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Ur Beautiful Quotes By Nitish Sharma

Let it be..let it be..
Let the ppl think the way they want,
Live the life the way u want
Let it be..let it be..
Nothing is permanent then why to worry,
Live life condition free
Let it be..let it be..
Smile cost nothing..still u pay for it, why we live life in hurry when everthing is tempory..
Let it be..let it be..
Respect ur elders wether they scold u, love urslf wthr no1 else does, u r most beautiful creature.beleive and accept it nd..
Let it be..let it be..
U r the king, u r the ruler.. conquer urslf nd let things pass like water in the river..move with flow..live has no other flow..
So..let it be..let it be.. — Nitish Sharma

Ur Beautiful Quotes By B. Bhardwaz

I dun knw things get trapped
In my mind
Then itss smethin
That I wanna find
I dun get the answer
Is there anyone listenin to me
No one there to see
To see the pain and the agony
Inside ur beautiful heart
To see that u kissed the pain
And kicked everythin apart — B. Bhardwaz

Ur Beautiful Quotes By RuPaul

It's quite simple: If someone says UR beautiful, believe them. If someone says UR ugly, don't believe them. — RuPaul