have enjoyed some of the old classics, like Fireball. — Nolan Bushnell

Pinball Quotes By Mark Miodownik

When light from the sun enters the Earth's atmosphere, it hits all sorts of molecules (mostly nitrogen and oxygen molecules) on its way to Earth and bounces off them like a pinball. This is called scattering, which means that on a clear day, if you look at any part of the sky, the light you see has been bouncing around the atmosphere before coming into your eye. If all light was scattered equally, the sky would look white. But it doesn't. The reason is that the shorter wavelengths of light are more likely to be scattered than the longer ones, which means that blues get bounced around the sky more than reds and yellows. So instead of seeing a white sky when we look up, we see a blue one. — Mark Miodownik

Pinball Quotes By Emile Hirsch

I'm not a ball in a pinball machine. I know what I want. — Emile Hirsch

Pinball Quotes By Robert J. Marks II

Programs to demonstrate Darwinian evolution are akin to a pinball machine. The steel ball bounces around differently every time but eventually falls down the little hole behind the flippers. — Robert J. Marks II

Pinball Quotes By John C. Reilly

I'm dating myself by saying this, but I was the test audience for 'Space Invaders.' I remember when that was the first game that wasn't a pinball game. I spent a lot of money on 'Space Invaders,' in the form of quarters, of course. — John C. Reilly

Pinball Quotes By Zadie Smith

A neutral place. The chances of finding one these days are slim, maybe even slimmer than Archie's pinball trick. The sheer quantity of shit that must be wiped off the slate if we are to start again as new. Race. Land. Ownership. Faith. Theft. Blood. And more blood. And more. And not only must the place be neutral, but the messenger who takes you to the place, and the messenger who sends the messenger. There are no people or places like that left ... — Zadie Smith

Pinball Quotes By Rainn Wilson

My brain is so anxiety-prone, like a pinball machine. If I don't get up in the morning and focus my thinking, my breathing, and my being for about 12 minutes, I'm just a screwball all day long. — Rainn Wilson

Pinball Quotes By Sue Grafton

The only colors I could see were the vibrant primary hues of the pinball machine, where a cartoon spacewoman with big conical breasts straddled the earth in a formfitting blue space suit and thigh-high yellow boots. Behind her, a big red dildo-shaped spaceship was just blasting off for the moon. — Sue Grafton

Pinball Quotes By Jack Kerouac

Somebody had tipped the American continent like a pinball machine and all the goofballs had come rolling to LA in the southwest corner. I cried for all of us. There was no end to the American sadness and the American madness. Someday we'll all start laughing and roll on the ground when we realize how funny it's been. — Jack Kerouac

Pinball Quotes By Tom Robbins

The Earth is God's pinball machine and each quake, tidal wave, flash flood and volcanic eruption is the result of a TILT that occurs when God, cheating, tries to win free games. — Tom Robbins

Pinball Quotes By Robin Wasserman

Cliche but accurate: Kick a football, then ask it whether it meant to fly. All action demands an equal and opposite reaction. You can't blame an object battered by inertial forces; you can't blame me, bouncing through the pinball machine of life. — Robin Wasserman

Pinball Quotes By Charlaine Harris

Following Simon's adventures is like being the pinball in an especially antic game, but it's well worth the wear and tear. — Charlaine Harris

Pinball Quotes By Kevin Dillon

I just always loved pinball. — Kevin Dillon

Pinball Quotes By Kay Redfield Jamison

Her parents, she said, has put a pinball machine inside her head when she was five years old. The red balls told her when she should laugh, the blue ones when she should be silent and keep away from other people; the green balls told her that she should start multiplying by three. Every few days a silver ball would make its way through the pins of the machine. At this point her head turned and she stared at me; I assumed she was checking to see if I was still listening. I was, of course. How could one not? The whole thing was bizarre but riveting. I asked her, What does the silver ball mean? She looked at me intently, and then everything went dead in her eyes. She stared off into space, caught up in some internal world. I never found out what the silver ball meant. — Kay Redfield Jamison

Pinball Quotes By Drake Bell

I hope fans will go back and listen to the Beatles and the Beach Boys or Led Zeppelin, or put on 'Tommy' and let them experience like I did that moment when 'Pinball Wizard' comes on. — Drake Bell

Pinball Quotes By Gerasimos I. Kambites

Everyone's existence is filled with special stories. But my life is my story; an amazing journey, a bouncing steel ball in a living pinball machine flying through the molecules and empty spaces of primal experience. — Gerasimos I. Kambites

Pinball Quotes By Pinball Clemons

But we have to understand why we do what we do, not just do what we do. Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. — Pinball Clemons

Pinball Quotes By Louis Sachar

"Nearly everything in the room was broken; the TV, the pinball machine, the furniture. Even the people looked broken, with their worn out bodies sprawled over the various chairs and sofas." (p.43)
This is Stanley's view of the "wreck room" at Camp Green Lake. It is the one place the boys are allowed to relax somewhat and they have trashed it. The inhumanity of the camp has possessed the boys. Stanley sees this room as a reminder that the boys have the capacity for violence, and he does not want to mess with the other campers. — Louis Sachar

Pinball Quotes By Haruki Murakami

There is a slight difference between collecting fifty wine labels and collecting fifty pinball machines. — Haruki Murakami

Pinball Quotes By Tom Hodgkinson

There is nothing so perfect as pinball and a pint at 11 a.m. — Tom Hodgkinson

Pinball Quotes By David Louis Edelman

Today's customer journey is an iterative, complex, pinball of touchpoints. — David Louis Edelman

Pinball Quotes By Haruki Murakami

On any given day, something can come along and steal our hearts. It may be any old thing: a rosebud, a lost cap, a favorite sweater from childhood, an old Gene Pitney record. A miscellany of trivia with no home to call their own. Lingering for two or three days, that something soon disappears, returning to the darkness. There are wells, deep wells, dug in our hearts. Birds fly over them."
-from "Pinball, 1973 — Haruki Murakami

Pinball Quotes By Wallace Stroby

Across the intersection he could see the crumbling blue-green facade of the Palace Amusements building, the grinning ten-foot-high face on its north wall smiling out on empty streets and vacant lots. The arcade entrances were covered with plywood; broken neon tubing hung from the walls. He thought of the hours he had spent there as a kid, playing pinball, firing the real .22s in the shooting gallery, riding the bumper cars. It hurt to look at it now. — Wallace Stroby

Pinball Quotes By Anne Lamott

I am learning slowly to bring my crazy pinball-machine mind back to this place ... — Anne Lamott

Pinball Quotes By Matt Groening

I like the 'Simpsons' pinball machines. Those are pretty great. — Matt Groening

Pinball Quotes By Michael Pinball Clemons

Once again, there was talk of winning every game, and once again, we proved to be human, because an oblong ball takes funny bounces. — Michael Pinball Clemons

Pinball Quotes By Steve McQueen

Nobody trusts anyone, or why did they put tilt on a pinball machine ... — Steve McQueen

Pinball Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Each new thing he encountered in life impelled him in a direction that fully convinced him of its rightness, but then the next new thing loomed up and impelled him in the opposite direction, which also felt right. There was no controlling narrative: he seemed to himself a purely reactive pinball in a game whose only object was to stay alive for staying alive's sake. — Jonathan Franzen

Pinball Quotes By Warren Spector

Whatever adults don't understand, because they didn't grow up with it, is the thing they're going to be afraid of and try to legislate out of existence. It happened with videogames, it happened with television, it happened with pinball parlours and rock and roll. — Warren Spector

Pinball Quotes By Pete Townshend

It wasn't just about flashing lights and pinball machines blowing up and things like that. It was about using encores, bringing back the good songs and using techniques that I knew about from rock performance. — Pete Townshend

Pinball Quotes By George Carlin

If a movie is described as a romantic comedy, you can usually find me next door playing pinball. — George Carlin

Pinball Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

The brass ball spun furiously round his pole. "Ooh, I'll bet you scribble in the margins, don't you? You fiend! You devil! I can see it in your beady little non-spectacled eyes! You're just the type of monster who uses an innocent book to prop open a door or straighten a table with a wobbly leg. Or maybe you only read magazines? Savage!"
"Oh, get off yourself," barked Blunderbuss. "I've eaten more books than you've shelved in your whole weird pinball life and I enjoyed every last one, thanks very much."
"EATEN?!" screeched the brass ball. — Catherynne M Valente

Pinball Quotes By Haruki Murakami

That's when I gave up pinball. When the times comes, everybody gives up pinball. Nothing more to it. — Haruki Murakami

Pinball Quotes By Sherry Turkle

Pinball games were constrained by physical limitations, ultimately by the physical laws that govern the motion of a small metal ball. The video world knows no such bounds. Objects fly, spin, accelerate, change shape and color, disappear and reappear. Their behavior, like the behavior of anything created by a computer program, is limited only by the programmer's imagination. The objects in a video game are representations of objects. And a representation of a ball, unlike a real one, never need obey the laws of gravity unless its programmer wants it to. — Sherry Turkle

Pinball Quotes By Hulk Hogan

The coolest thing, and I have it at home, is a huge Hulk Hogan, normal-sized pinball machine. When people come over they play it for hours. When you hit the bumpers and the bells ring it goes, 'Oh yeah!' The whole time you're playing this machine it's yelling and screaming at you, 'What you gonna do, brother?!' I think that's the coolest. — Hulk Hogan

Pinball Quotes By Claire LaZebnik

WE LEAVE THE DORM, and Ethan shows us the gym, where he proudly informs us that in one month he's already doubled the weight he can curl, then the community room, which has an enormous flat-screen TV and a bunch of pinball and video games, then the computer room, and then his little corner patch of their big community garden, where he's growing lettuce and beets.

"But you don't eat vegetables," David says.

"Sammy says food tastes better when you grow it yourself."

"It's true," I say. David rolls his eyes and makes a snorting sound. "It is," I insist. "I once had a tomato plant, and I hate tomatoes, but I ate the one little tomato I succeeded in growing, and it was delicious. Then the plant died."

"I didn't want to grow tomatoes," Ethan says.

"I don't blame you. It only leads to heartbreak. — Claire LaZebnik

Pinball Quotes By Jann Arden

My cat is completely blind. I am watching her now, sweet-pea that is, circling the kitchen floor and bumping into the kitchen chairs. She is kind of like a furry ball in a pinball machine ... she bumps into something and then just turns and moves on ... it makes me smile - although i know it's just not that funny. I think i laugh because what i really feel like doing, is crying — Jann Arden

Pinball Quotes By Jack Spicer

And I think that it is certainly possible that the objective universe can be affected by the poet. I mean, you recall Orpheus made the trees and the stones dance and so forth, and this is something which is in almost all primitive cultures. I think it has some definite basis to it. I'm not sure what. It's like telekinesis, which I know very well on a pinball machine is perfectly possible. — Jack Spicer

Pinball Quotes By Len Zinberg

I knew you'd be lucky today. I was pretty lucky myself, 693 came out and I played 698. Had the first two numbers right, anyway." Andy smiled. "Are you a ducker for that number racket. I guess everybody is a sucker for some kind of racket. Horses, numbers, cards, bingo, pinball machines...the great American hobbies. Everybody trying anything to make a few bucks." "I only play two cents a day," Charley said weakly. "Go ahead, play, if you get a bang out of it. Maybe you'll hit...one of these days! There's our old pal, one of these days, and some day, popping up. — Len Zinberg

Pinball Quotes By Holly A. Smith

I am inundated with feeling. I feel like a pinball machine on tilt. All the buzzers are ringing, lights are flashing, and I am about to fry my circuits. Nothing is coming in,and nothing is going out. I feel electrified. The wires ignited, sparked, and fizzled. I want it all to slow down. I go right to the water to douse my flame. I immerse myself in the hot water. I want to wash the smells off my body. I can smell Isabella's hair, her breath, and her child vaginal scent. My hair smells of smoke,and I want to wash Francis off me. — Holly A. Smith

Pinball Quotes By Bill Budge

To be honest, I look at my Pinball program and feel that it is old stuff. I could do much better. — Bill Budge

Pinball Quotes By Ed Robertson

I am the pinball geek of the band, probably of the nation of Canada. I've been a pinball fan my whole life. I started collecting machines in the late '90s. — Ed Robertson

Pinball Quotes By Haruki Murakami

While you're playing yourself out in lonesome dissipation in front of a pinball machine, someone else might be reading through Proust. Still another might be engaged in heavy petting with a girlfriend at a drive-in theater showing of Paths of Courage. The one could well become a writer, witness to the age; the others, a happily married couple. Pinball machines, however, won't lead you anywhere.
Just the replay light. Replay, replay, replay ... — Haruki Murakami

Pinball Quotes By Iggy Azalea

As a child, I remember my dad would sometimes drive me into town with him to play pinball machines together. It's a bittersweet memory but also a favorite. — Iggy Azalea

Pinball Quotes By Lauren Miller

The fear, though, is unassailable. The dark balls of dread pinball through my brain. This is what anxiety does to a brain, I know that. A barrage of intrusive, unwanted, and distressing thoughts that the person thinking them can't turn them off no matter how hard they try... — Lauren Miller

Pinball Quotes By Chip R. Bell

Giving advice is like playing pinball: only by pushing and pulling can you encourage the ball to go in a new direction and increase your score. But too much pushing and pulling can cause a tilt and stop the game. — Chip R. Bell

Pinball Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

It wasn't hard going to the gym, as long as he went as soon as he woke up, before he had time to think about not going. Those morning workouts made him feel like he was starting his day like a pinball, with a giant shot of momentum. The feeling sometimes didn't wear off until six or seven at night (when it was usually overtaken by the feeling that he was just bouncing haplessly from one situation to the next without any real purpose or direction). — Rainbow Rowell

Pinball Quotes By Rex Hunt

The outdoors, the beautiful environment, both in fresh and salt water. And the thing that concerns me is the amount of kids that stand on street corners, or go into pinball parlours, and call it recreation. — Rex Hunt

Pinball Quotes By Heinz R. Pagels

The world changed from having the determinism of a clock to having the contingency of a pinball machine. — Heinz R. Pagels