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Penny Proud Quotes & Sayings

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Penny Proud Quotes By Penny Reid

Your birthday gift to me is to place me in the middle of an art heist so that I can taser someone?" He nodded, smiling, looking very proud. "Thank you, Alex. I mean it. I ... I just love you so much. — Penny Reid

Penny Proud Quotes By Penny Fletcher

I never lie about my age. I'm proud of who I am. — Penny Fletcher

Penny Proud Quotes By Penny Reid

DEDICATION To my computer: I couldn't have written this without you To the software developers responsible for spellcheck: You are my everyday heroes To Karen: I hope this makes you laugh and makes you proud. To my readers (all 3 of you): Thank you — Penny Reid

Penny Proud Quotes By Penny Reid

She told me I should be proud of my healthy shape and healthy body and love it and treasure it because it was mine. No one, she said, could tell me what to think of my body. If I let another person's opinion matter I was giving him or her control over me, and I had complete control over my own self-image. — Penny Reid

Penny Proud Quotes By Penny Reid

Sure, but I think the traps should work." I set my hands on my hips, not wanting to tranquilize the bears unless absolutely necessary.

"The ketamine isn't just for the bears." Drew gave me a sympathetic look, then promptly turned and left, Roscoe on his heels.

"I think he expects me to use the ketamine on the film folks." I chuckled, knowing Drew wasn't serious. It was pretty darn close to a joke though. I was proud of my boss, he rarely made jokes.

"Or use it on each other." Cletus gulped the rest of his coffee, smacking his lips before adding. "If these movie people are as crazy as Drew thinks they are, we can self-medicate until we pass out. It's always good sense to have an escape plan. — Penny Reid