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Performance Reviews Quotes By Scott Adams

When you hire that first person, then you're a boss. You've got performance reviews. You've got complaints about not making enough money. You've got people who are just going to sell your story to the tabloids. — Scott Adams

Performance Reviews Quotes By Daryl Gregory

God gets the easiest performance reviews. — Daryl Gregory

Performance Reviews Quotes By Ernest Cline

When I tried to access one of the other entertainment libraries, Vintage Movies, the system informed me that I wouldn't be granted access to a wider selection of entertainment options until I had received an above-average rating in three consecutive employee performance reviews. Then the system asked me if I wanted more information on the Indentured Employee Entertainment Reward Program. I didn't. — Ernest Cline

Performance Reviews Quotes By Aubrey Daniels

The best kind of performance review is no performance review — Aubrey Daniels

Performance Reviews Quotes By Paul Samuelson

The debate can be put in the form of the question: Resolved, that the best of money managers cannot be demonstrated to be able to deliver the goods of superior portfolio-selection performance. Any jury that reviews the evidence, and there is a great deal of relevant evidence, must at least come out with the Scottish verdict: Superior investment performance is unproved. — Paul Samuelson

Performance Reviews Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

In our performance reviews with women, we need to be saying, "Are you reaching enough? Are you applying for jobs when you meet some of the criteria like men, or are you waiting to meet all the criteria like women do?" There's so much we can do to encourage women to take on more and believe in themselves. — Sheryl Sandberg

Performance Reviews Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

JB's friends were poets and performance artists and academics and modern dancers and philosophers
he had, Malcolm once observed, befriended everyone at their college who was least likely to make money
and their lives were grants and residencies and fellowships and awards. Success, among JB's Hood Hall assortment, wasn't defined by your box-office numbers (as it was for his agent and manager) or your costars or your reviews (as it was by his grad-school classmates): it was defined simply and only by how good your work was, and whether you were proud of it. — Hanya Yanagihara

Performance Reviews Quotes By Craig Cochran

important components of the management system. It is the process by which top management reviews the effectiveness of the system and analyzes the performance of the organization. — Craig Cochran