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Top Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes

Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes By Steven Rowley

But until this night, she had never once actually wet the bed. And now that she has, we just lie there in the accident, and the minutes of the clock keep changing, and the love I have for her keeps growing, and we both keep drawing breath.
What was so horrible about it? Why had I always been so angry? What was my need to always be right? To win every argument with her? To out-stubborn a dog?
And just like that, all the anger is gone. Released like the emptying of a bladder into soft cotton sheets as we lie in the wetness. — Steven Rowley

Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes By Roy Orbison

Love ranges from just fascination to something almost spiritual. In the case with my wife Barbara it just keeps growing all the time. — Roy Orbison

Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes By Toba Beta

Hatred is always at war with love that keeps growing. — Toba Beta

Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

His weekly golf game no longer keeps his love handles in check, he's recently resorted to a slight comb-over to cover that growing bald spot, he squints to avoid wearing the bifocals he hides in his desk drawer, and he spends his days in an office filled with decades-old sports trophies. — Kelley Armstrong

Our Love Keeps Growing Quotes By Rosie O'Donnell

To give them what I never had heals me. Some days I look at them and almost start to cry. I think, How can I love them more than I did the day before? But it keeps growing. — Rosie O'Donnell