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Famous Quotes By Sarah Curtis

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I'm coming for you, Angel, and make no mistake, I plan on winning you. — Sarah Curtis

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You are the breath I need to breathe. I live for you, Alexis. Without you, I am nothing." - Jackson Cole — Sarah Curtis

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Who was that?"

"A one-night stand that didn't want to let go."

Alexis looked over the sea of people, trying to find the woman. "There seems to be a lot of those."
"Too late to change my past now, but if I could, I would."

Alexis gave him a disbelieving smirk. "Are you saying, if you could have changed things, you would've waited for me?"

He gave her his wicked grin. "I'm saying I would have found you sooner. — Sarah Curtis

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You belong to me. We are not in a temporary relationship or whatever fucked up nonsense you want to call it. We are real, and you are mine. You became mine the first time I held you in my arms, and I swore to myself, I would protect you always." - Jackson Cole — Sarah Curtis

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Just so we're clear. You've been claimed, that kiss was my brand, and now you're mine." - Mason Connor — Sarah Curtis

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Ran into him? Are you not together?"

Cassie shook her head. "No."
Gage contradicted her by saying, "We are. We're getting married."

Cassie leaned into him and hissed. "Would you stop telling people that." She turned back to Sam and gave her a smile. "We're not getting married."

Gage used Cassie's hair to tip her head back again. He leaned over, giving her another kiss before saying, "Sunshine, we are."

Cassie yanked her hair out of his fist and took a step away from him. "Honey limpkins," she said, sarcastically, "we are not. — Sarah Curtis

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And what if I don't want to win you?" The hand at her back pressed her closer and a warmth entered his eyes. "Well then, we have a problem," he declared gruffly. "Because you already have. — Sarah Curtis

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He took a hold of her hand and brought it to his chest. "Do you feel that?"
"Your heart?" At his nod, she replied, "Yes."
"It's beating just for you. From the first moment I saw you, it was yours. And, until my last breath on this Earth, it will belong to you." He brought his hand to her chest and placed it over her heart. "Now, I need to know if yours belongs to me. Not a part, but the whole thing. A person can't live with half a heart. I need your whole heart to survive. — Sarah Curtis

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You scare me, Gage." Her eyes pleaded with him to understand. "You tore me up, ripped me apart. It took me a long time to put the pieces back together again."

His thumb grazed along her cheek in a soft caress. "I know baby, but I promise you, you have nothing to fear this time."

"How do you know that? How can you promise something like that?"

"Because I would die protecting you. I would slay dragons for you." He fisted her hair and brought his face close. "I would get on my knees and beg for you. — Sarah Curtis

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There was a tattoo, in block letters, low on his pelvis. She sat up on the edge of the bed, her hands reaching behind to grab his ass and pull him closer, so she could read it. "You have got to be shitting me, THE END ZONE, really?" — Sarah Curtis