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Top Horror Fans Quotes

Horror Fans Quotes By Kealan Patrick Burke

With Wings of the Butterfly, John Urbancik infuses his tale of shapeshifters, romance and pack rivalry with some unexpected and welcome surprises. Fluid prose, gore galore and all-too human characters make this unusual, fast-paced novella a must for fans who like their horror served blood-rare. — Kealan Patrick Burke

Horror Fans Quotes By Boris Becker

The eyes of some of the fans at Davis Cup matches scare me. There's no light in them. Fixed emotions. Blind worship. Horror. It makes me think of what happened to us long ago. — Boris Becker

Horror Fans Quotes By Fede Alvarez

There are the horror fans that love the 'Evil Dead' because of the humor, but I'm sure it's not all of them. Not all horror fans love 'Evil Dead' because of the humor, at least not me. — Fede Alvarez

Horror Fans Quotes By Tananarive Due

One thing I know that's true about horror fans of any color is they like to be scared. And the easiest place to be scared is in a new thing. — Tananarive Due

Horror Fans Quotes By Michael Rasmussen

My brother and I are huge fans of foreign horror. Some of the most interesting movies are coming from overseas. I guess if there was one change we'd like to see, it would be more original horror films made by the studio system and less of a reliance on remakes. — Michael Rasmussen

Horror Fans Quotes By Hideo Kojima

My parents were huge fans of westerns, European cinema, and horror in particular. They wouldn't just show me kids' films. — Hideo Kojima

Horror Fans Quotes By Marco Pirroni

I'm a huge fan of 1930s horror - Universal films. I grew up with them and I just absolutely love them. — Marco Pirroni

Horror Fans Quotes By Kirk Hammett

I think it goes without saying that a lot of big horror fans are just nerds and geeks. — Kirk Hammett

Horror Fans Quotes By Alison Brie

Alien is one of my favourite films. I'm a classic horror fan. It's a tough one for me, because I get scared quite easily. — Alison Brie

Horror Fans Quotes By Darren Shan

I grew up on all sorts of horror - Hammer Horror and Vincent Price's 'Theatre Of Blood.' I loved the hidden, scary layers, but there wasn't that much around for youngsters in terms of horror books. I can remember reading Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot' and 'Cujo,' but I thought there should be more for teenaged horror fans. — Darren Shan

Horror Fans Quotes By Aaron Allston

The chief difference between horror fans and science fiction fans lies in why they won't walk backwards. A horror fan won't walk backwards because he knows he'll be knifed by a madman. A science fiction fan won't walk backwards because he knows he'll step on the cat. — Aaron Allston

Horror Fans Quotes By Gregory Nicotero

I grew up really loving horror movies and genre movies. I was a big fan of Universal Monsters movies, read Famous Monsters magazine. I built monster models and creature effects. — Gregory Nicotero

Horror Fans Quotes By James Wolcott

Slashing its way to the finish line, 'Black Swan' is the first ballet movie for highbrow horror fans for whom ballet itself signifies little to nothing. Those of us who know and love ballet can only look on it with a different kind of horror. — James Wolcott

Horror Fans Quotes By Mena Suvari

I'm a huge fan of the horror genre and the supernatural elements. — Mena Suvari

Horror Fans Quotes By Hank Stuever

While I don't like violent programs per se, I do like good storytelling, which made me a fan of shows like Breaking Bad and American Horror Story. — Hank Stuever

Horror Fans Quotes By Ladyhawke

I am a fan of the true crime and horror genres! So, I've got a dark side too. — Ladyhawke

Horror Fans Quotes By Scott Eastwood

I'm a fan of horror movies that have really good stories. — Scott Eastwood

Horror Fans Quotes By Max Brooks

I'm not a horror fan. I'm an anti-horror fan. I think horror fans feel deep down in the pit of their souls, they feel safe, and therefore bored. And therefore they want to be scared. — Max Brooks

Horror Fans Quotes By Steven Yeun

The book is about zombies, in that it is the over-arching theme, but what's going on is the story of these people and how these survivors deal. I think that's so much more of an interesting story, and that's what really gets and hooks these readers into the book and the show. It's a mix of fans of drama, fans of AMC, fans of horror and fans of Frank [Darabont]. It's a lot of people just coming together and realizing a genre doesn't have to be fixed in one specific detail. — Steven Yeun

Horror Fans Quotes By Texas Battle

To all my soap fans out there, my horror fanatics, comedy lovers, I will tell you this: 'Death Valley' is an action-packed drama, comedic, horror TV series that has a non-stop adventure in each episode. It's like a huge pot of Texas gumbo. If you like all four of those genres, then you'll love this show. — Texas Battle

Horror Fans Quotes By Martin Henderson

I'm not a big fan of horror movies, especially the recent teen-slasher sort of ones. — Martin Henderson

Horror Fans Quotes By Shawnee Smith

I wasn't a fan of horror movies before 'Saw,' but through these films, I have definitely become a big fan and really come to respect and appreciate the genre and the fans that support it. — Shawnee Smith

Horror Fans Quotes By Kirk Hammett

A lot of the main characters in horror movies are outsiders as well, so that outsider syndrome reverberates within horror fans and geeky collectors. It's kind of a rallying call that brings fans and collectors together who are a little socially retarded, maybe. — Kirk Hammett

Horror Fans Quotes By Tobin Bell

Horror fans are very passionate people, and they are very much into the 'Saw' thing. So they watch sometimes as carefully as the writers and producers do, in terms of the way the story plays out. — Tobin Bell

Horror Fans Quotes By James Wan

We're not just horror fans. We're film fans. I love action films. I want to do action films. I want to do romantic comedies. I love all this stuff. So, if I find the good material, I'll do it. — James Wan

Horror Fans Quotes By Janet Montgomery

My background is more horror or thriller, and you can't get better than horror fans, as far as I'm concerned. — Janet Montgomery

Horror Fans Quotes By David Kirschner

After having, I think, rather successfully mined the horror-comedy aspects of this concept over the course of Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, the fans are really telling us that they want it to be scary again. Doing the remake just provides us with a really good opportunity to bring it home, so to speak. — David Kirschner

Horror Fans Quotes By Amber Heard

I'm a big horror fan. I'm a genre fan. I like to make these movies. They're my favorite kinds of movies to make. — Amber Heard

Horror Fans Quotes By Terry Kiser

It's interesting to me; you do four, five or six of these Comic Cons or things like that across the country a year. Obviously, I get busted a lot of 'Weekend at Bernies,' but the fans for horror movies are so wonderful and so loyal. — Terry Kiser

Horror Fans Quotes By Eric Christian Olsen

I'm not a horror fans as much as I'm a fan of thrillers. — Eric Christian Olsen

Horror Fans Quotes By Tananarive Due

I started out with almost entirely black fans except for a little handful of people in the horror writers' community, and those people really liked horror, you know. They will go to any lengths and read whomever they can find because they like that feeling of being scared. — Tananarive Due

Horror Fans Quotes By Roger Ebert

Horror fans are a particular breed. They analyze films with such detail and expertise that I am reminded of the Canadian literary critic Northrup Frye, who approached literature with similar archetypal analysis. — Roger Ebert

Horror Fans Quotes By David Arquette

I love when you go to a horror film with real horror fans and everybody's there watching, getting involved and screaming. That's when it's most alive and exciting for me. — David Arquette

Horror Fans Quotes By Michael Rooker

Horror fans need horror, okay? They don't need little worms squirming around going down your throat. To them, that's not horror. — Michael Rooker

Horror Fans Quotes By Adam Green

I think metal and horror definitely go hand in hand. Even when you go to a horror convention and meet the fans, nine out of 10 times if they're not wearing some sort of horror shirt, they're wearing a shirt with a metal band on it. — Adam Green

Horror Fans Quotes By Margot Kidder

The thing about all good horror movies is that the fans expect a couple of inside jokes. Maybe I'm supposed to be saying how terrified I was while making it, but it was really fun. — Margot Kidder