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Out Of The Closet Quotes By Samuel Logan Brengle

All great soul-winners have been men of much and mighty prayer, and all great revivals have been preceded and carried out by persevering, prevailing knee-work in the closet. — Samuel Logan Brengle

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Gene Luen Yang

I grew up on monthly comics. My closet is full of monthly comics. I've always wanted to do a monthly comic, and while I've had a couple of offers, the timing has never worked out. Most superhero comics come into the world as monthly series, so we wanted the same for 'The Shadow Hero.' — Gene Luen Yang

Out Of The Closet Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

The young minister was a very good young man, and tried to do his duty; but he was dreadfully afraid of meeting old Mr. Scott, because he had been told that the old minister was very angry at being set aside, and would likely give him a sound drubbing, if he ever met him. One day the young minister was visiting the Crawfords in Markdale, when they suddenly heard old Mr. Scott's voice in the kitchen. The young minister turned pale as the dead, and implored Mrs. Crawford to hide him. But she couldn't get him out of the room, and all she could do was to hide him in the china closet. The young minister slipped into the china closet, and old Mr. Scott came into the room. He talked very nicely, and read, and prayed. They made very long prayers in those days, you know; and at the end of his prayer he said. 'Oh Lord, bless the poor young man hiding in the closet. Give him courage not to fear the face of man. Make him a burning and a shining light to this sadly abused congregation. — L.M. Montgomery

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Christine Bell

What it looks like is that you're having sex with one of my oldest friends in the linen closet of our reception hall. Unless, of course, she's lost something in her vagina and you were gallant enough to try and fish it out for her. With your penis. If that's the case, I suggest using a larger lure. — Christine Bell

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Albert Goldman

No man is really changed by success. What happens is that success works on the man's personality like a truth drug, bringing him out of the closet and revealing ... what was always inside his head. — Albert Goldman

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Snoop Dogg

There are so many people in the closet, and we are giving them an opportunity to come out of the closet and just admit they like to smoke. — Snoop Dogg

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Sylvia Plath

It was becoming more and more difficult for me to decide to do anything in those last days. And when I eventually did decide to do something, such as packing a suitcase, I only dragged all my grubby, expensive clothes out of the bureau and the closet and spread them on the chairs and the bed and the floor and then sat and stared at them, utterly perplexed. They seemed to have a separate, mulish identity of their own that refused to be washed and folded and stowed. — Sylvia Plath

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Philip Pullman

She found out that having something to do prevented you from feeling seasick, and that even a job like scrubbing a deck could be satisfying, if it was done in a seamanlike way. She was very taken with this notion, and later on she folded the blankets on her bunk in a seamanlike way, and put her possessions in the closet in a seamanlike way, and used 'stow' instead of 'tidy' for the process of doing so. After two days at sea, Lyra decided that this was the life for her. — Philip Pullman

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Derek B. Miller

Everyone gets killed in the shower. Don't you go to the movies? Psycho. Dead in shower. The MExican in No country for Old Men. Dead in shower. Michelle Pfeiffer in What Lies Beneath. Almost dead in shower, or in the bath, anyway. But she did that thing with her toe and got out OD. Still the shower, though ... Glen Close in Fatal Attraction. Dead in shower. John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Very dead in shower. But never closets. I can't think of anyone shot in a closet. This is why I hide in closets. — Derek B. Miller

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Chris Crocker

I don't get it, if there was a closet full of gay guys, then why would any of them want to "come out of the closet? — Chris Crocker

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

A woman calls from Seaview to say her linen closet is missing. Last September, her house had six bedrooms, two linen closets. She's sure of it. Now she's only got one. She comes to open her beach house for the summer. She drives out from the city with the kids and the nanny and the dog, and here they are with all heir luggage, and their towels are gone. Disappeared. Poof.
Bermuda triangulated. — Chuck Palahniuk

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

How long your closet held a whiff of you,
Long after hangers hung austere and bare.
I would walk in and suddenly the true
Sharp sweet sweat scent controlled the air
And life was in that small still living breath.
Where are you? since so much of you is here,
Your unique odour quite ignoring death.
My hands reach out to touch, to hold what's dear
And vital in my longing empty arms.
But other clothes fill up the space, your space,
And scent on scent send out strange false alarms.
Not of your odour there is not a trace.
But something unexpected still breaks through
The goneness to the presentness of you. — Madeleine L'Engle

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Junot Diaz

Sucks to be left out of adolescence, sort of like getting locked in the closet on Venus when the sun appears for the first time in a hundred years. — Junot Diaz

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Johnny Weir

Figure skating is a bit dated - it's like that tweed jacket you pull out of the back of your closet from time to time, and I'm going to try to Chanel it up a little bit. — Johnny Weir

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

Phresine showed him where he could sleep, in an interior room with no windows, a narrow bed, and a washstand. There were chests stacked along one wall, and Costis guessed the dismal spot was probably a closet cleaned out to make room for him. Hard to believe the royal apartments, so lavish elsewhere, would otherwise have such a plain corner. Expecting better of royal closets, Costis went to bed disappointed. — Megan Whalen Turner

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Michelangelo Signorile

Yoshino distinguishes covering from "conversion" (trying to become straight) and "passing" (staying in the closet), and points out that even after gay people come out, society exerts a "covering demand" on its minority members. I would argue that, by pleading for more magnanimous treatment of our opponents, gay thought leaders were unconsciously applying the covering demand to the LGBT equality movement as a whole. — Michelangelo Signorile

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Jack Finney

Set flush in the wall behind the desk was a steel door. It was knobless, and along one edge were three brass keyholes spaced a few inches apart. Rube brought out a key ring, selected a key, then walked around the desk, inserted the key in the topmost lock, and turned it. From his watch pocket he took a single key, pushed it into the middle keyhole, and turned. The guard stood waiting beside him, and now the guard inserted a key in the bottom keyhole, turned it and pulled the door open with the key. Rube removed his two keys and gestured me in through the open door before him. He followed, and the door swung solidly shut behind us. I heard the multiple click of the locks engaging, and we were standing in a space hardly larger than a big closet, dimly lighted by an overhead bulb in a wire cage. Then I saw that we were at the top of a circular metal staircase. — Jack Finney

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Christopher Rice

I think dragging someone out of the closet who isn't necessarily engaged in anti-gay activities can have a destructive effect on them and on us. I don't want unwilling gay people advocating on my behalf; I think that's a challenge. — Christopher Rice

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Paul Powers

Roadblock #5: It's Unpredictable
By and large, human beings don't like surprises. I know that I don't. Okay, maybe I like that rare piece of unexpected good news or a letter from a friend or a thoughtful thank-you. But I'm willing to bet that people in funny hats jumping out of dark closets are responsible for more heart attacks than expressions of unbridled delight. When the doorbell rings late at night, I'm under no illusion that it's the Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol!
This, most likely, goes back to our caveman past when a big, exciting surprise was apt to be something like an 800-pound,snarling, saber-toothed tiger about to rip the head from our shoulders. Surprises were usually bad news. (Think about this the next time you're crouching in the dark in somebody's front hall closet with their raincoats and umbrellas.) — Paul Powers

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Abidanus Fortitudo

Wow, you have so many clothes!" Jimmy exclaimed as he searched through Alice's closet. Alice was already running towards Jimmy. She pulled Jimmy away and rapidly closed the doors of her closet. "Hasnt your mother told you that is not polite to put your nose into somebody else's stuff?" Jimmy pulled himself together and approached Alice. He looked her deep in her green eyes and, after a couple of seconds he stuck out his tongue and grinned. — Abidanus Fortitudo

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Cynthia Nixon

I never felt like there was an unconscious part of me around that woke up or that came out of the closet; there wasn't a struggle, there wasn't an attempt to suppress. — Cynthia Nixon

Out Of The Closet Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

There are many of us now. Enough to be called a people in ourselves and not merely a mistake. — N.K. Jemisin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ram Dass

In our Western culture, although death has come out of the closet, it is still not openly experienced or discussed. Allowing dying to be so intensely present enriches both the preciousness of each moment and our detachment from it. — Ram Dass

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Anthony Venn-Brown

If you are in the closet and fall in love with someone of the same gender, it doesn't automatically remove the shame and fear that's kept you locked away. The love you are experiencing encourages you to face the reality that this is who you really are and also has the power to set you free. The richness, beauty and depths of love can only be fully experienced in a climate of complete openness, honesty and vulnerability. Love, the most powerful of human emotions, is calling you to freedom and wholeness. — Anthony Venn-Brown

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Marisha Pessl

When she opened up that closet and found you cowering in the corner, what did she do? You're still alive, aren't you? You're still wearing that sacrilegious getup. What did Ashley do that you were so fucking afraid of?'
Villarde only lowered his head.
'You can't even say it, can you?'
Villarde opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Then he gasped, a bizarre gagging sound that prompted disgust to flood through me. He was, without doubt, one of the most wretched beings I'd ever laid eyes on.
'She pulled me to my feet,' he whispered. 'And she ... '
'She what?' shouted Hopper.
'She ... ' Villarde was crying. 'There's really nothing more terrifying -
'She told me she ... forgave me.'
The words were so fragile and unexpected, no one spoke. — Marisha Pessl

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Cybill Shepherd

It's okay to talk about birth, okay - then menstruation. I first started my advocacy for women's health in the field of reproductive freedom, and the next stage would be bringing menopause out of the closet. — Cybill Shepherd

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Bob Smith

The one undeniable benefit of having spent some time in the closet is that it nurtures a talent that you can fall back on any time: lying convincingly. Sometimes I worried that queer kids in the twenty-first century coming out at twelve, or even younger, would never develop that valuable skill. — Bob Smith

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Lynsay Sands

Alex grinned and then walked past him, murmuring, "I applaud you for your courage."
"Courage?" he asked with confusion.
"Hmm." She headed for the door to the hall, swinging her purse gaily as she went. "Many men find it difficult to come out of the closet. — Lynsay Sands

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Sarah Silverman

She, uh, came out of the closet recently, my niece. Um ... She announced to the family that she's a lesbian and ... She's seven, did I mention that? And, uh, I don't even know if she knows what a lesbian is, but I support her completely. And, uh ... I'll tell you what's heartbreaking. My sister punished her for it. Can you believe that? No pussy for a week. Which to us may not sound like ... But when you're seven, you know, a week is a long time. — Sarah Silverman

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The difference between comfort and nurture is this: if you have a plant that is sick because you keep it in a dark closet, and you say soothing words to it, that is comfort.If you take out of the closet and put in the sun, give it something to drink, and then talk to it, that is nurture — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Charlotte Sullivan

It was nobody's choice. It was a chemical reaction. I had to cut it. It basically fell out. Somebody had said to me that it was just because, you know, you're trying to make Gail, you know, because she's just now coming out of the closet ... Not even for 2 seconds would we ever do that. It literally was a really bad hair experience. — Charlotte Sullivan

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

None of us is perfect. Everyone has got a skeleton in the closet that they don't want people to find out. I just let it go, with a bit of humor. — Ozzy Osbourne

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Vanessa Veselka

You could always industrialize," she refilled Jimmy's wine glass. "You know, get a job stunning chickens in a factory to earn the trust of the working class." Jimmy laughed again and accidentally spat Chablis on my legs. "It's a pretty silly idea, isn't it?" said Grace, getting a rag. "Leaping out of the closet in a crisis?" She lowered her voice, "Don't worry, sir. I'm a revolutionary socialist. Everything's going to be okay. — Vanessa Veselka

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

I took my time exploring. I savored the first minutes in a new home. Carlos would always go straight to unpacking boxes, looking for the sheets and coffeepot and swearing that we were going to get better organized, while I stepped stealthily over the bare floors, peeking around corners and into alluring doors, which generally turned out to be the broom closet. But there was that thrilling sense that, like a new lover, the place held attributes I had yet to discover. My favorite book as a child was _The Secret Garden_. It's embarrassing to think I'd merrily relocated again and again, accompanying Carlos to the ends of the earth, because of the lure of a possible garret or secret closet. But it might be true. — Barbara Kingsolver

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Amanda Bearse

The most important political step that any gay man or lesbian can take is to come out of the closet. It's been proven that it is easier to hate us and to fear us if you can't see us. — Amanda Bearse

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Deborah Blake

Uh, hi," she said, lifting a hand in greeting.
"Hi yourself," Liam said, feeling remarkably calm, under the circumstances. "Did you just walk out of that closet?" He looked her over, taking in her unusual attire, jewels, sword, and all. She looked exotic, stunningly beautiful, and in some intangible way, more herself than he'd ever seen her.
"Nice outfit. Special occasion?" He was fairly certain she hadn't just come from a costume ball. Unless it was one that involved some kind of giant pumpkin and a fairy godmother. — Deborah Blake

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Missy Elliot

I'm going to have to take one of my bedrooms and gut it out and make it into a big closet, because now I'm starting to put sneakers in the pantry. Even my maids are like, "No more, please! It's too much!" — Missy Elliot

Out Of The Closet Quotes By John Berridge

All decays begin in the closet; no heart thrives with out much secret converse with God, and nothing will make amends for the want of it. — John Berridge

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I contemplate the notion that maybe regrets are a process of accumulation of time, as unavoidable as a closet full of clothes and more bags of them in the attic. Is accumulated baggage what makes people get old? If so, they need to clean out their fecking attics, send the stuff to consignment shops and remember how to walk around naked like kids, little bellies sticking out, always ready for a good laugh. — Karen Marie Moning

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ann M. Martin

Janine bit her lip. She was still holding Mimi's hand, patting it gently. "I don't think we're supposed to move her," she said, "but we should keep her warm. Let's cover her with her bathrobe and try to put her slippers on. Then I'll stay in here, and you go wait outside so you can show the paramedics where to come." "Okay," I replied. I got Mimi's robe and fuzzy slippers out of her closet. Janine put the slippers on while I covered Mimi. Then I ran outside and stood impatiently on our front stoop. — Ann M. Martin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Katlyn Charlesworth

You're right. The fact that the entire party of fifty guests caught you and Jill Moench kissing in the closet was a complete misunderstanding." Theo snorted, turning to Penny, "His girlfriend certainly got a surprise at her party. And it wasn't the kind where everyone jumps out from behind the couch to yell, 'Surprise! — Katlyn Charlesworth

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Sarah Dessen

Okay. Enough." I got out of the closet, brushing myself off, then turned around to face her. "This is happening. So you need to go downstairs, face your fears, and make the best of it, and everything will be okay."
She narrowed her eyes at me. "When did you suddenly become so positive?"
"Just get out of there. — Sarah Dessen

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

Where is Nicholas?" Kieran asked.
"He's locked in a closet," Lucy said with grim satisfaction. After a moment of stunned silence, Quinn snorted out a laugh.
"You locked your boyfriend in a closet?" I asked.
"Cool," Chloe approved. The rhinestones on her earrings caught the blue lantern light.
Lucy shrugged. "Serves him right. He locked me in there last week."
"Chapter 11 — Alyxandra Harvey

Out Of The Closet Quotes By J.D. Barker

Writing can take you to places you've never been, introduce you to people you've never met, take you back to when you first saw those shadows in your room, when you first heard the sounds mumbling ever so softly from your closet, and it can show you what uttered them. It can scare the hell out of you, and that's when you know it's good. — J.D. Barker

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Julia Glass

Well, yes, there were quite a lot of books throughout, tumbling out of haphazardly placed bookshelves, stacked beneath chairs, beside beds, even in the bottoms of a closet or two. But I was never a "collector." My love of books is a love of what they contain; they hold knowledge as a pitcher holds water, as a dress contains the mystery of a woman's exquisite body. Their physicality matters
do not speak to me of storing books as bytes!
but they should not inspire fetishistic devotion. — Julia Glass

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Victoria Vantoch

From the standpoint of integrity, I think we all need to own up to our dirty little secrets. I believe that when we are open about our own strange desires or unusual lives, it paves the way for others to do the same.

In the past thirty years, gay men and lesbians took a lot of flack to tell the truth about their love lives and their courage opened the door for a mass migration out of the closet. We're now at a moment in time when unconventional families (even thirty-year triads and gay couples) are losing their children in custody battles because their families don't conform to mainstream ideas about what a family should be.

Given this context, I want to be someone who stands up for my choices even if they're unpopular, even if I get snickers at cocktail parties. — Victoria Vantoch

Out Of The Closet Quotes By A&E Kirk

Oh, my God! Why are you in a towel?" Ayden sprang forward and ripped off his leather jacket. He led us both in an awkward sidestep to my closet. "Take your time. Get clothes on. Lots of them."
He shoved me inside and closed the door. In the pitch, dark I reached for the light switch, but the door opened again. "Sorry." Ayden's hand slid in, groping for the switch, found it, and flipped it on. "Don't come out until ... lots and lots of clothes. — A&E Kirk

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Richard Burr

A dynamic praying church must be built from the inside out, employing all four levels of
prayer: the secret closet, the family altar, small group praying and finally, the
congregational setting. — Richard Burr

Out Of The Closet Quotes By David Levithan

He plants himself right there in front of Craig's mother and says, "You need to love him. I don't care who you thought he was, or who you want him to be, you need to love him exactly as he is because your son is a remarkable human being. You have to understand that."
And Craig's mother whispers back, "I know. I know. — David Levithan

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Jeannine Hall Gailey

These ears aren't to be trusted.
The keening in the night, didn't you hear?
Once I believed all the stories didn't have endings,
but I realized the endings were invented, like zero,
had yet to be imagined.
The months come around again,
and we are in the same place;
full moons, cherries in bloom,
the same deer, the same frogs,
the same helpless scratching at the dirt.
You leave poems I can't read
behind on the sheets,
I try to teach you songs made of twigs and frost.
you may be imprisoned in an underwater palace;
I'll come riding to the rescue in disguise.
Leave the magic tricks to me and to the teakettle.
I've inhaled the spells of willow trees,
spat them out as blankets of white crane feathers.
Sleep easy, from behind the closet door
I'll invent our fortunes, spin them from my own skin.

(from, The Fox-Wife's Invitation) — Jeannine Hall Gailey

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Marisa Tomei

A man like Wilde was not free to live out of the closet as a homosexual, and women in general were not able to be truly themselves; there was no place for a woman's voice to be heard or for her to express her sexuality. — Marisa Tomei

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Kiki Archer

Because you're well and truly in the closet at the back of the warehouse with the door shut, packaged up for some secure shipping container to shunt you out to the back of beyond...it's hypocritical. You're so far in the closet Narnia's your holiday home. — Kiki Archer

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

One time I actually cleaned out my closet so good I ended up on the cover of Time magazine. — Ellen DeGeneres

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ben Folds

I want people to listen to my lyrics and be okay with themselves. The people who have it the roughest are homosexuals who come out of the closet. — Ben Folds

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Calvin W. Allison

The door closed behind her, and Ed just stood there - unable to connect with the present reality. It was as though he had been zapped by a stun gun of words, and the effect had made him momentarily immobile. A few minutes passed, and he broke free from the paralyzing shock. He walked into the bedroom that he and Laura had once shared. Now, like him, it was missing her presence. Pictures had been taken off of the dresser, the scented candles were gone, and her pillow was not on the bed. He walked over to the closet, opened it up, and found that her clothes, and shoes were also gone. He looked around the half empty room, and found himself venturing into a tormenting cycle of confusion. A livid syrup had just been poured out onto a panicked waffle that had been setting on a perturbed plate for several daunting months, and Ed suddenly found himself acquiring an unhealthy appetite for destruction. Tears began to fall down his face, and an inward storm began to rage. — Calvin W. Allison

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Gwen Hayes

I'd like to make it clear from the start that I am gay, gay,
gay. Like, when I come out of the closet, I'm usually wearing
my sister's prom dress kind of gay. — Gwen Hayes

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Jason Ritter

I think as far as I've been able to understand from my friends that I went to college with and things like that is that it almost seems like Russian Roulette when you're coming out of the closet to your parents. — Jason Ritter

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Emeraude Toubia

In my closet, you'd find five black shirts that look the same, 10 pairs of the same white pants, and five pairs of almost the exact same shoe. Every time I go out, I buy shoes that are very similar to my other shoes - it's a problem. — Emeraude Toubia

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Diriye Osman

You may feel like your future is slipping from your grasp, that if you don't rush now to greet your dreams you might lose out on them, but please wait. If you are coming from an unsupportive environment with regards to your sexual orientation, the best thing to do is to establish your independence. Make sure you have a support network of loving and loyal friends. Make sure you have somewhere to live. Make sure you have an income to sustain you. Place a premium on your life. Always, always place a premium on your life.

When all these elements have been configured and your psychic compass is at the ready, go forth in the knowledge that you've created a self-preserving future for yourself. Go forth in the knowledge that you have a safe space to call home. Go forth in the knowledge that not only are you kicking ass but you are kicking ass on a major scale. Go forth in the knowledge that not only are you winning at life but you have already won. — Diriye Osman

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Alec Baldwin

Anderson Cooper has a job to do. And that job is to try to reinforce his credibility in the gay community after the fact that you couldn't get him out of the closet for 10 years with a canister of tear gas. Now he's the sheriff; now he's running around writing everybody a ticket! — Alec Baldwin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Amanda Hearst

My closet is a sea of black pants, skirts, tops, and bags, so it's great to come across a brand that makes me want to break out of my fashion rut! The Sequence Collection is an accessories line that is all about color, from funky woven bracelets to brightly-patterned bags. — Amanda Hearst

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Clementine Von Radics

You told me mornings were the best time to break your own heart. So here I am, smoking your brand of cigarettes for the scent. I wonder if you still sing Beatles songs as you make coffee. You said your mother used to sing them to you when you couldn't sleep, nineteen years before we met, twenty before you moved your clothes out of our closet while I was at work. By the way, I hate you for leaving all the photographs on the fridge. Taking them down felt like peeling off new scabs, like slapping a sunburn. I spent so many nights carving your body into pillows, I can promise you nothing feels like sleeping with your arm around me and your breath in my ear. Still, it's comforting to know we sleep under the same moon, even if she's so much older when she gets to me. I like to imagine she's seen you sleeping and wants me to know you're doing well. — Clementine Von Radics

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Alice Sebold

I mean, if I went into my closet, I could find a previous draft and try to figure that out, but it takes a long time for me to find the voice to tell a story in. I was working from other points of view for a couple years there. — Alice Sebold

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Jane Velez-Mitchell

When you're in the closet, you feel like the sky will fall down if anyone finds out. A lot of the fear is self-generated. — Jane Velez-Mitchell

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Sheila Moon

That night after my parents had kissed me good night and closed my door, I got out of bed and took from my shirt pocket the three seeds I had carried since we left the ant kingdom. Everything else I'd gathered, I realized, had been either given away or given back. Way back on my closet shelf was a tiny woven Indian basket with a cover. My grandfather had given me this when I was only nine years old, but it had always held some sort of secret for me. Into this basket I put the seeds, and hid it again.
"We'll use them," I told Scuro as I got back into bed. "Just wait. We'll use them."
He sighed and rearranged himself on his rug in the corner. I noticed then that the kitten-a shy little creature only recently come to our household and up till now afraid of everything including Scuro-was curled between Scuro's paws, purring in its sleep. — Sheila Moon

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Anne Sexton

I lay there silently,
hoarding my small dignity.
I did not ask about the gate or the closet.
I did not question the bedtime ritual
where, on the cold bathroom tiles,
I was spread out daily
and examined for flaws.
I did not know
that my bones,
those solids, those pieces of sculpture
would not splinter. — Anne Sexton

Out Of The Closet Quotes By David Levithan

It's Miranda who speaks up. "You're gay," she says, with complete seriousness. "And I love you. — David Levithan

Out Of The Closet Quotes By LaToya Hankins

As we chatted, cracking the expected jokes at Danita's expense, I thought about how Danita let her search for
the real her take a physical shape while mine seemed to be taking a more internal shape. At least with my exploration, I didn't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for it, since just like cosmetic surgery isn't covered by most insurance plans,neither is searching for your true sexuality. — LaToya Hankins

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Tom Robbins

Cowgirl Interlude (Bonanza Jellybean)
She is lying on the family sofa in flannel pajamas. There is Kansas City mud on the tips and heels of her boots, boots that have yet to savor real manure. Fourteen, she knows she ought to remove her boots, yet she refuses. A Maverick rerun is on TV; she is eating beef jerky, occasionally slurping. On her upper stomach, where her pajama top has ridden up, is a small deep scar. She tells everyone, including her school nurse, that it was made by a silver bullet.
Whatever the origin of the extra hole in her belly, there are unmistakable signs of gunfire int he woodwork by the closet door. It was there that she once shot up one half of an old pair of sneakers. "Self-defense," she pleaded, when her parents complained. "It was a [sic] out-law tennis shoe.
Billy the Ked. — Tom Robbins

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Brene Brown

I was not prepared to hear over and over from men how the women - the mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives - in their lives are constantly criticizing them for not being open and vulnerable and intimate, all the while they are standing in front of that cramped wizard closet where their men are huddled inside, adjusting the curtain and making sure no one sees in and no one gets out. There was a moment when I was driving home from an interview with a small group of men and thought, Holy shit. I am the patriarchy. — Brene Brown

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Abigail Roux

Is this what they mean when they talk about coming out of the closet?" Zane — Abigail Roux

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Some lurid things have been said about me - that I am a racist, a hopeless alcoholic, a closet homosexual and so forth - that I leave to others to decide the truth of. I'd only point out, though, that if true these accusations must also have been true when I was still on the correct side, and that such shocking deformities didn't seem to count for so much then. Arguing with the Stalinist mentality for more than three decades now, and doing a bit of soapboxing and street-corner speaking on and off, has meant that it takes quite a lot to hurt my tender feelings, or bruise my milk-white skin. — Christopher Hitchens

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Richard Wright

If you possess enough courage to speak out what you are, you will find you are not alone. — Richard Wright

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Charles Bukowski

The psyche has been burned and left us senseless, the world has been darker than lights-out in a closet full of hungry bats, and the whiskey and wine entered our veins when blood was too weak to carry on — Charles Bukowski

Out Of The Closet Quotes By BD Wong

I realize it's a cliche, almost, that coming out of the closet is a very healthy and empowering thing to do, but for me, it really has been a truly wonderful thing. — BD Wong

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Anthony Venn-Brown

Every single courageous act of coming out chips away at the curse of homophobia. Most importantly it's destroyed within yourself, and that act creates the potential for its destruction where it exists in friends, family and society. — Anthony Venn-Brown

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Rupi Kaur

i am confident i am over you. so much that some mornings i wake up with a smile on my face and my hands pressed together thanking the universe for pulling you out of me. thank god i cry. thank god you left. i would not be the empire i am today if you had stayed.

but then.

there are some nights i imagine what i might do if you showed up. how if you walked into the room this very second every awful thing you've ever done would be tossed out the closet window and all the love would rise up again. it would pour through my eyes as if it never really left in the first place. as if it's been practicing how to stay silent so long only so it could be this loud on your arrival. can someone explain that. how even when the love leaves. it doesn't leave. how even when i am so past you. i am so helplessly brought back to you. — Rupi Kaur

Out Of The Closet Quotes By MacDonald Harris

I don't think you have any control over who you are-it just happens. Sometimes in the morning I wake up and don't know who I am. I have to get out of bed and open the closet door, and then I think, oh yes, I'm the girl in the red dress. — MacDonald Harris

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Amy Sherman-Palladino

Ah man. I remember the days of lying to my mother about a boy. Once I had a boy hidden in the closet and of course Mom wouldn't leave, so I finally had to pretend to get sick to my stomach just to get her out of the room long enough for him to climb out the window and down the tree. He fell, broke his leg. Ah, to be young again. — Amy Sherman-Palladino

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Michelle Horst

But, that doesn't mean you can give up on yourself. Never give up on yourself! Losin' hope and faith in yourself is the worst thing that can happen. I'll be there, every step of the way. I'll help you find those pieces and some of them might be so sharp that they'll cut me, but I'll bleed for you. I'll bleed every last drop for you. Let me help you." When she still says nothing, I add, "Once you have all the scabs off and your wounds are bleedin', you can really start to heal. We'll be able to make new memories and have great times together." Her breath hitches and then her voice comes out trembling, "I wasn't allowed out of the closet. I never got to bathe or use the toilet." I'm so shocked that she's talking that my mouth drops open and I don't quite register what she's saying. — Michelle Horst

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Evan Kuhlman

The first time Dad tried Rollerblades he had a bad wipeout on the sidewalk in front of our house- his feet went flying out from under him and he bruised his tailbone. "If God had ment us to have wheels on our feet he would have put them there," he said a few minutes later, searching the linen closet for the heating pad. And whenever Derek and I sometimes Mom went ice-skating at the rink in Ashton City, Dad would watch from the benches on the sidelines. "If God had meant for us to have blades on our feet ... — Evan Kuhlman

Out Of The Closet Quotes By J.R. Ward

Wrath walked over to the closet and looked throught the clothes. He took out a black long-sleeved shirt, a pair of leather pants, and
jeez, what was this? Oh, not fucking likely. He was not going to fight in BVDs. He'd go commando before he got cought dead inthose things. — J.R. Ward

Out Of The Closet Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

Denying what you are didn't keep people from knowing what you are."

"And flaunting it isn't what saved you."

Ykka takes a deep breath. The muscles in her jaw flex, relax. "And that would be why I asked you do this, Cutter. But let's move on."

So it goes on. — N.K. Jemisin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Henry Rollins

If I was gay, there would be no closet. You would never see the closet I came out of. Why? Because I'd have burned it for kindling by the time I was twelve ... If I was gay, at this stage of the game?age 37, aging alternative icon?I'd be taking out ads. — Henry Rollins

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Margaret Cho

I have a box of awards in the closet. I think it is weird to put them out. I might if I had an Emmy or Oscar, but I don't. — Margaret Cho

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ilona Andrews

I got my boots out of the closet, put them on, and buckled a belt with a knife on it around my waist under my robe. Baha-char was the place where you went to find things. Sometimes things found you instead and tried to take your money. — Ilona Andrews

Out Of The Closet Quotes By James Wan

What makes horror movies work is the idea that "oh my God, what would I do if I were in that situation? How would I get out of that alive? What would I do if I saw the door to my closet creaking open in the middle of the night and a doll on a tricycle comes riding out?" — James Wan

Out Of The Closet Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

You've never really trusted him, though you don't understand why. Something about the fact that he's hidden all his life - which is hypocritical as hell after your ten years in Tirimo. — N.K. Jemisin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Anthony Venn-Brown

Midlife dynamically, for both straight and gay males, is often challenging as we face the reality that many of the dreams we had for our lives might not become a reality and unresolved conflicts come to the surface. For us to successfully transition in to the next phase of our lives we must find reconciliation of these issues. And for the gay male there is a sense that the gay self we have tried to keep in the closet or so many years begins to scream out. "Time is running out. When do I get to live?" You can't ignore that voice in the end, you can try and suppress it, and you can try and deny it, you can try and silence it by filling your life with other noises and diverting attention ... but that voice still exists. "Will my entire life be a lie? — Anthony Venn-Brown

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Dolly Parton

I am not gay, but if I were, I would be the first one running out of the closet. — Dolly Parton

Out Of The Closet Quotes By James Robison

It is time for pastors, priests and all true believers to come out of the closet and stand for truth against the flood of evil. — James Robison

Out Of The Closet Quotes By James Baldwin

There is nothing more boring, anyway, than sexual activity as an end in itself, and a great many people who came out of the closet should reconsider. — James Baldwin

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Arnie Kantrowitz

When I see young men and old women come out of the closet and face being called faggots and dykes and pariahs and betrayers of the family dream, then I am honored to be gay because I belong to a people who are proud. — Arnie Kantrowitz

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Mark Takano

The fact that, for so many generations, ordinary, everyday Americans came out of the closet and told their family and friends about who they are has laid the foundation for public sentiment to change. They got comfortable in their own skins to be able to share themselves with family and friends. This is where social change took place. — Mark Takano

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Michelle Anderson Picarella

I prefer all of my skeletons out of the closet, to make more room for my shoes. — Michelle Anderson Picarella

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Ian McKellen

I've had enough of being a gay icon! I've had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career's taken off. I want a quiet life. I'm going back into the closet. But I can't get back into the closet, because it's absolutely jam-packed full of other actors. — Ian McKellen

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Christopher Rice

I am one of those people, and I may be personally biased, who wishes that I had some place to come out of the closet besides a bar. — Christopher Rice

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Larry Kramer

Closets, schmosets, everyone's out of the closet. Now where the fuck are the men! — Larry Kramer

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Dat Phan

I was living under a desk in West Hollywood. It was a closet that I shared with another comic. I was shocked when they called me to come in to try out for the show. The chances of me getting on a TV show and winning it is like one-in-a-million. I had only been doing comedy for six years at that point, so I was basically considered an open mic-er or maybe a feature act once in awhile. — Dat Phan

Out Of The Closet Quotes By Katie Allen

You're gay," wash stated.
Rhodes nodded, a short jerk of his head, dropping his gaze to his beer.
"As in, you-like-men gay."
Still eying his beer, Rhodes gave an affirmative shrug.
"As in, you like-to-fuck-men gay."
"Yes! — Katie Allen