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Top Opossums Quotes

Opossums Quotes By Lindsay Buroker

One never knows when one might have to defend against ... " Bounty hunters? Soldiers? Enforcers? "Opossums. — Lindsay Buroker

Opossums Quotes By Lewis Thomas

Animals, even plants, lie to each other all the time, and we could restrict the research to them, putting off the real truth about ourselves for the several centuries we need to catch our breath. What is it that enables certain flowers to resemble nubile insects, or opossums to play dead, or female fireflies to change the code of their flashes in order to attract, and then eat, males of a different species? — Lewis Thomas

Opossums Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Gods were like opossums. You could go your whole life without seeing one, but once you found one of them, you found the whole freaky family. Every — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opossums Quotes By Karen Dawn

To make a forty-inch fur coat it takes between thirty and two hundred chinchilla, or sixty mink, fifty sables, fifty muskrats, forty-five opossums, forty raccoons, thirty-five rabbits, twenty foxes, twenty otters, eighteen lynx, sixteen coyotes, fifteen beavers, or eight seals. — Karen Dawn