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Pg-13 Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

Pg 623 When they were young, they had only their secrets to give one another:
Confessions were currency, and divulgences were a form of intimacy. — Hanya Yanagihara

Pg-13 Quotes By Marcelo Figueras

If life was a movie and someone asked you what kind of a movie it was the best answer would be: it's a movie that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Grandpa knew that. pg. 223 — Marcelo Figueras

Pg-13 Quotes By Milan Kundera

But just make someone who has fallen in love listen to his stomach rumble, and the unity of body and soul, that lyrical illusion of the age of science , instantly fades away. — Milan Kundera

Pg-13 Quotes By Clark Gregg

All the PG-13 superhero movies are depriving me of the gore that I need. — Clark Gregg

Pg-13 Quotes By Tom Shadyac

In movies you can shoot a guy 3,000 times and get a 'PG-13', but if you say the 'F' word twice it's automatically an 'R'. I'll let that be its own comment. — Tom Shadyac

Pg-13 Quotes By Lawrence Ferlinghetti

And I am waiting/ for Alice in Wonderland/ to retransmit to me/ her total dream of innocence
pg. 52// A Coney Island of the Mind — Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

If you run into a psychic wall face-first, do you wind up with psychic bruises?
-Clary, pg.239- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Joel Silver

The only problem is I can't get into PG-13 Land. I just get stuck in R rated movies, which they would love us to make PG-13 movies but I never get there. But I think that you've got to make them different. You've got to switch them up. — Joel Silver

Pg-13 Quotes By Kelly Hu

Well, they had to have me in the G-string because this is PG-13, right? — Kelly Hu

Pg-13 Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Because - oh shut up laughing, you two - because they've just been turned down by girls they asked to the ball! — J.K. Rowling

Pg-13 Quotes By Sheldon K. Bass

Offering thanks and singing praises to God, compels the Lord to act in our behalf, to either calm the storm to a whisper, or to give us the strength to endure the storm. Whichever He chooses, He brings us out of our distress and into His peace." Meet Him on the Mountain pg. 138. — Sheldon K. Bass

Pg-13 Quotes By Jonathan Tropper

We don't share our thoughts, we share carefully sanitized, watered-down versions of them, Hollywood adaptations of those thoughts dumbed down for the PG-13 crowd. — Jonathan Tropper

Pg-13 Quotes By Yann Martel

And what of my extended family-birds, beasts, and reptiles? They too have drowned. Every single thing I value in life has been destroyed. And I am allowed no explanation? I am to suffer hell without any account from heaven? In that case, what is the purpose of reason, Richard Parker? Is it no more than to shine at practicalities-the getting of food, clothing and shelter? Why can't reason give greater answers? Why can we throw a question further than we can pull in an answer? Why such a vast net if there's so little fish to catch? (pg. 98) — Yann Martel

Pg-13 Quotes By Maureen Corrigan

I think, consciously or not, what we readers do each time we open a book is to set off a search for authenticity. We want to get closer to the heart of things, and sometimes even a few good sentences contained in an otherwise unexceptional book can crystallize vague feelings, fleeting physical sensations, or, sometimes, profound epiphanies. pg. xvi — Maureen Corrigan

Pg-13 Quotes By Tan Twan Eng

We were like two moths around a candle, I thought, circling closer and closer to the flame, waiting to see whose wings would catch fire first. — Tan Twan Eng

Pg-13 Quotes By Clive Barker

I don't like PG-13 horror movies. I think they're a contradiction in terms. — Clive Barker

Pg-13 Quotes By Rachel Harris

He tugs me closer, and my ankles lock behind him. Is it PG-13 time? — Rachel Harris

Pg-13 Quotes By The Miz

It's pretty awesome. Mattel does such a great job with detail ... I'm way better looking than Ken. Barbie's been hitting on my action figure the whole time. She actually asked the stocking people if she could hang next to me, but they said no - because it's PG. — The Miz

Pg-13 Quotes By J.R. Ward

In the silence that followed, violent anger hit Blay from out of
Now his hands shook for a different reason.
"So," Saxton said hoarsely. "How was your night?"
"What the hell happened down there?"
Saxton loosened his tie. Unbuttoned his collar. Took yet another
deep breath. "Family tiff, as it were."
Saxton shifted exhausted eyes over. "Must we do this?"
"What happened - "
"I think you and Qhuinn need to talk. And once you do, I won't have to worry about being jumped like a felon again."
Blay frowned. "He and I have nothing to say to each other - "
"With all due respect, the ligature marks around my neck would
suggest otherwise."
-Lover at Last, pg. 188 of the galleys — J.R. Ward

Pg-13 Quotes By Jennifer E. Smith

Pg 13 the day ahead of her is like something living and breathing, something that is barreling towards her at an alarming rate and it seems only a matter of time before it will knock her flat on her back. — Jennifer E. Smith

Pg-13 Quotes By Ron McVan

White, is not a race, it is a color, European, is not a race, it is a place named after the goddess Europa. Caucasian, is not a race, it is a place and mountain range. Gentile, is not a race, it is a biblical name that was given to describe Aryans as non-Jews. Aryan is the biological correct name of our race! Aryan is who we are by blood and the genetic source of our being and beginning. All the numerous names, German, French, Irish, Scotch, Polish, Italian, Norwegian and on and on are simply the many tribal names of the Aryan people. — Ron McVan

Pg-13 Quotes By Eli Roth

All the copycat movies were always PG-13 and people said: "Nobody wants violence." — Eli Roth

Pg-13 Quotes By Sharon Creech

Don't judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins. — Sharon Creech

Pg-13 Quotes By George R R Martin

Another day done" - he would sigh - "and who knows what the morrow will bring us, eh, Dunk? — George R R Martin

Pg-13 Quotes By Aimee Byrd

Conversion is not merely a ticket out of hell. It is the beginning of a whole new life, not just an end to the old one. — Aimee Byrd

Pg-13 Quotes By Ellen F. Davis

If God has a best friend (and why not?), then surely it is Moses. (pg. 46) — Ellen F. Davis

Pg-13 Quotes By Fernando Pessoa

Pg.9 In my heart there's a peaceful anguish, and my calm is made of resignation. — Fernando Pessoa

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

There is a predictable theme as to what upsets our matriarchs. Usually, matriarchs are known for their unified support. When it comes to kingdom matters, however, they are willing to drive out Abraham's son. (Ge 21:10) They are willing to reject Isaac's son. (Ge 27:6-13) In other words, they are not afraid to reject royalty ('shepherd-like acquaintances') to further God's kingdom goals. (Re 20:4-6)
pg 26 — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

From Genesis to Revelation, holy text is all about relationships and the limitless flavors of those relationships. It is the duty of mankind to tap into our women's unique talents
their genius for 'relationships.'
pg vii — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Jim Harrison

Trying to teach creativity is the major hoax of our time along with the Iraq war and plastic surgery"
~ Snarky comment of Clive from "The River Swimmer" (pg 47) — Jim Harrison

Pg-13 Quotes By James Berardinelli

Side note to parents: Anyone who thinks 'Dude, Where's My Car' is more appropriate for children than 'American Pie' because it obtained a PG-13 rating needs to stop trusting the MPAA. — James Berardinelli

Pg-13 Quotes By James Patterson

We all love each other, Ange," I said impatiently, hating this whole conversation. "No, not like this," she went on relentlessly. "Fang loves you." ... My mouth dropped open. How does she know this stuff? "Forget it! No one's getting married!" I hissed. "Not in New Hampshire or anywhere else! Not in a box, not with a fox! Now go to sleep, before I kill you! Oh yeah, like I got any sleep after that. - pg 35 — James Patterson

Pg-13 Quotes By Albert Sanchez Pinol

Most geniuses are geniuses because of the way they manage their natural talents. He was one because of the way he took advantage of the world's defects.
-pg 129 — Albert Sanchez Pinol

Pg-13 Quotes By Patrick Rothfuss

We lay on our sides, like spoons nesting in a drawer. My arm ended up under her head, like a pillow. She curled snugly along the inside of my body, so easy and natural, as if she had been designed to fit there. - Kvothe - The Name Of The Wind - pg 629 — Patrick Rothfuss

Pg-13 Quotes By Michelle Richmond

As the years progress and we experience more and more, the mini-narratives that make up our lives are distorted, corrupted, so that every one of us is left with a false history, a self-created fiction about the live we have led. pg 163 — Michelle Richmond

Pg-13 Quotes By Elizabeth Knox

I don't know whether you know this, but there are people in the world with a very odd gift, one that looks like crossed wires. These people firmly believe that every number has a color, and every sound a shape..." pg 273 — Elizabeth Knox

Pg-13 Quotes By Hans Ulrich Obrist

I don't believe in the creativity of the curator. I don't think that the exhibition-maker has brilliant ideas around which the works of artists must fit. Instead, the process always starts with a conversation, in which I ask the artists what their unrealized projects are, and then the task is to find the means to realize them.
pg 10 — Hans Ulrich Obrist

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

Genesis began with the Father losing His family. Revelation ends with Him getting them back. Is there nothing to be learned from this sad cycle? Truly, family is the legitimate theme of holy text.
pg vi — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Richelle Mead

I'd realized then just how strong our connection was, how perfectly we understood each other. I'd been skeptical about people being soul mates in the past, but at that moment, I knew it was true. And the emotional connection had come a physical one. Dimitri and I had finally given in to the attraction. We'd sworn we never would, but... well, our feelings were just too strong. Staying away from each other had turned out to be impossible. ~Rose, Pg.74 — Richelle Mead

Pg-13 Quotes By Dean Koontz

To one degree or another, I have been happy most of my life, in part because the world has infinite charms if you wish to see them. - Addison Goodheart pg. 119 — Dean Koontz

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

He picks up his dates in a van? No wonder he's such a hit with the ladies."
-Jace about Simon, pg. 331- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Sebastien De Castell

I suppose "cartographer" is as good a description as any, but the Argosi do not draw maps of places, but rather of people... cultures.' She tapped the deck in my hand. 'You understand the meaning of the suits? ... look more closely at the individual cards and you'll see that the particular design on each card reflects part of the fundamental power structure of that society.'
pg 79 — Sebastien De Castell

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

Beware young brides: The cruelest behaviors on earth are done in the name of, what some call, 'love.' Therefore, the Shulamite does a much better job at defining love than pop-culture.
pg 4 — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Lewis Carroll

You know," he (Tweedledee) added very gravely, "it's one of the most serious things that can possibly happen to one in a battle
to get one's head cut off." pg. 199 — Lewis Carroll

Pg-13 Quotes By Heather Brewer

Wrong. Enemies don't fight with such determined passion. That kind of focus is reserved for friends at odds with one another.
pg 69 Tomas to Vlad — Heather Brewer

Pg-13 Quotes By Tim O'Brien

Kiowa who saw it happen said it was like watching a rock fall, or a big sandbag or something-Just Boom-then down. Not like in the movies where the dead guy rolls around and does fancy spins and goes ass over teakettle-not like that. Kiowa said. The bastard just flat fuck fell. Boom down. Nothing else. — Tim O'Brien

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

This one incident I will not allow you to shrug off!"
"I wasn't planning to," Jace said. "I can't shrug anything off. My shoulder's dislocated."
-Hodge & Jace, pg.296- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

It's like I'm trying to distract him with something shiny." Cath circled her spoon hand in front of her face, accidentally flicking cottage cheese on her sweater. "He already knows about all this. This is what I look like." She tried to scrape the cottage cheese off without rubbing it in." (pg. 290) — Rainbow Rowell

Pg-13 Quotes By Veronica Roth

I know what it is to become something you hate, I know how it hurts. But life is full of hurt. And your capacity for baring it is much greater than you believe."

pg 287 — Veronica Roth

Pg-13 Quotes By Hilary Mantel

Henry stirs into life. 'Do I retain you for what is easy? Do you think it is for your personal beauty? The charm of your presence? I keep you, Master Cromwell, because you are as cunning as a bag of serpents. But do not be a viper in my bosom. You know my decision. Execute it.'
pg. 585 — Hilary Mantel

Pg-13 Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Emperor's Soul pg 123:
Attempts to Forge the window to a better version of itself had repeatedly failed; each time, after five minutes or so, the window had reverted to its cracked, gap-sided self.
Then Shai had found a bit of colored glass rammed into one side of the frame. The window, she realized, had once been a stained glass piece, like many in the palace. It had been broken, and whatever had shattered the window had also bent the frame, producing those gaps that let in the frigid breeze.
Rather than repairing it as it had been meant to be, someone had put ordinary glass into the window and left it to crack. A stamp from Shai in the bottom right corner had stored the window, rewriting its history so that a caring master craftsman had discovered the fallen window and remade it. That seal had taken immediately. Even after ll this time, the window had seen itself as something beautiful. — Brandon Sanderson

Pg-13 Quotes By Helen Simonson

I think I would make a most interesting widow," said Lucy. She smoothed a wayward ringlet of hair behind her ear and smiled. "Not that one would wish such a state on anyone, but a sensible woman might use the gravity of the position to great authority in these times."
Hugh was not sure of the correct conversational response to such an offer - if she had indeed just offered to be his widow. He was searching about for an answer when the train whistle blew (pg 473) — Helen Simonson

Pg-13 Quotes By Dean Koontz

She understood at least as well as I did what corruption and pitiless cruelty might be hidden behind the masks that some people wore. - Addison Goodheart pg 93 — Dean Koontz

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

Too many disciples neglect their thorn-like qualities. For instance: Opting for singleness doesn't count if you can't attract a mate. Patience doesn't count if you are too cowardly to defend what is right. Forgiveness doesn't count if the offender never respected you enough to ask for it. Don't label your character flaws as noble sacrifices.
pg 47 — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Mug your destiny in an alley and punch it until it gives you what you want"
pg 240 — Catherynne M Valente

Pg-13 Quotes By Marion Zimmer Bradley

I cannot regret it. They tell us in the temple that true joy is found only in freedom from the Wheel that is death and rebirth, that we must come to despise earthly joy and suffering, and long only for the peace of the presence of the eternal. Yet I love this life on Earth, Morgan, and I love you with a love that is stronger than death, and if sin is the price of binding us together, life after life across the ages, then I will sin joyfully and without regret, so that it brings me back to you, my beloved! — Marion Zimmer Bradley

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

There is so much information in one Hebrew word that translators are hard pressed to decide how much information should be cut. Since the first official translation (the Septuagint), Jewish translators advocated translating Hebrew (for outsiders) at the 'story' level.
pg viii — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Shamus Rahman Khan

Meritocracy is a social arrangement like any other: it is a loose set of rules that can be adapted in order to obscure advantages, all the while justifying them on the basis of collective values. pg. 199 — Shamus Rahman Khan

Pg-13 Quotes By C.S. Lewis

At that moment he was unconscious of everything except his fear. He did not even know what he was afraid of: the fear itself possessed his whole mind, a formless, infinite misgiving. pg. 25 — C.S. Lewis

Pg-13 Quotes By Sarah Dessen

But now, I was beginning to wonder if you didn't always have to choose between turning away for good or rushing in deeper. In the moments that it really counts, maybe it's enough- more than enough, even- just to be there.
~Ruby, pg 399 — Sarah Dessen

Pg-13 Quotes By David Deida

[To the masculine lover] Without a deep sense of purpose to direct your daily life, you will be directed by externals-financial need, your children's needs, your lover's needs-and you will begin to blame them for your lack of fulfillment. You will feel trapped in obligations, and your resentments will show. You will hold back in your relationships with your lover and family, not really wanting to be there, unsure what else to do, mired in ambiguity, guilt, and anger. Your actions will lack integrity and follow-through. Your feminine lover won't be able to trust you in everyday life or open to you sexually. [Pg 121] — David Deida

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I brought you some coffee." he held out the cup but she waved it away.
"I hate that stuff. It tastes like feet."
At that he smiled. "How would you know what feet taste like?"
"I just know."
-Luke and Clary, pg.209- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

It was truly amazing, Clary thought, how much teenage boys were able to eat without ever gaining weight or making themselves sick.
-pg.68- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Colleen Houck

Don't you see, Ren? That's exactly why I have to go. You need to know that you can survive without me. That's there's more to life than just me. You need to see this world that's opened up to you and know that you have choices. I refuse to be your cage- Kelsey, pg. 401 — Colleen Houck

Pg-13 Quotes By Ellis Peters

If none of us ever fell short, or put a foot astray, everything would be good in this great world, but we stumble and fall, every one. We must deal with what we have. - Cadfael, Pg. 245-6 — Ellis Peters

Pg-13 Quotes By Robert Harris

Nature has granted man no better gift than the shortness of life. The senses grow dull, the limbs are numb, sight, bearing, gait, even the teeth and alimentary organs die before we do, and yet this period is reckoned a portion of life. - Pg. 82 — Robert Harris

Pg-13 Quotes By Russell D. Moore

We are to hold accountable those on the inside, and speak to those on the outside with persuasion and mission.
We tend to do the exact reverse. We rail against the culture outside, and speak in muted and ambiguous terms about what is common among us. We lambaste political and cultural heresies on the outside, but sit silently in the face of doctrinal heresies in the inside. That's because we are seeing the wrong kingdom first. — Russell D. Moore

Pg-13 Quotes By Wendell Berry

The acquisition of knowledge always involves the revelation of ignorance - almost is the revelation of ignorance. Our knowledge of the world instructs us first of all that the world is greater than our knowledge of it. To those who rejoice in the abundance and intricacy in Creation, this is a source of joy, as it is to those who rejoice in freedom ...
To those would-be solvers of "the human problem," who hope for knowledge equal to (capable of controlling) the world, it is a source of unremitting defeat and bewilderment. The evidence is overwhelming that knowledge does not solve "the human problem." Indeed, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests - with Genesis - that knowledge is the problem. Or perhaps we should say instead that all our problems tend to gather under two questions about knowledge: Having the ability and desire to know, how and what should we learn? And, having learned, how and for what should we use what we know? (pg. 183, People, Land, and Community) — Wendell Berry

Pg-13 Quotes By Chaim Potok

There was an unearthly quality to the way he sang that melody that night - as if he were winging through unknown worlds in search of sources of strength beyond himself. His eyes were open, fixed, but gazing inward. There was a sweetness and sadness, a sense of pain and yearning in his voice - soft, tremulous, climbing and falling and climbing again. And when he was done there was a long silence - and in that silence I thought I heard distant cries, and I was afraid. — Chaim Potok

Pg-13 Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Not everything Jace did was insane and suicidal, she reminded herself. It just seemed that way.
-Clary, pg.46- — Cassandra Clare

Pg-13 Quotes By Douglas Wilson

You do not create ex nihilo. You rearrange and recombine. You are the same old flour and eggs in search of a new recipe. — Douglas Wilson

Pg-13 Quotes By Rousas John Rushdoony

Because the world is God's creation and law order, it is the truth which in time shall prevail and triumph. — Rousas John Rushdoony

Pg-13 Quotes By Voltaire

Fools have a habit of believing that everything written by a famous author is admirable. For my part I read only to please myself and like only what suits my taste. — Voltaire

Pg-13 Quotes By Beth Revis

I'll always come back to you, he tells me, pulling me close.
Beth Revis (Shades of Earth pg. 441) — Beth Revis

Pg-13 Quotes By David Wilkerson

We humans can work hard for each other, and we should and we must work. But it is God, and only God, who heals. The Cross and the Switchblade, pg 90. — David Wilkerson

Pg-13 Quotes By Jodi Picoult

But I used to think," Josef says quietly, "that there are some weeds that are just as beautiful as flowers."
(pg 134) — Jodi Picoult

Pg-13 Quotes By Guy Pearce

A movie that gets a PG-13 rating can show someone running down a street killing 27 people. And there are no repercussions. — Guy Pearce

Pg-13 Quotes By Jennifer Niven

It's at that moment that I can't help myself,even though she maybe hates me right now.I pull her in and kiss her the way I've always wanted to kiss her,a lot more R-rated and PG-13.I can feel her tense at first,not wanting to kiss me back ,and the thought of it breaks my heart.Before I can pull away,I feel her bend and then melt into me as I melt into her under the warm Indiana sun.And she's still here ,and she isn't going anywhere,and it will be okay. — Jennifer Niven

Pg-13 Quotes By M T Anderson

I cried, sitting by her bed, and I told her the story of us. "It's about the feed," I said. "It's about this meg normal guy, who doesn't think about anything until one wacky day, when he meets a dissident with a heart of gold." I said, "Set against the backdrop of America in its final days, it's the high-spirited story of their love together, it's laugh-out-loud funny, really heartwarming, and a visual feast." I picked up her hand and held it to my lips. I whispered to her fingers. "Together, the two crazy kids grow, have madcap escapades, and learn an important lesson about love. They learn to resist the feed. Rated PG-13. For language," I whispered, "and mild sexual situations. — M T Anderson

Pg-13 Quotes By Joseph Boyden

I thought of my mother late that night, after leaving Dorothy, as I followed the moon's path back home across the Moose River. My mother, maybe she was in that moon's light. I didn't know any more, but when I was younger, Iuse to imagine that she was. I'd talk to the moon some nights, and I knew my mother listened. I haven't done that in a long time, me. -Through Black Spruce, Joseph Boyden, ch 13, pg 119 — Joseph Boyden

Pg-13 Quotes By Jeff Zentner

Lydia shook her head. "This is my life. Getting yelled at in a Walmart parking lot on a Friday night by somebody doing a bad impression of PG-13 fart-joke-movie comedian. — Jeff Zentner

Pg-13 Quotes By Henry Selick

No one's ever going to make a PG-13 animated film unless David Fincher executive produces it and puts it out on Netflix, and then if it's a success everyone will change. — Henry Selick

Pg-13 Quotes By William Gouge

A true fear of God makes us respect more what God requires and commands than what our corrupt heart desires and suggests. It subdues or unruly passions, and brings them within the compass of duty. It makes us deny ourselves and our own desires, and, though through the corruption of our nature and inborn pride we are loath to submit, yet God's fear will bring down that proud mind and make us humble and gentle. It will keep those who are in authority from tyranny, cruelty, and too much severity, and it will keep those who are under subjection from giving half-truths, deceit, and conspiracies. — William Gouge

Pg-13 Quotes By Fede Alvarez

PG-13 horror, I just don't watch that. — Fede Alvarez

Pg-13 Quotes By Katy Perry

Everyone related to me in my circle was from church: church friends, church school, church activities. All my friends weren't allowed to watch MTV or go to PG-13 movies or listen to the radio, so I didn't really know anything different. That's how I was raised. — Katy Perry

Pg-13 Quotes By Nina Jacobson

We knew that we wanted TheHunger Games to be PG-13 because she wrote the book for readers 12 and up, and we wanted them to be able to see the movie. It's a movie that is meant to be relevant to young people, and not exclude them, in any way. — Nina Jacobson

Pg-13 Quotes By Cyndi Goodgame

In a world where PG 13 means kinda-sorta-depends on your level of morals, I don't wish to loosen our kids' morals just because some adults choose to say, "They are going to see it anyway." If we don't show them that integrity is something you should always have in the back of your mind, then we've given up on them. — Cyndi Goodgame

Pg-13 Quotes By Sylvain White

I felt there was a certain amount of violence in the graphic and that it could still be cheated on screen so you could still have a hard PG-13 and open up your audience. Anybody can read the graphic novel. If you're 14, you can go out and buy it, and I felt that if you're 14 you should be able to see this movie [The Loosers]. — Sylvain White

Pg-13 Quotes By Bradley Sands

The Motion Picture Association of America wipes the sweat off its brow and sings the PG-13 song. — Bradley Sands

Pg-13 Quotes By Mercy Cortez

I pulled him in and kissed back, and he threw his hands through my hair, his tongue licking hard over mine, picked me up by my thighs and wrapped them around him, he had a leather couch in his office and he threw me onto it, he quickly yanked his tie off and ripped his shirt off. I lay on the sofa looking over his sculpted chest, his deep pecks his hard abs, he came at me and grabbed my hair, he pulled it back exposing my throat, he kissed from my jaw down to my collarbone. — Mercy Cortez

Pg-13 Quotes By Michael Ben Zehabe

God gave Moses a calendar that began in spring. (Ex 12:2) God Himself emphasized the importance of Israel's new calendar at Ex 23:16; Le 23:34 and De 16:13. God's calendar was for marking, and keeping, God's holy days. Using a foreign calendar became illegal. Ignoring Israel's new calendar could cost an Israelite their life. (Nu 15:32-35)
Yet, the Jewish calendar is not the only calendar. There are plenty of calendars to choose from: Assyrian; Egyptian; Iranian; Armenian; Ethiopian; Hindu; Coptic; Mayan; Chinese; Julian; Byzantine; Islamic and Gregorian; just to mention a few. Has the Seventh Day Adventists settled on any one of these calendars? Which one?
pg 5 — Michael Ben Zehabe

Pg-13 Quotes By Frances Winkler

I don't mean like balls-in-your-face or gifts of pornography and butt plugs romantic, just cute, over-the-pants, PG-13 movie stuff. — Frances Winkler

Pg-13 Quotes By Kate Egan

I felt that Lionsgate really understood the material and that they would let us make a faithful adaptation; that they wouldn't soften it, they wouldn't age up the characters, to make them older so that it would be more palatable. I felt that the power of the book was in the youth of these protagonists and that you couldn't cheat on that in terms of their age in the story. Lionsgate was on board for, of course, the PG-13 version of the movie, not something full of blood and guts, but something more thematically driven. -Nina Jacobson, pg. 14 — Kate Egan

Pg-13 Quotes By Gore Verbinski

I'd love to do a PG-13 animated adventure. It would be great. — Gore Verbinski

Pg-13 Quotes By Emma Stone

My life is PG-13 sometimes, and I really want Josh Grogan to propose to me, and he just won't do it. — Emma Stone

Pg-13 Quotes By L. Frank Baum

Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed to it -The Scarecrow - The Marvellous Land Of Oz by L. Frank Baum pg 103 chapter 13 — L. Frank Baum

Pg-13 Quotes By Shannon McKenna

If you're ever short on cash, you could set up a booth and charge the ladies to massage your bod."
"Oh yeah?" His voice was wary.
"Sure. Say, fifteen bucks for a two minute fondle. Strictly PG-13, above the waist, of course. I'll sell the tickets, if you give me a cut."
His hands stopped moving. She babbled on, dazed and thoughtless. "The gay guys would go for it, too. We'd rake in the dough."
"I'd let you do it for free," he said.
His voice was devoid of irony. Her eyes popped open in alarm.
She looked back over her shoulder. The hot glow in his eyes brought her feminine instincts to high alert. She pulled away.
She and her big dumb mouth. Sexy banter with a guy she barely knew, but no nerve to back it up. — Shannon McKenna

Pg-13 Quotes By Manohla Dargis

The New World is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). There is some intense, bloodless violence and the beautiful underage lead actress (15-year-old Q'orianka Kilcher) may cause cardiac arrest among some viewers. — Manohla Dargis

Pg-13 Quotes By A.O. Scott

War of the Worlds is rated PG-13. Much of the earth's population is wiped out, leaving very little time for sex or bad language. — A.O. Scott

Pg-13 Quotes By Rachel Harris

Is it PG-13 time? — Rachel Harris